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8 Mar

My conclusions about the ideological analysis is that is has really helped me understand and see different techniques used in the media. In this blog, I focused on gender and class identity. I feel that the media really focuses on the stereotypes of women, families, and didn’t class types. The wealthy class is categorized as arrogant and dumb. I once focused on the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I feel people categorize them as arrogant women who shop all day. While there is a lot of shopping, they are still real people that have everyday problems. I feel the show really gives an idea of how hard women do work and they all have made a living in one way or another. I feel the media industry has grown but there is still more room for growth in the aspect of respecting women. There are more TV shows and sitcoms showing the power of women but I still think there is the stereotype women cannot work hard. I enjoyed the blog to be able to look into the shows I watch and really break them down. When I analyzed the show Modern Family, I really liked seeing the 3 different families that all bring something different. It was not just about your typical white American family. There was the American family, the gay couple, and the couple with a white male and latino women. It really showed the different cultures but showed how they can all come together. I enjoyed the diversity and how they would all combine their lives. I believe that is important in the media because there are all types of families and couples in our society. I think it is important for people to connect with their TV shows, magazines, and all media.


Do all teachers have a bad side?

2 Mar

The movie from 2011 that I chose to analyze was, Bad Teacher. This movie is about a gold digger, Elizabeth, who is dumped by her wealthy fiancé and has no option but to get a job. She gets a job as a middle school teacher. She is not quite cut out for this position because she drinks, smoke marijuana, curses, and shows movies in her class so she can sleep. Elizabeth’s goal is to get breast implants. Once she learns there is a $5000 reward for the teacher whose class does the best on the state test. She immediately starts teaching her class well. Then, she finds the man who keeps the state tests. She lures him with her sexuality and tries to sleep with him. But she doesn’t have to, because she drugged him. Once he passes out, she steals the test. Elizabeth starts to show more interest in the school gym teacher who is a good guy. Towards the end of the movie, Elizabeth realizes that was she was doing is wrong. At the beginning of the new school year she tries to mend her relationships and become a better teacher, without cheating.

In this movie, I found the reality of Elizabeth to be most real. We all have these perceptions that teachers are like God. We believe that they do not drink and they are always on their best behavior. Everyone knows that feeling when you see your teacher outside of school and it is kind of and awkward moment. I think Elizabeth’s character is most real. She is showing a gender identity of a female teacher that is not often portrayed or seen. I think this identity serves the younger class. It serves the teens that only see their teachers as punishers or heartless people. Only sometimes does a person really connect with a teacher on a deeper level. I think the audience is interpreting this movie as a comedy but also that teachers are humans too. They go out with their friends and have families. They experience real life as well.

As a student myself, I find it hard sometimes to see a teacher as a normal human. For me, my professors are put on a pedestal because I am learning from them. I get advice and knowledge from them. So when I see them out or doing something outside of class it is kind of weird. I am only used to seeing them in one environment. In this movie, I think it gives an audience a sense that teachers learn from students as well. And teachers are normal people that go through life with struggles too.

It’s Not Always What It Seems To Be

17 Feb

In this episode of Modern Family, Jay believes that Manny, his stepson, should play a game of football. Manny has plans to go to a show at the theatre but Jay cancels them behind his back. This gives Manny the opportunity to go and play football. Once Gloria finds out, she is furious! She is so angry with Jay that he would go behind their backs and cancel Manny’s plans to play football. Jay just wanted Manny to be involved in sports.

Claire over hears her children talk about how they are bored. So, she assigns them work to re-organize and clean the kitchen. She has to run a friend to the airport and she is running behind but is nervous to leave the kids. She walks out without realizing that Phil was not home. On her way home from her errands she calls Phil to find out no one is home with the kids. She is so worried and when she gets home, everything is in perfect condition. All the rooms are cleaned and everything worked out perfectly.

The next show I watched was The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This show is about 6 women and their lives in Beverly Hills. The women in this show have the lavish lifestyle. They drive nice cars and live in huge mansions. Some of the women have built very successful businesses and others enjoy the success of their husbands. In this specific episode, I watched footage Bravo did not air during the season. It showed women yelling at each other and then how they get along.

In Modern Family, I believe we find Claire’s reality to be most real. Parents have a doubt about their children being able to complete tasks. Parents believe since their children are young and do not have much life experience, they are unable to do things correctly or to its full potential. In a way, this can serve the reputation of the kids. In the show, all three of Claire’s children prove her wrong. She comes home to spotless house with all the tasks complete to a higher standard than she expected. The writers of this show wanted to give the typical interpretation of children. It adds to the humor of the show then the adults are proven wrong.

I thought this was a great way to show a type of gender or age identity. It shows the typical assumption of children but they always seem to prove adults wrong or show their great potential.

In the RHOBH, I think we see the reality of the women as most real, but in general it is not. We see the lavish lifestyles these women lead and we envy or want to have the life with all this money. But in reality, most of these women have come from money and fame. Two of the women were in the original Little House on the Prairie. Another woman is the owner of the Palms hotel in Las Vegas. The reality is, it takes hard work to get to those places. The show does not portray the hard work and hardships these ladies struggle with to get to the lifestyle they have. In the season, one of the woman’s husbands commits suicide. So, in the show they also do not show that some of the women are not happy in their lives.

