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Positive Body Image

14 Nov

lady_gaga_applause_1Lady Gaga started a “body revolution” section on her page to promote and support positive body image. In an effort to do this, she posted pictures of herself in only a bra and underwear that are unretouched or airbrushed, just plain Lady Gaga. The caption to her pictures state that she had been dealing with bulimia and anorexia since the age of 15. She encourages her “little monsters” to be brave and be proud and put their pictures up.

This is a form of prosocial media because Lady Gaga is a large figure in the media and she is taking a stand to form a positive body self image among adolescents. She used her album to promote this. She also has 9 million twitter followers so it was probably easy to spread the word. On the bottom of her body revolution page it says “Remember, it’s up to us to keep a safe and accepting space for everyone, so please…Be brave. Dare to create and share your art with the world. Be kind. Be Tolerant. Be Original”


Tim Wise Talk

24 Oct

I feel as if Tim Wise’s coming to UC was one of the most anticipated class related events while i have been at school. Of all the videos that we watch in class, his speech was the most interesting to me out of all and definitely kept my attention that best, that’s for sure! So of course i was excited to witness him in person! 

One of the most interesting points i thought he made in his talk was when he spoke on how “white folks”, as he would say, don’t like to speak about racism. They think that it is a bad thing to speak on racism and that it will hurt African American’s feelings. Tim Wise said that was stupid and i love the analogy he used to explain it, that’s like blaming the speedometer for YOU getting a speeding ticket. The speedometer is just simply a form of communicating the problem. I think that i enjoyed this part of his talk this most because when he gave this example i thought directly to a time when i was in 7th grade and a kid in my class brought up a touchy race related topic and my caucasian teacher did her best to avoid and ignore the child’s point. I don’t think she was ignoring him to be rude but because race truly is a touchy topic and she did not want to respond the wrong way because there could be negative repercussions! 

Tim Wise spat out numerous intriguing statistics. Of these, the most interesting fact to me was that white males between the ages of 25-29 (5 years out of college) are making more on average than African American males with 25 MORE YEARS of experience than them. This statistic makes me wonder what factors are the reasons for this? How is it possible that a person with the same credentials and years more of experience possibly be making the same or less than a white male with lesser experience? I have a research paper coming up in one of my classes and this statistic is so interesting to me i think that i might use the fact as my topic for research! 

In conclusion, i loved his speech and if he is ever speaking anywhere near me in the future i will definitely make an attempt to go see him! I really applaud his confidence in traveling the country speaking on one of the most controversial topics for our country. 

Family Guy

23 Sep

Summary: Family guy is a TV show that makes fun of the flaw of the American way of life. Family Guy is about a “normal” family of six living in a normal American society according to America’s eyes but the objective of the show is to point out the flaws of the American culture by comedy. The main character is Peter Griffin, his character is always doing spontaneous things that numerous people think of but no one truly acts on because it’s frowned upon in today’s society. 

Analysis: The episode i am going to analyze is when Peter Griffin, Mr. Pewterschmidt and Bill Gates all hung out for a day in an attempt for Peter to get Lois’s dad to like him. Referring to the show as a whole, Family Guy related the most to the middle class because that’s what the Griffins are, middle class. However, Lois Griffin’s (Peter’s wife) dad is Mr. Pewterschmidt and he is a millionaire. Usually he is mean to Peter but on this day he actually tolerated him. Peter showed his father in law and Bill Gates that being in the middle class and doing activities that didn’t cost money was actually fun. One example of an activity they did was lay on the neighborhood school’s football field and look up at the starts at night. 

Conclusion: Family Guy suggests that being in the middle class isn’t a bad thing. Image


12 Sep

Summary: Mistresses is a new series that airs on ABC. Unlike most shows, the main characters are all women. There are 4 main women in the show and each have an interesting storyline. The first lady’s name is Savannah, she is the only married woman of the 4. She has been married for 7 years, she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for the past couple years and recently found out the reason was because of him rather than her infertility. The news brought stress upon their relationship and consequently, Savannah slept with her co-worker. About a month later she found out she was pregnant and the baby is not her husbands. The next character is Dr. Kim. She is a therapist who was having an affair with one of her patients who recently passed away. Because of Dr. Kim’s intimate relationship with her patient she prescribed him morphine to deal with his pain. His wife found out about the affair after her husband passed and is currently on a tear to make Kim’s life horrible and she started by getting her license suspended. The next character is April. April was a widow. Her and her 10 year old daughter have been living just the two of them for the past 3 years since her husband passed until she recently found out that he staged his death to be with another woman. The last main character is Joseline. She is a realtor that is a man favorite. Men love her but she cant seem to keep a relationship if she tried. She finally found a friend, who happened to be lesbian. Just to keep her friend she decided to try being a lesbian and date her. They broke up because she ended up cheating on her with a man.

Analysis: I love this show. I look forward to it every week. But, when it came the time for me to analyze the show i couldn’t help but think of the negative portrayal it gives to women. All of the women seem to make horrible decisions that significantly affect their lives in a bad way. If i was 13 or 14 and tried to watch this show my parents would’ve HIGHLY disapproved. I believe the main character Savannah is both the most real and powerful. She is the character that everyone goes to for advice and she seems to have the most realistic events happen to her. She is a lawyer and a go-getter. She is also a beautiful red-head, which to some people is an oxymoron. This show benefits a range of females from young women to old married women who enjoy watching the show because it adds spice to their life. or perhaps it is a getaway to them. The audience perceives this show as a drama filled show that is good for entertainment but also not something you would most likely want your daughter to watch. Most of these women do not lead an idealistic or morally correct lives. I believe the show counteracts most of today’s socially accepted ideologies. Most of the time, it is seen as more acceptable for the man in an relationship to be cheating or ruin a relationship somehow, but in this show it is the females who ruin their relationships/marriages.

Conclusion: Women are not portrayed in a positive light in adult television shows.