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Evolution of Beauty-Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

6 Nov

Group: Women

Summary: I watched the video about the Dove campaign for real beauty. This video is about the transformation of a woman from normal to what media perceives as being beautiful. Basically a woman sits down and is slowly transformed into something ‘more beautiful.’ This video goes through step by step of what the media does to alter an image to make it the ideal beauty for women. When in fact, this is not the ideal image for women. This image is altered so much it is unrealistic. Women believe they have to look like the woman in the ad but in reality, they should just be themselves. So many women’s views on beauty are so distorted. It is impossible for women to live up to the expectation media gives them as ideal beauty. The strive through the media is for women to be beautiful and thin. Women look up to these altered, unrealistic images of women. It is virtually impossible for women to form any self confidence because they are blocked by the altered image of women. Dove has worked on a campaign for years now to show women the true beauty ideal. They want women to feel comfortable in their own bodies. Dove goes against the negative images and influence of the media. They want women to see what the true and realistic beauty ideal is. Women don’t have to be stick thin and transformed with make-up to be beautiful. Women should feel comfortable and confident with who they are.

Analysis: Pro-social media is very important for everyone. In this particular ad, it is important because it shows the realistic beauty ideals for women. It shows that media alters the beauty ideal and makes it impossible for women to reach. Unrealistic body images are most powerful in our society. However, the reality is that those images aren’t the real body image for women. These images help so many companies to get women to buy their products so they can look the same as the models in the ads. This is just a waste of money because the media’s idea of beauty is untruthful. Dominant culture believes in the unrealistic body images. This is causing women and girls to become less confident with their body image at a younger and younger age. Women are suppose to believe these images are the ideal body image. The Dove campaign and many other people are working hard on helping women see past these unrealistic body images and gaining confidence in their own bodies. In class we mentioned that 15 to 20% of women suffer from unhealthy negative body image. (U-NBI)

Conclusion: Media has unrealistic beauty ideals for women. Pro-social media is important in gaining the confidence of women.


Tim Wise

23 Oct

1. I was surprised by the whole speech Tim Wise presented to us. When we watched the video about him in class I wasn’t as moved by what he had to say. Tonight, when hearing and seeing him in person, it made for a completely different experience. I was also surprised that he was so open to us during the speech. In the talk he discussed how we only like to look at the past when it is good, not the bad. Today I feel that Time Wise let us in on a little of his past that wasn’t good. He also mentioned we have to be honest to recognize how we got were we are today in society. I feel he was being completely honest with us the whole speech. Another surprising fact were some of the statistics Tim Wise mentioned in his speech. He found that today, white men between the ages 25 and 29, make more starting off than African American’s that have been in the field for 25 years.   Another was the in the 60’s when white people were asked about equality in education for white’s and people of color. He mentioned that 85 percent of white people during that time thought the blacks had equal education opportunity as white’s. The white people during that time were delusional of what was really happening with people of color and believed that they were superior. I also really enjoyed how he incorporated other topics such as, sexism, drugs, education, disabilities, etc. I feel all of these topics tie very nicely with the umbrella topic of race and gender equality. 

2. I really don’t disagree with anything that he has said in his speech. I feel that Tim Wise has made a really great argument. He seemed highly educated on all subjects discussed in the lecture. He also had several stats to back all of his information up. His speech really seemed well educated, inspiring, credible, and even personable. 

3. We have learned many things in the lecture that tie in with the class lectures. One big point that Tim Wise hit on in his speech was the idea of whiteness. The idea that white people feel they are more dominant than those of color. We also watched a video in class taught discussed the war on drugs. Time Wise also talked about the war on drugs and how the war isn’t actually about drugs. In both the speech and class lecture we talked about how more white people are actually doing the drugs and not getting in trouble for it, than people of color. People of color are more likely to be arrested for drug possession than whites, even if they don’t do drugs. We have also talked a lot about power in class and how people of power become the dominant group and hold the dominant ideology. The bottom line of the speech was that racism still exists today in 2013. And remaining oblivious to the problem at hand is that it’s harmful and won’t move our economy to be more equitable. We will not be able to maintain a productive economy. We need to work together, not apart.  

