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Blog 2: Beyonce Shows Gender Roles

12 Sep

I’m choosing two music videos by Beyoncé Knowles; one that is called “If I were a boy” in comparison with “Soldier” (Destiny Child). I chose her as an artist because she is basically an Icon in the music industry and idolized by a vast majority when it comes to mass media. She makes a lot of inspirational music and knows how to tell stories clear through acting out identity roles. The main gender role I want to focus on is how she portrays a man when it comes to his role in relationships.

In the “If I were a boy video” she told a story though a woman’s eyes on how she should feel a man is supposed to treat a woman. She took the idea of what it means to be a man in his eyes and frame of mind. And the song was also an emotional song because it showed the roles men and women take on when in verbal and physical dispute. In comparison the “Soldier” song she made along with her other two group members Kelly, and Michelle, focused on the more dominant role a man is supposed to play in a relationship. It focused on the way she treated her man, how she expected him to look, and the way he was supposed to act. Both were interesting views in regards to an up and down feel.

In the beginning of the video “if I were a boy” both her (female) and male came to an understanding of the role they play in a relationship as far as Intimacy, Honesty, Commitment, and Unity. Then when it started to play out she showed how it is for a women to walk in a man’s shoes and vice versa. It was basically displaying a man sitting at the table waiting to eat after it was prepared but as usual a busy man would just “nibble” some food, say his good buys, and head off for a long day of work. It showed the comparison that as women were seen as more responsible, an honest when it comes to our social life, as to when it comes to men their more reckless, and secretive. A man often feels that his actions shouldn’t have to be explained vs. a woman feels that her actions should have accurate reasons. And when faced with confrontation a women often is seen a very emotional in the situation, often crying, whereas a man is non respondent, less caring, often not so compassionate. And when those gender roles are flipped that’s often when it becomes a problem or resulting in the situation being awkward. For example if a man punches a wall then he’s seen as rational; he the dominant one, but if a woman punches a wall she’s seen as crazy, or irate. Another example for how gender roles are often labeled is that if a women cheats in her relationship, or flirts, she’s considered a “hoe” but if a man cheats, or mingles he’s considered “the man”, and it’s acceptable in society.

As a closing analysis, the video “Soldier” it shows men as more dominant. Their all in laid back postures whereas the girls are in the video idolized in a sexual manner. Their showing their legs and displaying a lot of “male gaze” basically identifying the pleasure often displayed in a male dominated society. In the video there are often camera angles and shots of the women being very “subjective”; being very submissive. It showed the three women walking past the screen doing childlike poses and engaging in role playing. They were initiating “feminine touch” and acting as if they were dependent on the role the men were playing. In contract the men were also engaging in “male touch” where they held the women’s hands around them with a grip; displaying they were strong, in control, and bold.


Blog 1 By Tina

3 Sep

I agree with some of my other class mates, mass media and the way we perceive reality goes hand in hand. I say that because the things we see on TV, world-wide web, and on the radio affects how we choose to live our lives. And I say ‘choose’ because we have a choice as to what we meaning we place behind things, and how its going to alter our feelings and beliefs. It’s like everything we see in the media is analyze and perceived a certain way. Even the things we might choose to show to others through social media web sites gets judged, and were all of a sudden portrayed a certain way. For example, on my Facebook page often I choose to speak out loud, in general on things I may have witnessed or experience, and it’s like it instantly triggers others responses as to what I am feeling. People may take it into their own judgment saying “Oh, she’s mad” or “Somebody must have pissed her off”. Some may even feel the need to speak up and give advice on their viewpoints of the situation rather it was what I may have been going through or if it was just a statement. 

Mass media effects people in so many ways and the people who prompted it may not have noticed the type of controversy they’ve causes. For instance, the Nicki Minaj video vs the Taylor Swift video; just the way women were gesturing their bodies. But let me remind you for those who don’t know Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” song was a remake of the “baby got back” song that was released back in the day. And the same things she’s portraying in the video was the same gestures being made in the video back in the day. Women were in little bathing suit attire, short shorts, majority black women, and twerking was going on. So, why is it so demeaning now that she did the same things in her video. I believe that society is just taking to far because they know through the media stand point Nicki Minaj is an icon for young girls and they don’t want girls to perceive what see on TV and mimic those same behaviors in “Real Life”; their life. That’s why I feel the way we see our own actions may be seen differently through others view points when it comes to media and reality.