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women v. beauty

6 Nov

I watched the video from Dove and they did a Youtube video entitled, Dove Camera Shy. We have studied in class and read articles about how women are so hard on them selves with a distorted image of themselves. We see all kinds of women in magazines and moves that have been stretched and pulled to make them look like something they never are or ever will be. In the Dove video it shows women from the age of about 15 and older. Whenever the camera came to the women they covered their face and did not want to be on camera. All the women seemed ashamed of their face and how they looked.  This goes on with women of all different ages and all different backgrounds but at the end of the video it shows little girls form the age of three to five. It showed these little girls dancing around, being silly and staring at themselves in the mirror. The whole purpose of the video was to ask ourselves when did we start to not find ourselves beautiful? From watching this video I then thought to myself about when I see myself in a picture. When girls all crowd around a photo that was just taken there are always multiple comments such as, “my face looks fat”, “look how big my nose is” or “why didn’t anyone tell me this shirt makes me look fat.” But you never really hear wow “I look really skinny” or “we all look really pretty.” It is interesting to look at women of all ages and see when DID we start to find ourselves unattractive.


“Love Me Some White People”

23 Oct

One thing that surprised me in his presentation was when Tim Wise spoke about black people in the work force. He stated that black men with a college degree were twice as likely to not get a job. But then really reenforced the that by saying that white men from the ages of 25-29 make more money then black from the ages of 50-54. I think I did not realize, maybe because I am not in the business world yet, that the pay grade was also effected by the skin color of a person. Another thought that surprised me was how people in the job force get a job. I was shocked by the statistic that 50% of people get their job form knowing someone within the company. My dad always said it is all about who you know but never put a number on it. But now knowing how many people really do get a job from just knowing someone is shocking. But I question does this all stem from the high school where kids were separated by color because white kids were twice as likely to get into an honors class? 

 Tim Wise was one of the best speakers I have heard in my college career. He spoke with confidence in his words and he was not afraid to show people what he thought and why he thought that way. He talked to college students and used metaphors and scenarios that we could understand. He brought humor to his presentation which made the presentation which made it that much better. I thought he brought up good points and really drove his point home with all of his history background. By the end of the presentation I thought I was so privileged to hear him speak but when the man spoke out about Schindler’s List, although it was not relevant to what he Mr. Wise was speaking about, I thought he came off very cocky and not accepting of someone challenging what he was saying. I thought he would be one to accept what people thought but try to show them his way of thinking. I did not like that he almost egged the man on by saying did people come to hear you talk? He then proceeded to talk about how he came in from the curb just to use the heat that the students pay for. I thought this was out of line and really made me think about him as a person. Wise knew he was talking about controversial things and he should accept that people are going to disagree and that is a part of life but to almost egg him on and not just ignore him I thought was out of line. 

I think Wise reenforced all of the statistics we were given in class about the minorities in media. I think they all are similar within media and in the work force. I think he also reenforced the Patriarchal Ideology of men are always the doers and woman are done to. Although Wise did not talk about women to much he talked about how white men are the one that are doing everything and receiving all the jobs. I think he made a great connect between the things we talk about in class and the real world. 


Is black the new orange jumpsuit or skin color?

2 Oct

Summary: Black is the New Orange is a series that is about a woman named Piper who tried to smuggle a suitcase filled on drugs.  She became involved with drugs when she was in a relationship with her partner Alex. Alex and Piper met in a bar and Alex coned her into smuggling drugs for her. After breaking up with Alex, Piper moved on and became settled and met her fiancés Larry. Larry and Piper now live a normal life and happily engaged until Alex gets caught smuggling drugs and has to go to court. During court Alex turns in Piper. Piper then has to leave her fiancé and normal life to serve 15 months in prison. This show goes through her relationships in prison. Conveniently Alex is also in the same prison with her and they rekindle their relationship.