Orange Is The New Black

2 Oct


Group: Caucasian

Summary: I watched an episode of Orange is the new Black. This is a Netflix original series. This show is about Piper Chapman who has up until this point, lived a fairly normal life. She is engaged to be married with her fiancé, Larry Bloom. She has a nice home and a job making homemade soaps with her sister. At first glance Piper seems to be living the dream lifestyle, but not long after do we find that she has a deep dark secret that crept upon her. Before Piper met her fiancé Larry, she lived a very adventurous lifestyle with her Lesbian girlfriend Alex. Piper and Alex became madly in love. So Piper dove right into this new life with Alex. She quickly realized that Alex wasn’t just a ‘normal’ girl. She was secretly a drug dealer. This didn’t bother Piper at first because she was living a life of luxury. However, once Alex asked Piper to get involved in the business, things became complicated.  Piper wasn’t extremely comfortable being involved with drugs, but she helped Alex anyways because she loved her more than anything. Piper eventually realized her relationship with Alex was over. Which brought her to her present situation, engaged to Larry. Years after Piper’s involvement with drugs, it caught back up with her and was sentenced to a year in prison. So now she is forced to put her life on hold and complete her one-year prison sentence. Once in prison Piper realizes that she is going to being spending her year in jail with her Ex Alex.

The episode I watched was called “can’t fix crazy.” Piper is dealing with her relationship between her fiancé Larry and her girlfriend Alex. Alex and Piper rekindle their love for each other while in jail which put her relationship with Larry on the rocks. In this episode she chooses that she wants to be with Larry when she gets out of jail, but still battles her love for Alex. This is the Christmas episode so the jail is putting on their annual Christmas pageant. All of the inmates are trying to prepare for the festivities to come. Meanwhile, Piper is trying to save her life from a crazy, drug obsessed, inmate that wants to kill her.

Analysis: This episode displays many themes of “whiteness.” All of the individuals in charge at the prison are white. So immediately we get a sense that white people have the dominant ideology. There is an example from this episode that displays the benefits white people receive in prison, just because of their skin color. Piper goes to Natalie, one of the supervisors at the prison, to request a marriage license. While in conversation, Natalie says, ” you are a first time offender, with a short sentence, and your white.” She was saying that basically because she is a privileged white, she is going to get her marriage license. She goes further in saying that because she is white, she doesn’t have to utilize some of the prison’s extra programs such as the GED program because she is a successful white person that is only going to be in prison for a short period of time. This is basically telling us that whites are the dominant and most important group in the prison. In class, we discussed the fact that media is geared toward the white audience and that people of color have to fit in that criteria. This is the same in Orange is the new Black, people of color have to adhere to the white people in charge. In the video Tim Wise spoke, he mentioned that privilege blinds us. In this television series, it is clear that for most of the supervisors at the prison are completely blinded. They have no concept of looking at other race as being dominant. We also discussed, that media tells us what race is, and what is expected of a given racial group. In this series we see all of the racial groups in separate categories. Piper was placed in her bunk which was considered “the hood” where all of the black women were kept. She was not accepted in that racial group. They also had a separate bunk for the white and hispanic women. Piper (specifically white people) were seen as being the most powerful in the prison. Audiences might also interpret this show as white race as being the dominant ideology. I think these ideas do conform to the socially acceptable ideologies. That is, people of color are the minority. This episode shows the difference in race within the prison.

Conclusion: This episode suggest that white people are the dominant race group.

Blog # 2 New Girl

23 Sep


Group: Working class/ Upper class

Summary: I watched an episode of New Girl called “normal.” This was mostly about Jess’s boyfriend Russell. Russell is a rich banker that lives a high-class lifestyle. He has a very different lifestyle from Jess. Jess has a middle class job as a schoolteacher. Jess is scared to invite her boyfriend over to her place because she is scared that her lifestyle isn’t considered normal. Jess invites Russell over to stay at her apartment with her three, male, roommates. This goes over easily with the three roommates because they all have a high interest in Russell’s upper-class lifestyle.

