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This is the END!!

3 Mar

I learned a lot from doing these blogs for class. I learned that stereotyping and sexuality is really a huge problem when it comes to movies, advertisements, and television shows. These blogs have really opened my eyes to what people are producing and putting in the media. You can really tell who the writers are writing for. The audience is everything, and the audience has the power to say what they want to see and what they don’t. But the problem is that people are standing up and speaking out about what is wrong with the media, for instance why are the writers type casting certain roles. Also, I learned about a lot of theories, but my favorite was Social Identity Theory. The theory was about we learn from what we see. Which I do totally agree with because people need to put positive things out there, so others can learn to do more positive things. Overall, I really did love this class and the blogging. But now I cannot look at advertisements, television and movies without analzying it!


Be my bridesmaid??

2 Mar

Summary: For this blog post I am analyzing the movie Bridesmaids that came out in 2011. The movie was about a young woman named Annie who is the maid of honor to her best friend named Lillian. Annie is a little nervous about the wedding because to her it signifies that her best friend will be moving on without her. And it makes her realize that she has been in the same position since her bakery burned down years ago. Well as the wedding planning continues she meets the other bridesmaids Helen, Becca, Megan, and Rita. They get into some funny situations along the way to the wedding. And while this is going on Annie finds love with a local cop named Nathan.

Analysis: During the movie you can see so many stereotypical representations. Megan is a butch woman who is presented as bisexual, and a bit of a brute. Annie is a plain jane type of girl who you would never look twice at. Helen is presented as the beauty queen of the bunch. Rita is the oldest woman out of the group who is desperate for time away from her family. Becca is the most emotional out of the group who is very afraid of being single. And Lilian is the neutral person out of the group, she is the middle ground between Helen and Annie. Helen and Annie have this unspoken battle going on for Lilian’s attention. They say little side comments, and do certain things that they know the other person wouldn’t like. The audience would define Annie’s reality as most real because she is the most down to earth. The audience will feel her pain about losing her best friend because we have all felt that kind of pain before. I think the audience would find this movie and it’s representations hilarious because we can all find at least one of these characters in our lives. This representation benefits everybody because this movie is purely taking a jab at every stereotype it possibly can.

Response: I love this movie, it is like the woman’s version of Hangover! I thought it did a really good job of putting stereotypes in the movie without it being to offensive. And the writers did a really good job having us notice the stereotypes but in a comical way. I think that there is a attribute of each of these women in somebody. I would definitely watch this movie again.

Motivate men but what about women?

24 Feb

The movie that I chose to review for this week’s blog is ATL. This movie starring Clifford Harris and Lauren London takes place in Atlanta, Ga. It is about two brothers and their friends learning how to survive and become successful. But along the way Clifford Harris falls in love with Lauren London. Lauren London plays a girl who pretends like she is from the hood but she is really from the suburbs. When Clifford and Lauren start to date, she fails to tell him where she is from. Well Clifford’s friend just so happens to show up at her home to work for her father and sees Lauren come down the steps. Well later on Clifford finds out and breaks it off with her for lying to him about it. While this is going on Clifford’s brother who is played by Evan Ross gets into selling drugs for a local drug dealer played by Big Boy. Evan gets robbed on night while standing on the street corner and Clifford finds out. Evan is trying to hide from Big Boy but Clifford comes to his rescue and saves him the embarrassment. At the end of the movie Clifford and Lauren get back together and it the movie shows that everybody ends up doing well for themselves.

What stood out to me was the fact that they are really putting an emphasis on women being overly sexual. Some of the women in the movie are barely dressed and they are using their bodies to attract men and get what they want. It seems that every woman in this film except for Lauren London plays a dingy character with a really good body. So to the audience they are portraying that black women are dingy, loud and use their bodies to get what they want which is attention. The men in the movie are shown at two different extremes. There is Lauren London’s father who is a very rich, hard worker and Clifford’s uncle who is lazy and is mad at the world because he is broke. To the audience this aspect can be seen as that they are saying that you can be whatever you want. This may push them to think that if you work hard enough you can be financially set for the rest of your life. We would define Clifford’s reality as most real because he is a struggling black man who wants to become a better person. And most African Americans can relate to that aspect because they are trying to better themselves.

I personally loved this movie just because of the main male character. But besides that I think that out of all the predominately African American movies that has come out recently besides Tyler Perry films this is one of the best. People of all ages can relate to this film especially men and women ages 18-24. Even though the movie was good I wish they would have portrayed women in a different light. Having women dressed in next to nothing, being loud and dingy is not what the audience needs to see. Since they are trying to get the message of you can work from the bottom up and portray women the way that they did is terrible to me. But with that said, I would still watch the movie every time it came on BET.

Two Funny Shows!