Analysis: I choose the Netflix’s show Black is the New Orange.  I had never heard of this show before this class. I am always looking for a good show to watch so I looked it up and became very obsessed with the first season. I went right home and watched the whole season in about three nights. Since I had not seen the show in about a month I wanted to Google the characters that were in the show just to make sure I was not getting any of them mixed up. Just in a simple search on Wikipedia the characters were split up into two categories, main cast and recurring cast. As I scanned through the main characters all the characters where white. Then when I scrolled down through recurring characters were where only four black characters: Sophia, “Crazy Eyes”, and Janae, and “Daya.” All of these characters have stereotypical black roles. Sophia is transgender hairdresser. She is always braiding someone hair or talking about how to make the best products for black woman’s hair. The next black character is Janae who is a high school track star. She is a typical black woman who is seen has an athlete. The other two characters have the two major problems with in the show. Daya who is now pregnant with one of the officer’s babies and is trying to trick the prison that it is not his. The next character is Crazy Eyes who has a physical defect with her eyes.


Conclusion: The black characters within this show have the largest problems or play a stereotypical black role.




23 Sep

Summary: In the television show Undercover Boss the wealthy undercover owner of a company does not realize all the small things that go into his or her business. They do not realize the people that work for him and how much work they put into their jobs. In one particular episode it was the owner of Hooters. He went and worked as a store manager, in the factory and as a waiter. He learned all the ins and outs of his company from the front line of a waiter all the way to the factory where the wings and sauce are shipped all over the world.

Analysis: In all of these episodes it start by telling some statistics of the company and how they have made millions of dollars. It then shows the man or women that will be featured in the episode. But after these two short clips is pans to the person in their large luxurious home where they have everything they need. They never show them cutting the grass or working in a low-income job. In each episode the owner meets three people that are struggling in their life. The owner then realize how much he has and how little attention he pays to all of his staff. I feel as if it is really showing how the low-income jobs really help people even though the money is not great. This is how most of the people in the work would are surviving. Although they are not very powerful in their positions they are still happy to be there. But on the contrary specifically in the Hooters episode the store manager of one store was abusing the girls who worked there. He made them each beans off a plate with no hands in order to leave work early. The under cover boss was appalled and wanted to stop him right away but couldn’t. I think this show really shows how larger companies are run.

Conclusion: Undercover boss shows how little the upper class of a company really knows about their companies. 

Happily Ever After… Or Not

11 Sep

Summary: I re-watched the first episode of the Bachelor when during Sean Lowe’s season. This show is about “finding love.” Twenty-five women come to fall in love with one guy, Sean. Each one of these women steps out of the limo in a gorgeous dress and tries to impress Sean with either a short little rhyme or dance. These women claim they are already in love with Sean just from seeming in on previous shows. Once these women have all met Sean they all gather for a cocktail hour to once again impress Sean. They each sit down and share a little bit more about themselves. One woman might share how she thinks he deserves her because she treats a man right or another women might share how she turned down a job opportunity for a shot for love. These women have thrown themselves at Sean to see if they have a shot for Sean’s love. After the cocktail hour is over Chris Harrison brings the women and lines them all up for the rose ceremony. Sean one by one calls the women up to see if they will accept his rose. Of course each woman does and is so excited they made it past the first round. On the other hand there are other women that are heart broken because they really thought Sean was the right one for them. 

Analysis: I feel like this is belittling to women in the public eye. These women are dressed from head to toe in gorgeous outfits as soon as they step out side of the limo. The women are never shown lounging around in clothes with their hair up in a ponytail with no make up on. If they are shown waiting for Sean they have make up done and dressed up. When the women are not fighting over Sean they are shown waiting for him to pick them to go on a date. I feel like this is empowering some men to treat women like they are can pick and choose if they want them or not. Through out the season Sean begins to “fall in love” with multiple women and shows this through physical actions. I feel like this shows men that it is acceptable to be together with multiple women. I think this is conforming to men being powerful and controlling over a woman. Although there is another show were the roles are revered where there is one woman and twenty-five men I still believe it is showing men and a more dominate role. When there is one man who is not there for the right reason the men tell the women because they want to protect her. I feel like this goes along with men being portrayed as controlling and having power over women.

Conclusion: Men are shown in the show the Bachelor and the Bachelorette as controlling over women.