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4 Dec

When deciding to take this class I choose it based on the credit hours I needed. I don’t really know why I decided to take so many classes that involved media but Im glad I did because most of them interconnected. This class really forced me to think out side the box a little and think about others perspectives rather than just my own. This class was conducted in a way that made it a little easier to do so that usual. I was aware of a few things already mentioned in class like the ad of women and how women are portrayed in the media. I found the articles long but insightful. I enjoyed when we would Skype in class. Because this class made me think outside the box I found my self discussing some of the class material to my friends and sometimes co workers to get their opinions as well on what they thought. I hardly ever discuss what I did in class outside of class that when I was doing this I was realizing I was really thinking deeply about these issues and new concepts. Everyone has a different perspective because we all have different identities but once you try to understand that persons background you understand why they think the way they think and it’s a lot easier to see there perspective which then in return brings more understanding as a whole.


Pro social media

25 Nov


The organization that I will be discussing is one of the seven ministries of the Franciscan Sisters of the poor. This ministry is a non-profit organization. It is a mission for women in prostitution. They open their doors first just for women to come into use the bathroom, get food, and drinks. It’s an organization that does not pressure these women to change. It simply just provides women who are ready to quit a ‘life’ of prostitution receive supportive counseling and guidance. As well as seeking a better life for these women they as educate the community. Many times they have these women speak to tell their story. This non- profit ministry is trying to break the habit of discrimination, stereotyping, and self-esteem of these prostitutes. We do need to stop the discrimination of these women and the stereotyping I believe not only making the community aware of how they got there is a good start to get people to reach out and help them. A lot them assume they choose this life and that they are dirty and don’t deserve any better. Many of these cases had a very troubling childhood. If we come to understand this we can break what we think about these women. I believe one theory that can really be stressed here is cultivation theory. Which is heavy T.V. viewing cultivating an unrealistic perception consistent with T.v. presentation. Every time we see a women being portrayed in this light on T.V. it will care over as to thinking they are just a ‘whore’ or ‘dirty’. Many people may not have even ever seen a prostitute but to often many could describe to you what one looked like because they have seen one on T.V.

I think this organization has a great start but I believe that still it is going to take time and time and more time to break these perceived notions we already have about these women. I know there was a comment from a volunteer that worked there that stated “ why are we helping these women they picked this life we should be helping the ones that get captured and never asked for this”. This simply statement lets the organization know they still have a lot of work to do.

Modern Family

8 Oct

In the Show “Modern Family” there are three different families somehow all related. The grandfather is married to a Columbian woman named Gloria who is considerably younger than him and has a young son. The Grandfather, Jay has two adult children Claire and Mitchell. Mitchell has a daughter with his husband Cam and Claire has three kids with her husband Phil.
This show represents particular categorical racial group through the character Gloria. Throughout the episodes Gloria and her family members always make comments on her cultural background. She is a proud Latina woman and commonly brings up her village and family members when telling stories. In one episode her accent was made fun of so she tried to talk in a very bad American accent the whole show. In another episode she thought her baby had darkness in him because she swore the men in her family all did and it had skipped her first son Manny. So she called a priest to check him out.
In the show Gloria is portrayed as a confident, beautiful, loud, stubborn and very superstitious woman. She tries to keep culture in her family. You can see this in episodes where they celebrate the holidays she always wants to add her own flare, a particular episode that comes to mind is when they were all getting a family portrait done and she though her baby with Jay was too white and wanted him to look more Latino for her family members back home who would be receiving the card.
The possible implications of portraying her this way are some people could see it as being stereotypical or offensive. I however do not see it that way, I feel in T.V a ton of different groups of people can get made fun off in a humorous way, there is even multiple different groups of people in the same show who are portrayed. I would say it discomforts a lot of the readings because I do not think it is necessarily offensive just that every group of people has their quirks and it makes for good T.V. I connect with Gloria because she is funny and very confident and cares a lot about clothes and her looks which I can easily relate to. She is more than meets the eyes she may be stubborn but she knows what she wants and how to stand up for herself, she is a strong woman, as I would like to think I am.

NEW GIRL- Schmidt

25 Sep

For this blog prompt I will be again using the show New Girl, mainly because it is the only show I watch on primetime T.V. New Girl is about a girl named Jessica Day that after a bad break up she moves into a apartment with three single men. Schmidt just happens to be one of the male roommates. Schmidt is the “ top dog” and somewhat runs the loft. He is a Jewish white male. He has a small case of ODC and prefers to do all the cleaning, cooking, and decorating. Schmidt has the best job in the loft, the best car, and is very narcissistic about his appearance. Schmidt is literally the “douchebag” of the group so much so that he has a “douchebag jar” for when he acts like that, which is quit often. Schmidt is always shown at his job, a high -end corporate job in marketing. Schmidt therefore making the most money is responsible for the bills if one of the others can’t come up with their share. I believe Schmidt fits in the stereotype of class. The female role in this show is a fun, loving, goofy teacher. I believe they made Jessica a teacher because she is female. The black roommate Winston use to be over sea to play basketball, I hate to say typical but I think this show isn’t defining the stereotypes of class it’s actually playing into it. An important key part is that money does equal power. Money is what makes the world go around. I don’t think it matters race or gender with the concept of money, I do think there is a standard and when we see someone with money or power not fitting the standard we question that and are confused how they would have made that money. We make notations like she must be a stripper, or he must be doing something illegal. I can’t really pin point anything in the reading to compare other that the concept of money equals power, and the definition of class standing with the awareness of ones place in the system I believe that is another reason why Schmidt acts cocky in the way that he does. Most of the readings were about the poor, or poor white trash. I would not consider any of these characters to be either, the one most likely to be a outcast of the group would be the third roommate nick because he is a bartender, making him possibly an outcast because he is the poorest one.

“New Girl”

16 Sep

My favorite T.V show has been New Girl that plays on Fox. New girl was a hit right away after viewers were introduced to a free –spirited, offbeat, young, adorable, socially awkward dork Jessica Day. The premise of the show is that after being dumbed by long time boyfriend, she moves into an apartment with three strangers. These three strangers all happen to be single men. These men are all bro-ish, masculine, and horny. She also has a best friend in the picture that just happens to be a beautiful model. Most of all the episodes are Jess interacting with her new roommates Schmidt, Nick, and Winston. They manly involve men trying to stop Jess from demonstrating one of her many quirks in public, then having to watch the aftermath of it. I believe this goes along with the readings because it’s the men that are helping her in these situations she is the weak and vulnerable one that needs to be looked after. A lot of times the situations are familiar gender stereotypes. An example of this is the women cries, and the men stares, women wears a sexy dress, men stare.

I was surprised that the show’s creator is female. Many times the show coalfaces women dizziness for laughs, but on the other hand Jess is self aware and completely unashamed of who she is, on the other hand this a quality of all of the other roommates lack because they are male. Which I think in that aspect you can tell there is a female writer behind this. I believe this female creator was aimed for the show to be emotionally real and honest with the characters, jess still portrays flirty punch lines but in a way that is different than the rest. In the beginning of the show the men try to take jess out to pick up men after her horrible break up. They encourage her to have a one-night stand. Why would these men not encourage a one -night stand? Isn’t the masculine “bro” thing to do?