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Jasmin Chapman – Reflection

2 Dec

I had no clue what i was getting myself into with this class even after reading they course description, I was still clueless. But its been a long 15 weeks and all in all, I’m actually pretty glad I took the course. We touched topics across the board and some of the discussions gave me insight to things I didn’t feel like looking up and also gave me a different perspective as well. Some of the stuff we discussed in class had me like honestly, just chill but then there were some things that needed to be taken seriously. Like, i feel some thing aren’t worth talking about or need to be given attention too, because in my opinion those things won’t change on account of people’s ignorance and their opinions and because of greed and money. For instance white privilege, some refuse to admit it exist when it really does. Me, personally I’ll argue until the cows come home with someone, but stuff like that, I see no point because it’s already a “thing” it can’t be changed nor can it be undone. And they people who feel it doesn’t exist have thick skulls so debating with them is pointless. Another instance, that Honey Boo Boo show, like honestly. . .for real. . are we really going to sit here and talk about this mess. I can’t. It’s a show for entertainment about people who really do exist and will continue to exist, so hell! Why shouldn’t they make money off it.  Yes, it maybe the most ignorant thing you’ve ever seen, but it won’t change, so make that money. Yes, it can be blown out of proportions as far exploiting the poor and agreeing with their behaviors but I honestly, I just don’t care nor do I think it’s a big deal. These people are going to do what they want and live how they want regardless of the cameras. Now, as far as stereotypes. I’ve had an opinion about this for the longest and I’m finally getting it off my chest. If we were to rid all movies of stereotypes how are we suppose to know the characters, because personally I don’t want to watch a movie with a bunch of different ethnicity in suits with their own law firms or hospitals living the good life. NO! Yes, you’re right, every once in a while I want to see somebody get robbed and then get their revenge down the line. Yes there it is I said it!! And ifs its a brutha then so be it. It’s just entertainment. It sells. Now don’t get me wrong, its plenty of powerful movies where black women and men play deeper roles, and yes that is needed movies because true, we are all not hoodlums. But people have to calm down. It’s just a movie, stop making things bigger then they are. Pretty soon no one will be able to enjoy anything because everybody has to criticize and find something racial about it. But i digress. All in all this class has given me further insight into controversial topics and i know that further down the line these discussions will come back up and I’ll think of this class.


23 Nov is a website I’m quit familiar with considering I’ve done a few papers on both bullying and cyber bullying. Personally, I’ve never been bullied or witness it happened, but it seems it’s becoming more common now in days. Basically the site breaks down what is bullying, what is cyber bullying, who is at risk and how to prevent and respond to bullying. Bullying is aggressive behavior toward someone. Cyber Bullying is harassment online through either social media or other websites. Who’s at risk? Everyone, especially children. It can happen anywhere at anytime. But depending on the environment some groups maybe more at risk than others. There are many steps to help resolved these situations. The site also includes the number to the suicide prevention hotline. The website works closely with the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Steering Committee, the committee is led by the Department of Education and are also governed by the Department of Justice. The strategy they’re using is getting the whole community involved including parents, educators, teens and kids. I think the website is very effective. It covers all the key basis now it just takes people to stand up and be more than just a bystander. If you kids see it happen, they get scared and don’t want to tell because they don’t want to be labeled as snitch of get think they get in trouble. I think once kids get up the courage to say something this will  be a very successful program. I don’t necessarily think this is a lost cause and yes it can help, but the website isn’t enough. People have to act. But honestly, with all these videos of kids fighting their teachers some how i don’t really think some teachers care if a kid came to them and said they were being bullied or if the teacher themselves witness the bullying. It’s a small step, but the more people realize is a serious problem hopefully they’ll want to step up.

Grey’s Anatomy – April Kepner

26 Oct

Grey’s Anatomy is a fictional show about the lives of surgical interns and residents evolving into experienced doctors, while they try to maintain personal lives and relationships.