Analysis: Jess’s roommates are all about equivalent to her in class. Schmidt is one of the three roommates and he would be considered middle to upper class. He dresses very nicely and always has money. The second is Winston; he would be considered middle-class with a new job at a local radio station. Nick, the last roommate, has the lowest class status out of all the roommates. He works as a bartender and never has money. At one point in the episode, Winston (one of the roommates), thanked Russell for his advice. He said” because you are also a rich white man.” This signified that the best advice comes from those of rich, white, upper class, and males. Some of the dominant ideologies we discussed in class are patriarchy, white, and capitalism. Russell would be the forefront of our societies dominant ideology. In class we discussed how money equals power. In this situation, Russell would hold all of the power because he is the wealthiest. We also discussed hegemony in class. Russell would be part of the strong upper-class system that controls all the societies power and wealth. In the episode, Jess and her roommates are hesitant to play a beer game in front of Russell because he is “different” from them. They are scared that because he is a wealthy, middle-aged man that he isn’t going to be into drinking games. Russell ends up having a really great time hanging out with Jess’s friends. Russell’s reality would definitely be considered as the most real and powerful. The representation observed would benefit those in middle and upper class. The audience might interpret this episode as being normal to our society. We have a socially class system, even if it’s not recognized by some. There is a definite social hierarchy in our society with there being a lower, middle, and upper class. This episode would fall in dominant culture because it shows the difference amongst social class in our society. This episode would fall in line with one of the three interpretive codes talked about in class, dominant code. This code refers to the direct message being in line with the dominant ideology. That is that White, upper class males control the power in our society. Also, that there is a significant class system within our society. This episode is a good example that shows the relationship between the social classes.

Conclusion: This episode suggests that there is a social hierarchy and that white males control the upper class.

Blog #1: New Girl

11 Sep

Group: Sexuality 

Summary: I watched an episode of New Girl. New Girl is about four roommates; three guys, and one girl. This television series explores the life of Jess (the main character and only girl roommate) after her break-up with her boyfriend of six years. The roommates help each other get through daily struggles. The episode I watched was called “Bad in Bed.” This episode was about Jess and her new boyfriend, Paul, trying to take their relationship to the next level. They decided that the next level was to have intercourse with each other. However, After a recent break-up it’s hard for Jess to get back in the game. The whole episode is about Jess preparing for their first night of intercourse together. She decides to go the extreme route and buy lingerie and watch porn to prepare for the special event. In the end, Paul was only intimidated by Jess’s extreme sexual antics. After her unproductive night, Jess seeks advice from her three male roommates on relationship advice. They told her that Paul doesn’t care about how good she is at sex. He likes her enough that he doesn’t need anything extreme. Later in the episode, Paul and Jess meet up to talk about the previous night. Paul told Jess that he really liked her and that she doesn’t need to impress him with her skills in bed. Jess was relieved because she wasn’t acting herself around Paul and just wanted to have a normal sexual relationship. 

Analysis: One aspect that stood out to me in this episode of New Girl was that Jess felt like she had to impress Paul sexually. Our society makes it seem like there is so much involved with having intercourse. For example, Jess decides to buy lingerie for sex with Paul. The fact is, that Paul is just happy to have that intimacy with her. Society makes people feel that sex has to be an extravagant thing. It makes it hard for individuals to have a natural sex life. In this episode, I feel that Jess has to “sexify” herself to make her sex with Paul so much better. In the end, Paul doesn’t really care about the details. He just wants to have sex with Jess. Sexuality plays a huge role in the show New Girl. They often justify the sexual references by using goofy comedy. The reality of the situation is that everyone encounters situations like the one Jess was put in. The important part it that each person needs to stay true to their identity. This episode conforms with popular culture by saying sex sells. In most cases, sex does sell, but other situations one should just be their self. In Jess’s situation, her reality would be defined as real. This is because people are placed into theses situations all the time. They feel like that have to be someone their not. This episode would be beneficial to individuals that are interested in sexual humor. Also individuals that have been in a similar situation as Jess. Some viewers might see the sexual references as insulting or crude, but others might find it amusing and funny. 

Conclusion: This episode show that each person needs to stay true to their identity.