Girlfriends: The WhiteBread

17 Oct

One of the most profitable television shows starring majority non-white characters, Girlfriends, is often used as an platform for both African Americans and women revising some of the stereotypes of minorities. Girlfriends overall context shows Black women sticking together throughout the relationships and interactions between the four main characters Joan, Toni, Lynn and Maya all being African American and bi-racial women. The show also speaks on sexuality, class, gender roles and race showing of the four very different personalities of the women which I think the perspective would be very different if it starred a main character of a different race taking away the resilience of Black women achieving in LA.

Girlfriends does not feature many white characters within the show with exception of Joan a lawyer in LA, partners in the law firm still showing the dominance over her and majority with owning the firm and Toni’s the ex-professional football cheerleader occasional white boyfriend’s. Toni is the darkest skinned toned character who is evidently proud of her skin tone and race and is not ashamed to tell her white boy toys that she is a “sistah.”  Although the interaction being the group of girlfriends is the stereotypical white man who is often “fascinated” and “shocked” once introduced to black culture.  For example when Toni started to first date her soon to be husband Todd, he was the “whitebread” character who was so intrigued with black culture for example their hair, and Ebonics often asking questions in a comedic view for the audience but was evident that it was his first time really interacting with African Americans. Personally I love that the show is all African American if the codes were changed the dynamic of the show would be different.


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