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Ideological Analysis: The Beginning of the End?

11 Jan

. . .the end of the dominant reading!

We begin our ideological blogs this week!

Your will be evaluated on the completion of the assignment, the depth of your analysis and your application of theory and concepts we discuss in class

Remember, there are a number of ways to read a text. For this class we are primarily taking an oppositional read of media.When doing your analysis (an oppositional read) make sure to address these questions:

•Which aspect of whose reality do we define as most real? Visible? Common? Powerful?
•To whose benefit does the representation serve?
•How is the audience interpreting the decision made by the designers?
Happy Reading!

Journey Down the Rabbit Hole!

20 Sep

Welcome 448ers!

We are going to take a step out of the Matrix by uncovering some underlying assumptions made in our media about who we are and who our fellow neighbors are. What if all this is an illusion? And what if all the entertainment we consume contributes to it? We are going to ask tons of questions and watch tons of entertainment. .  .Just how far does the rabbit hole go?……….well, maybe not too far, but it’s still fun to inquire anyway. I sure hope you take the red pill (Morpheus).


Get ready!!!