Who knew pretty little liars would hold so much suspense?

3 Feb

I watched Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. This show is about four young girls who are constantly blackmailed by an unknown person. Their friend died in a mysterious accident and they are now being haunted by what they believe to be “A”. Hanna found “A’s” phone and didnt want her boyfriend to look into it. The other girls, Aria, Spencer, and Emily begged Caleb, Hanna’s, boyfriend to hack into this phone. Once Hanna finds out her friends were going behind her back, she gets upset. Aria is hinding from her family that she is seeing her teacher. Emily’s mom comes home to visit her daughter and is surprised to find that Emily has started dated a girl, Maya.

In this show, I believe the dominant gender would be female. At first, I would believe it to be the 4 young girls, who are the stars of the show. But after watching, I believe it is the unknown, “A”. It is suspected to be a girl but who really knows. I believe the girls have the most real reality. They have been hiding a secret that they have been blackmailed for a long time now. This unknown stalker has complete control over these girls. They must do what this person says at all times. The representation serves the unknown character. The show has manipulated the audience because the character is never revealed. They play such an important role in the show, but no one ever knows who it is. This is the shows way of controlling the audience and to keep them hooked.

Personally for me, I enjoy the show and watch every week. I believe I watch the show because of the suspense and thrill it has. The show has done a great job of keep their audience interested. No one knows who the secret creeper is but every episode is suspensful and you get a little bit closer to finding out. For me, I think this is what makes me hooked.

Shouldn’t People magazine be for all “people”?

27 Jan

I reviewed People and Cosmopolitian magazines.

I found it interesting, in People, almost every advertisement is for some type of lotion, cream, or make-up. The obvious target audience is women. This magazine, I believe, has a wider audience than just women. My fiance loves reading people magazine. There are always news articles that are well known around our world. The dominant group is obviously women but what about men? The representation of this magazine and it’s advertisements clearly serve the demographic of women, but why isn’t there anything drawing men to this reading. The authors of this magazine are wanting to target women but there should be another audience they should capture. Wouldn’t they want more people interested in their magazine. The title of it is “People”, shouldn’t it be for all people.

The next magazine is Cosmopolitian. Now Cosmopolitian does have a reputation for publishing articles on sex, make-up, clothes and all women issues. This is the prime example of a womens bible. There are many media representations that the male sex is dominant. In this magazine I believe it is the opposite. This magazine is almost a guide on how a woman can better herself; how to have better sex, how to make your man want you, or how to dress for less. This magazine serves for women. It can give them a sense of self confidence. This would not be a magazine for a man. A man could read this if he wanted to, but in my opinion, he would not get anything informational to himself, out of it. The magazine Cosmopolitian has made a reputation that they are the “sex” magazine. This is how the female audience portrays them. It can be a little embarassing to buy, but its a total girly read.


Gender roles in the life of a “Modern Family”

20 Jan

Summary: Modern Family is show that has come to be one of the most popular shows on television. It is about three families that are all tied together and their lives. In Wednesday nights episode, Claire Dunphy, a mother, is running for city counsel.  With the help of her family, she prepares for a debate against her opponent. Her family, husband and three kids, give her a mock debate and point out that she does not need to be so angry. They give her advice and tips to make her debate stronger. Also in the episode, the daughter of a homosexual couple begins to say the “f” word. We all know it is funny when kids curse and her father Cam cannot stop laughing. Therefore, Lily, the young child, continues to say the curse word to make her dad laugh.

Analysis: Gender roles stuck out to me in this episode. By having Claire running for city counsel it showed that women can be see and strong figures that can represent an area. Masculine figures are usually thought of or seen in office. It is less common to have a woman run for a position to run or control an area. I think this representation serves women. It can be seen as a powerful movement for women to stick up for themselves and go after what they want. I believe the audience of this serious to believe the same thing. Women can be empowered when they see this episode that Claire went after what she wanted. When her opponent took cheap shots at her husband, she defended him and the situation. With the little girl Lily who says the “f” word, this portrays the situations parents are put into with their children. Cam and Mitch were worried Lily was going to say the “f” word at the wedding when she was walking down the aisle as a flower girl. Unfortunately she did. This shows the role of children and how sometimes the things they say or do cannot be stopped. It is inappropriate for children to say curse words in our society but it is funny at the same time. I think this just shows that children are smarter than most people think and if they do something to make someone laugh, they are going to keep doing it.

The commercials I saw most in between the show were a lot of car and insurance. They were targeting a demographic that could benefit from these ads. Modern Family is a show for all ages of adults, young to old. These commercials can appeal those ages of people.

Response: I think the show Modern Family does a fantastic job at portraying the struggles, hardships, and good times in any family, mixed with a lot of humor of course. But when analizing the show, I thought it was interesting how the producers and directors really show the different roles the males and the females take. Also, they have a wide demographic that can appeal to all audiences. There is you typical american family, the gay family, and the older man married to a younger latino woman. Anyone can relate to the situations in any family but that’s why the show is amazing. It does not descriminate against your race or gender. Anyone can relate the to the situations and the characters on the show.