18 Feb

In this week’s episode of “The Office” half of the office takes off to Florida for a month for a team building exercise/project. While this is going on, one of the bosses gets demoted to become the receptionist. Although everyone thinks he hates it, he secretly loves it. While in Florida, half of the gang is being led by Jim and Dwight. Dwight who is already power hungry strives to be the best canidate to be selected for Vice President by the speaker Ellie. Dwight is at war with Todd for this position, and Dwight fights through an appendicitis to stay and fight. I also watched this week’s episode of Parks and Recreation where Leslie and her boyfriend her campaign manager are approching the Police Cheif for a contribution for her campaign. While this is happening some of her co-workers are getting together and recording a song for her campaign. Annie and Tom finally make it official to begin dating, and Leslie’s ex-boyfriend states that he is still in love with her while at dinner with her current boyfriend.

During these two episodes you see women who are in a powerful position still holding dear to thier sexuality and their gender identity. In The Office Ellie who is the speaker for the project in Florida uses her sexuality to push Dwight and Todd into more of a competition. Because they think if she flirts with them then they are ahead of the other person in the competition. And when the boss gets “demoted” to the receptionist for the day he loses some of his masculinity because he becomes more “domestic” like a woman. He is decorating and cooking for the office all while he is answering the phones. Multitasking like the sterotypical woman should. In Parks and Recreation you see in the beginning Annie telling Tom how the relationship is going to be and him being compliant because he really likes her and doesn’t want to lose her. Leslie uses her smarts and whit to get the police cheif to contribute to her campaign. She also is very powerful when she tells her ex-boyfriend that she no longer has feelings for him but still flirts with him at the end of the show. The audiece would think that these episodes would be refreshing to see because they show women in dominant positions and men respecting them while they are still holding on to thier sexuality. We would find that the main women Leslie, and Ellie reality to be most real because people can relate to them the most plus the episode focuses on them. These two episodes benifits women because it shows that women can be powerful and hold onto thier sexuality.

Watching these two episodes were really funny to watch. I think that it shows women in a different light. It shows that we do not ahve to be dependant on a man, and we can do things just as good as them. It was a good alternative to see because usually you see women battered, broken or overly sexual in television now a days. It was interesting to see how balanced their identites were in these episodes even though they do play on stereotypes.

The man & the woman….

3 Feb

Summary:  This week I decided to watch a more complicated show Grey’s Anatomy which is shown on ABC on Thursdays at 9pm. It’s about a particular group of doctors that work in a hospital named Seattle Grace. In this show you will follow them on their daily interactions with patients and each other. In this particular episode they celebrated the old chief of surgery’s 10,000th surgery, celebrated a child’s birthday, and dealt with personal relationships. Like with Dr. Yang and Chief of Staff Hunt when they were arguing about who has power in their relationship.

Analysis/Application: Yang and Hunt have a very complicated relationship. In this episode it really shows because Yang really oversteps the line at work and Hunt being her husband and boss has to reprimand her. With Yang she doesn’t know how to classify herself as a woman in this episode. She is fighting with Hunt like a man, toe to toe and in his face challenging his authority and ultimately his stance in their relationship. The audience is interpreting this as that Yang makes the decisions in the relationship so she is the “man” and Hunt just goes with it so he is the “woman” in this relationship. So the audience will see this as its okay for the roles to be reversed when it comes to arguments. Also, that being a “woman” means that you lost the argument because the “male” is always right. This could possibly benefit women because it shows that woman can obtain power during a heated argument. Yang’s sexual identity is also changing during this episode, during the episode she is basically clothed up to her neck but when it comes to the argument that she has with her husband she is seen in a more feminine top with her hair down. The writers do this because they want to portray their relationship as normal in a way. They wanted to show her in a “submissive” way like a woman and Hunt in a “dominant” way because he is dressed in a shirt and tie.

Response: I think that this episode was so good especially when it comes to gender identity and sexual identity. You can easily see how people identify with the opposite gender when you are in an argument. But I do feel that since people saw this episode that it will show that men and women can switch roles. I found it very interesting how they made the last scene with Hunt & Yang to be a shot of her crying and begging him to forgive and forget. I guess they wanted to show her feminine side. I just found it funny how they waited to the last scene of the show to show it. I think it was just to leave the audience feeling bad for her.

Only for your audience….

27 Jan

For this assignment I decided to read three different magazines to get a broader scope on my topics. I chose Cosmopolitan, Better Homes and Gardens, and Essence. These three magazines appeal to certain audiences and I wanted to see how different the advertisements were going to be. Cosmopolitan focuses on women and their wants and needs basically it revolves around sex, fashion, and embracing your womanhood. Better Homes and Gardens have their focus on the older women, most likely stay at home with a creative flair when it comes to decorating for certain holidays or events. Essence focuses on the African American woman whether married, single, young, old to show another side of what the media portrays.


