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blog #8

3 Dec

When coming into this class i thought it was going to be a lot of reading about current events, watching movies, and doing things that had to deal with the media, but i was way wrong. This class was way more work than i thought and i guess i learned more educational stuff like theories and vocab than my original thoughts about the class. I have gained new perspectives and new knowledge about what certain things are called and whats going on in the world then apply it to the theories we’ve discussed. I’ve definitely gained a new perspective that a lot of people share the same thoughts as i do and it was really cool to see other people open up in class when discussing their opinions. The articles were interesting to me how researchers found out things and studied movies, television shows,people, and the media. Some of the stuff they had come up with i would’ve never even thought of.  This class has definitely opened my eyes to the way others think may not be what i think they think (if that makes sense). This class was eye opening and taught me a lot of the media and other people.

I think today the media has a huge impact on people and our world. The media puts out the news we read, the trends that are going on, the clothes we wear, what we should act like, what we should like, whats cool, whats out, whats in. I think some people really base their lives off what they see in the media instead of taking a step back and just try to be their own person. Not everyones like that but sometimes you can just tell how the world acts depending on whats put out in the media. Referencing back to our last blog we had to do its nice to see certain companies or people like celebrities helping out and using their fame or the company to put out good media and doing good for the world. I wish more people did that and had better impacts on each other


Looks like aerie is ready for its closeup — its unretouched closeup.

25 Nov

The organization I picked and is one of my favorites is “Aerie” from American Eagle, this is American Eagles sister store. I liked American Eagle when I was a teenager and liked it even more when they came out with this brand. This brand is American Eagles Lingerie and Apparel store.
The issue they addressed was how they weren’t going to support photo shop in their ads and they weren’t going to use photo shop on their models. Aerie’s decision to show its models in all their real, unretouched glory makes a strong statement. The brand is aimed at 15-21 year old demographics, meaning young women in high school and college. In studies it is shown that young women’s sense of body confidence is so often influenced by the images of female beauty in the ads they see. So what better way to boost confidence and just be real? Time to think real. Time to get real. No super models. No retouching. The real you is sexy. For the record, I would feel better buying clothes at other places that did this because it sends a good message to young women and I think its awesome.
The theory I think is applicable for this campaign would be the Emotional Competency Theory. Children/young adults need a model to learn from. Children/ young adults look to their environment to manage emotion and learn things. Also Schema theory would apply to this campaign as well. If we grow up seeing ads and campaigns like Aeries, I think it would make children/young adults feel better about themselves and they would grow up knowing and having the knowledge that its ok to be yourself. You don’t have to be stick thin, you don’t have to always be blonde, you don’t always have to be white, and you can have a little pudge. These images are real and I think it would help a lot of the younger generation and lower class understand that you don’t need to be perfect.

I think this campaign definitely worked. A ton of people were on facebook posting about how it was such a positive message and other people were willing to buy their clothes that day because this was such a great message for women and young girls. I think it definitely helps and I wish other people like Victoria Secret or places like Hollister and Abercrombie would do the same. This makes for a positive brand and makes people want to buy their clothes. Its someone they can trust and its someone they can look at and think that’s real!

Band of Brothers

28 Oct

The show i chose for this blog is the HBO/Netflix show called “Band of Brothers”. It is currently off the air but a 10 episode series was aired in 2001. It was based off of the history behind “Easy” Company (the 506th parachute infantry regime & 101st airborne division of WW2).

This series has many religions as its dealing with the Nazis and the Jewish religion, but the series focused on the United States soldiers having catholic/christian views. The soldiers of “Easy” company either come in already having the christian religion or when they die they are given the christian religion by a priest or whoever is doing the burial. A lot of these men already have the faith and press it on their fellow soldiers or some find God because they are afraid and they think its what they should turn too.

A character that stood out to me was the Easy Company Priest. He stood out to me because in the 3rd episode of the series they just had invaded Normandy. During the battle, while gun fire was going on he went around to each man on the field who was shot and wounded or killed and said a little prayer or hail mary by them and squeezed their hand. Even though the battle was going on around him and putting his life at risk, he still knelt next to these men and did his job.

They also make references towards a dominant christian ideologies when they say things like “we should be back in the States by Christmas” . I find that some of these men can be hypocritical catholics/christians because while their away at war they commit adultery with other woman in other countries.


16 Oct

The Television show i chose to write my Blog 5 about is my favorite show on AMC called “The Walking Dead”.The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series. As sheriff deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies; he sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way.

There are multiple white characters but Rick is the main leader of the group who gradually came into this position. He is shown as being very protective of this group of people and interacts with them well, but when outsiders of the group try to come in or affect them he gets very upset. His perspective of the story is most visible as it started off about him finding his family, but now since his wife has passed this group of very different cultures and races have become his family. They all are emotionally attached to each other now.