April Kepner is a devoted Christian, almost a jesus freak. Throughout this show she has battled with her faith, even though she very open-minded she is traditionally conservative. In the show there is a female gay couple and she attended their wedding, which again opposes her being conservative and demonstrates her mindedness, she even took picture with the couple and danced at the wedding. She kept her relationship with god secret from all the other fellows because she feared they would see her as less of a surgeon. She remained a virgin for so long, and wanted to wait until she was married to have sex. The temptation over came her, when she lost her virginity to Jackson Avery the night before her medical boards, it was then she had to re-evaluate her faith and she finally stopped caring about what others thought about her. Even though she lost her virginity  she still remains close to God and hopes to find forgiveness. April had wanted and waited so long to find a man who shared the same faith as her. Then finally one comes along, a paramedic named Matthew. She soon finds out that he is virgin and also waiting for his wedding night. She begins to feel guilty knowing she already lost her virginity and still has feelings for Avery.

In my opinion watching the show and seeing April’s character she does come off as a little naive to me even though you see instances where stands behind her beliefs and stands up for herself. According to our notes Christians are hypocrites, psychotic, naive and insensitive. April is only one of four. Out of everyone on the show she is the most caring of all the doctors. On some occasions you see her pray for her patients before surgery. She’s even broken the rules a few times to help out patients. She maybe a hypocrite for having sex before marriage since she preached about it and believed in it, but I don’t think she would ever judge anyone else for their sins or faults.

Family Matters

14 Oct


Family Matter was an African-American sitcom that aired on CBS from 89′ to 97. The show was a spin-off Perfect Strangers. They were a middle class family living in Chicago, IL. The cast consisted of Carl, the father and a  cop, Harriet, the mother, their two kids Laura and Edward, Carl’s mother Estelle, Harriet’s sister Rachel,  and eventually the star of the show who happened to be the annoying next door neighbor, Steve Erkel.

There were a couple of white characters here and there, but the one that stuck out to me that most was Carl’s boss Lt. Lieu Murtagh. I watch the reruns all the time and I don’t recall Murtagh ever mentioning his race. The reason he stuck out to me because in a couple of episodes he had a crush on Harriet’s sister Rachel. In one episode Carl begged Rachel to go out with him so he could get a promotion at work. Rachel was no interested at all, but she did it anyway because Carl was letting her and her son stay with him and his family. I don’t think back then interracial relationships were as popular or accepted as they are now. I also found it interesting how they made Harriet the dark-skinned sister and Rachel the light-skinned sister, and have Murtagh attracted to her.

Murtagh came off to me as cocky but he was a coward and wanted Carl to do all the work while took credit for it. In my preference he wasn’t qualified for the job because he almost came off as an idiot.Carl always had to make the better judgement and get him out of situations. So in this case Carl didn’t play the black comedic partner role all the time, there were both funny moments and serious ones as well.

Law & Order SVU

7 Oct

The show i like a lot is Law & Order SVU, it’s a show about NY cops that handle sexually motivated cases. The new cast consist of 2 white, 2 Hispanic and 1 black main character of which who all cops and 1 DEA. The main cast in my opinion don’t fit into stereotypes but the people doing the crimes do. I recall and an old episode with the original cast that dealt with the race wars. It was the black versus the Hispanics. A little Hispanic boy bought a gun to school and accidentally shot a little black girl. At the end of the episode the little Hispanic boy was killed by a little black boy for the murder of the little black girl. Even though that’s how the episode ended, me being in society and I know it just became a cycle and would have continued to escalate. The reason this episode stuck in my mind was because at the end of the episode i remember the little black boy saying as he was being arrested saying something “you’re not going to get away with killing a sistah” and from then on it just stuck in my mind. This was a child killing another child because or race, and at a young age he felt the police wasn’t doing enough about it so he took into his own hands. Growing up in a black family it’s taught to you from a young age that the police aren’t to be trusted and don’t care about blacks. That’s why the character i connect with the most is the only black main character Detective Odafin Tutuola played by actor/rapper Ice-T. I connect with him because he doesn’t see race, he sees himself as a cop protecting the people of New York. But it’s also because of his style and they way he handle things, like for instance, he can turn his street ways on and off. His interrogations tactics are different depending on the person as well as the slang he uses. Also i found it interesting how in his first few episodes he was dressed in his street clothes and how quick later on that season they were to put a suit on him.

