Blog #5: The Real Husbands of Hollywood

16 Oct

The show that features majority non-white characters that I chose is from season one and episode one called Easy Bake Kevin from The Real Husbands of Hollywood.  This show is on BET, but I watched this episode on Netflix.  Almost all of the characters in this show are African American and the other characters that are in the background or occasionally a main character in a certain episode are white.  The main characters do mention their race and other’s race quite a few times.  When the African American characters are interacting with one another they are joking, teasing, shaking hands, and hugging.  When Kevin Hart is interacting with the white characters it is completely different.  A few examples are when he signs a picture of himself and says “stay in school it’s the best choice for you.”, a white balloon artist approaches Kevin and gives him a balloon hat and calls him a little boy, in response Kevin says “get out of here fake Jonah Hill looking.”, and a final example is when Robin Thicke comes to his house he is appalled, won’t shake his hand, makes fun of the way that he looks, and tells him to never come back.  This reality TV show is a comedy in which Kevin Hart displays jealousy of his friends and tries to gain fame.  It also, pokes fun at other similarly named reality shows such as The Real Housewives of Orange County.  This particular episode introduces the main characters and Kevin Hart describes his attitude towards the other characters, takes place at both Kevin Hart’s and Nick Cannon’s house.  Of the main characters Kevin Hart stands out to me the most.  I think having Kevin Hart and his perspective stand out from the rest of the characters is another point of the show.  Considering that Kevin Hart and the rest of the main characters are African American and I am white I do not feel that I can or do connect with him or any of the characters.  Applying this to a section of our class notes, I do think that this show over represents African Americans compared the 13% population.             real-husbands-hollywood-16x9


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