Two characters that stand out to me would be Michonne and Daryl. These two are both my favorite characters of the show. Michonne is African-American woman mid 30’s, she tends to work alone quietly, and keeps much of her past secret, but still fights for the survivors defense as strongly as the other active defenders. Michonne said that she “trusts her gut” when it comes to other survivors. To the group she is very much attached, but trusts her gut when it comes to outsiders. She’s just very “badass” pardon my French, she also has a really cool weapon, she uses a samari sword.

My second character is Daryl Dixon. Daryl is a white male mid 30s, he is an expert at hunting, tracking, and navigating. Due to his survival skills, Rick values him as an important member of the group. Daryl is also highly skilled with various firearms and knives. He has taken a prominent role in safeguarding the members of his group. He also is a “badass” and uses a cross bow as his weapon of choice.

I connect with these characters because I tend to go with my gut. I tend to always think the worst and never just trust people right away. In most episodes these characters cant trust people right away because of how the world is now.

“The Great American Family”

7 Oct

The program I have chosen is modern family. This show has three different families, which are all related and portrayed throughout each episode. The first family is a typical suburban family with a wife a husband and two kids. The second family is made up of the grandpa and his new wife and step son. The third Family is composed of the grandpa’s son and his life partner and their adopted daughter. Each episode includes how crazy and hectic life can be for each of the families and their different structures. The first family being a normal white typical household. The grandpa has remarried a younger and hotter latina who has a young boy.

The character that stands out to me is Cam. He is the life partner of the son of the grandpa. Cam is funny and never leaves the room without something witty or flashy happening around him. Cam is caring,bright, and has a littler flare to him which you will smile and giggle throughout the show.

Some people who watch the show might not care for Cam simply due to the fact that he is gay. It might make these viewers uncomfortable. However, for me Cam shows how being gay is just the same as a normal straight male with a family. There is responsibility in every family whether someone is gay or straight. Cam has made it very visible that if someone is straight or gay, a family is the same and the same obstacles have to be crossed and completed no matter what.

I connect with this character because Cam is very funny and always keeps me locked in when he is on the screen. He is not afraid to be himself. Cam also doesn’t hide the fact that he is indeed gay. I’m not afraid of being goofy or different either, so we share the same outlook on self-esteem. If someone is different they should embrace it and make light of it. Cam has shown me and the audience of modern family that life is great and no matter who you are, everyone shares the same experiences at some point

Girl in A Country Song..

24 Sep

I was on my way to work the other day, i listen to all types of music but I’m more partial to country. I flipped to B105 and a new song that I had never heard of before came on called “Girl In a Country Song” by Maddie & Tae. I decided to use the song and compare it to songs i had heard before because the song these two girls have wrote made perfect sense. I’m used to listening to Jason Aldean, Eric Paisley, or Florida Georgia Line singing about “country girls”, singing in their songs how if you’re a “country” girl you have long tan legs, your blonde, or have blue eyes. That you hop in their truck, you drive down back roads, have long flowing hair, or tail gate with some moonshine with his bros. That these “country girls” are just pretty little things we find out by the bonfire and make them hop in the ole truck and  take them down some old dirt road.

Well i compared Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldeans music videos to the song,video, and lyrics to Girl in a Country song and found that the girls were kind of right. The more i thought about it, modern day country music, thats all they sing about.

These girls state that they don’t want to be seen as a tan legged pretty little thing, all their good for is looking good on the weekends, or at a tail gate. They kind of slam down the cliche of country girls and make their stand on the matter. These male singers kind of make the girls sound like they do nothing and the boys do all this hard work all day and we just run around looking pretty or that we don’t work or anything. They’re more than just some girl in a country song, don’t treat them like a cliche. Not to say that all country songs make girls out to be like this.

Blog #1

3 Sep

My opinion about the relationship of mass media and perceived reality is they kind of play off of each other. I have realized mass media and perceived reality have a relationship with each other. Mass media is all around us all day. It’s in the newspapers, television we watch, the laptops in front of us, our iphones or smart phones, and the social media apps. What we see is what we believe, what the media writes or tells us is what we perceive or believe. I believe mass media has a lot to do with what we believe in. It kind of gives us an identity and through communicating with others and interacting helps us create identities.
In my opinion, this can be good or bad. Sometimes I think people take the media serious and believe everything that’s written, kind of like “don’t believe everything you read on the internet. What’s presented to us and what the media tells us is cool or trending is what majority of people do.
For example when reading the article Message Between the Lion and talking about the Lion King I honestly just saw the movie as a children’s movie. I don’t see the racism or social class; maybe it’s just how I think. I didn’t read too much into the movie, but others pointed out the racism, social class, gender, and personalities. This is how they perceived it and what they believed the movie to include. I believe not everyone sees the media the same way and everyone forms their own opinions and gets to decide what they choose to believe.

I do see how the media is a purveyor of ideology. Like I stated above the media is all around us everyday. For example if you use twitter you see millions of tweets a day and breaking news all the time. I think all of the media and news we read has influence on people and shows us what to believe, what to influence us, and what cultures to belong too.