When looking at the magazines, you could see that they were being very stereotypical. Essence did not have any advertisements with Caucasians, or any other race. They showed African American women in an empowering light. If men and women were showed in an advertisement together then it would be shown that they were equal. Advertisements such as “My Black is Beautiful” or “Revlon” they show women fully clothed, looking beautiful while being focused on their face and not on their sexuality. With Cosmopolitan they show women in a very sexual, empowering state. They are scantily dressed, over the top makeup; sometimes they can use their sexuality and make it more masculine. Especially in perfume ads, women were either under the man looking like they just did some extracurricular activities, or they were half naked covering themselves. Better Homes and Gardens kept their advertisements clear in a way. If they showed men or women they were careful to what, how and where they placed everything. There were no overly sexual representations; women and men were portrayed in a happier light. The audiences of these three magazines I would imagine would interpret these advertisements as fitting for the type of magazine that they would read.

 I think that the magazines cater to the type of audience that they want to capture especially with advertisements. You can’t have a magazine that talks about sex and relationships and have advertisements about Home Depot. All three of these magazines represent different things, but they are going to cater to their dominant group who purchases their product. So for Cosmopolitan they are going to have advertisements about lingerie, and perfume. Better Homes and Gardens they are going to have ads about families, and products for the home. Essence is going to have ads about beautiful African American women. It just depends on what they are trying to represent. But I do theink they are sending a clear message when they are placing advertisements in the magazines.

Playing both sides….

21 Jan

So like last week I watched Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, but this time not only did I pay attention to the show but I also noticed the commercials. On this episode the SVU gang was assigned a case where the mayor of New York City was kidnapped and found in Central Park tied up with “Payback is a B****” written on his leg. While the department took this as a serious matter, the Mayor’s office wanted it to be investigated by their people, not the NYPD. But with further investigation, they found the person who did it and arrested him. Case closed right? Wrong. The perpetrator who did the kidnapping was getting back at the Mayor for his daughter being raped. The Mayor was an army veteran and still had close ties with certain companies that worked over seas in the Middle East. The perpetrator’s daughter worked for the Mayor and those certain companies over seas when she was gang raped by her co-workers. These men weren’t charged because they hid and destroyed some of her rape kit. But there were a few loose ties that they forgot about. When the police kept snooping around they found a doctor, and two former workers who remembered the case, and who still had some of the rape kit hidden. Basically the Mayor and his people were scarring people to think that they were going to kill them if this ever got out. The commercials that were shown during this episode portrayed women as homey, family oriented, and innocent.

When the daughter of the perpetrator talks about being raped to the detectives you perceive her as weak, and damaged goods. During the whole episode you see women being degraded and harassed making them feel less of themselves. While the commercials are trying to save the image of women, and restore what you previously thought about them. There was one particular part of the episode that caught my eye. When the doctor who was a female was talking to the prosecutor about the girl’s rape she was very meek, like she wasn’t in control of the situation. When the commercial about L’Oreal hair color featuring Beyonce came on it showed that women are sexy, and beautiful.The males in this episode portray hegemony because they dominate the women to make them think that they are worthless. I think that these representations are not beneficial to anybody. They are coming from a bad place, and are not representing anybody well.

I think that sexual identity and gender identity are challenged when it comes to certain shows and commercials. I believe that especially with a controversial show the commercials have to be as close to reality as possible so people don’t get wrapped up on the bad stuff. I never really paid attention to these commercials before during the show because I didn’t that there was a correlation. Although, now I see that the networks are trying to clear up any misconceptions that the television sitcom may present.

Use sex to get ahead?

14 Jan

Summary: I watched the new Law and Order: SVU episode that came on Wednesday at 10pm on NBC. It was about these two friends that came to New York to become actresses and roommates. While Suzie’s career took off and she got the starring role in a play, Beth was forced to use her body to support herself. Beth set up an account on to look for people who were willing to give her money for sex. Well during one of Suzie’s performances she was raped on stage. Benson and her partner were trying to figure out how she got assaulted on stage, and nobody reported it. Well it turned out that Beth set her roommate up to get raped on stage. She set up a false account on, convinced an NY judge that Suzie wanted a date and her fantasy was to be raped in public. When confronted on why she set Suzie up, she said that she was tired of being the “ugly duckling” compared to Suzie. Suzie had everything given to her, and Beth felt like she had to make Suzie know what it feels like to feel dirty and unclean like her.

Analysis/Application: I think that we define the victim’s reality as most real because she is the one that is being hurt by not only her roommate/friend, but by a court judge. Beth’s sexual identity is compromised when she has to use her body to get money, and not her acting ability. Her class identity is also compromised when she says that she has to work for everything and Suzie has everything given to her. I thinks this benefits audiences of a younger age particularly 16-24 because it shows them how jealousy can lead you to do bad things. I believe that the audience is viewing this situation as very sad for both parties, the underdog doesn’t win, and the pretty girl gets hurt.

Response: I thought that this particular episode was very sad. It showed me that class and sexuality go hand in hand. People will use their bodies to try and get ahead in life. Beth was a girl that was never looked at twice because of her looks but her friend was the star of the show. I can see why she was jealous, but she really took it too far when it came to punishing her friend instead of talking to her about how she felt.