J.Chapman (Blog#3) – Everybody Hates Chris

23 Sep

Everybody Hates Chris is a show about a young boy named Chris growing up in a poor urban area of Brooklyn,NY, he also narrates the show. The show consist of him, his father, his mother, a brother and sister. Right off the back the typical picture of a poor black family is challenged, because in fact, his father Julius is in the picture and works very hard to provide for his family even though he is very cheap. Chris goes to an all white school, while his brother and sister go the same school in their old neighborhood. Both of his parents have job which is out of the norm of the single black female without an job, multiple kids and living on welfare. Chris, like most older siblings in black families it is his job to take of the younger ones while the adults are at work. Chris’s mother Rochelle is ill-tempered, furthering the stereotype of black women using slang and exaggerating the state of physical punishment to her children. Rochelle takes the stereotype of the angry black women and throughout the show shows the frustrations, joys and pride of being a working class black wife and mother. I know when I was watching the show the first thing about Rochelle was that she was the typical loud female and that associates with being ghetto. I don’t recall in the show if they ever received government assistance, but Rochelle came off to me as some who genuinely lovers her kids and didn’t have them just to receive greater welfare benefits as Clawson brings up. Rochelle also works very hard to prove to white people that they weren’t the typical black family, because back then white peoples approval meant everything. Nothing about Julius says “lack of effort” in almost every other episode he has a new job or multiple jobs, anything legal to make money. They do live in an urban area, and yes there were characters who fit the stereotype of being either a criminal or drug addict. but I believe they had to put those characters in the show to make it believable in that area at that time. I stop asking myself why shows have to do this because its so common as a stereotype that to be honest if i didn’t see those characteristics I wouldn’t believe the show or characters.

Blog #2 – Single Mom’s Club

13 Sep

Scan 2

This is a picture from the movie Single Mom’s Club. I found this picture in a magazine called Sister 2 Sister which published by Jamie Foster Brown. The magazine is for the entertainment of black women. The magazine includes black news, black movies and interviews with black celebrities. Sister 2 Sister is now hitting its 21st anniversary.

The reason I chose this picture because after the watching the Codes of Gender video in class, I now see things different when looking at pictures. For instance, all the women in this picture have a smile and give of a feminine and graceful manor. In the movie Jhally talks about women in pictures have the common “bashful bended knee” pose, and in this photo 3 of the 5 women do. While none of them have their head down, you do see them leaning on each other, which can be seen as needing support, coming off as dependent. In fact, that what the movie is about. A group of single mothers come together for support and have some fun along the way. However in this picture in contrast to how most women are advertised to be in a daze or passed out, these women are full aware of their surroundings and are in the center or picture and not off balance or de-centered. Jhally also talks about a women’s touch. Notice how these women in this picture are delicately holding their champagne glasses, they’re more cradling the glasses rather then gripping them. The video also states that women are often advertised as little girls. This picture clearly contradicts that. They’re dressed like grown women, like mothers. My last point is that in Goffman’s analysis alternatives to the traditional feminine code have emerged, as you can see in this picture these women come off as active and in control.

J.Chapman – Blog #1

2 Sep

Personally, I believe there is a ritual paradigm (counter hegemonic code) to just about every movie. But society is so used it that we don’t even see it anymore until someone draws it to our attention. For example, today in class we watched the trailer for Shark Tales. Never in a million years until today would I have seen it any other way than just a children’s movie. Then today in class, I hear other students seeing it as a ritual paradigm. I’m sitting there stunned because had it not been brought up, it would have never crossed my mind. A lot of movies do have subliminal messages in them, mostly kid movies, because it won’t affect them or they won’t realize until they’re older. I think it would be hard to find a movie or TV show that is just a transmission paradigm (hegemonic code). I’ve been reading more and more article with hidden content in children’s movies and TV shows that depict adult jokes and racial stereotypes. Another example, that was also brought up in class was Lion King. I had already known about the hyenas representing minorities, specifically black. But later on down the line I read an article about there being a Hitler reference. So I decided to watch the movie over and then I see what they’re getting at.  In the scene Scar is standing over a ledge over a pack of hyenas, looking vaguely familiar to Hitler looking over a troop of Nazi’s, even their marching styles are similar.  Yes, I do see how media is purveyor of ideology. But there is always a shade of grey. The negotiated code. I can honestly say when I do see some things on TV or in movies the first card I play is the race card. Every once in a while I’ll rethink things over and realize that I am not always being manipulated or that my race isn’t constantly being exploited.Scar2tumblr_laz990l8ru1qex37yo1_500 (2)