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3 Dec

I have a split decision about if I learned a new perspective or not. There were definitely some things I did learn and others I already knew. I gained more knowledge about the way races are portrayed in films and television shows. I thought that was interesting. I was just disappointed by how we really only looked at two cultures. When I signed up for this course I was expecting to learn about a variety of different cultures. We spent too much time talking about racism between white and black people. I have nothing against either of these I really just wished we learned about some more cultures. I also was disappointed by not really going more in depth about religion. I really wanted to learn more about different religions other than just Christianity. Again I have nothing against Christianity I just really wanted to see a broader spectrum of religions. That aside this class gave me a better view of how people still view our society. By that I mean how racism is a big topic in our society. Thank you and I hope you have good rest of your year!


“I Choose” Campaign

24 Nov

I selected the “I Choose” Anti-Bullying Campaign; they are a nonprofit organization to help stop bullying and cyberbullying in schools. The organization asks for donations to offer educators Internet-safety advocates a Classroom Challenge Starter Kit. Within these kits has information and tools they need to incorporate the “I Choose” philosophy into their classrooms and assemblies. This website also allows children to upload their own stories to the website so they express their experience of bullying. They are trying to get their members to help out and make people stop, think and remember their choices matter. I think this campaign is a good idea, but I do not know how effective it will be. If this organization wants to help out children and other people to spread the word about bullying they have to be more active on social media and television. Most Children watch television these days and showing a commercial to them on the networks they watch could help stop bullying. I think that if prosocial media is use correctly then adding awareness to certain issues could be very effective. In this case using prosocial media would be good because we are talking about cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is caused by social media and is causing a lot chaos in schools. This is an issue that has been is our media for years, and looks like it is still on the rise. We need to figure out how we can lower the amount of bullying going on in schools, because 30 deaths have occurred from bullying.

“My First Jew”

27 Oct

Penny’s friend from Nebraska comes to visit her in California. Penny explains to the guys that her friend has slept around with almost everyone in Omaha.  While she is talking about all of this to the guys Howard gets very intrigued he slips out of Sheldon and Lenard’s apartment to go over to meet Penny’s friend Kristy. Penny is basically kicked out of her apartment because Howard and Kristy are hooking up. This is when Penny asks Lenard if she could stay at their apartment for the night. Sheldon and Lenard come to an agreement of letting Penny stay over for the night. The next morning Howard comes over to Sheldon and Lenard’s apartment and he is wearing Penny’s robe. A little after Howard comes over Penny’s friend Kristy comes over also. Penny asks where Kristy would be staying. Howard offers to let Kristy to stay at his house with him and his mother. This is when Howard says, “Would you like to repair to Casa ole Wolowitz?” Kristy then says, “What is that like a Mexican deli?” Which Howard response by saying, “I should have mentioned this earlier but my last name is Wolowitz.” Kristy then say, “Oh that’s so cool, my first Jew” as she points to Howard. Howard then says a few lines later, “If you would excuse me I have some Bar Mitzvah bonds to cash.” Howard’s character stands out to me because he is showing the stereotype that Jews have a lot of money. He shows this because he doesn’t care that this girl is taking advantage of him because she slept with him. People would say that this could be true for anyone, but the fact that they use Howard’s character instead of another character proves my point. Just like racism there is going to be a lot of stereotyping in our world. I would say most people practice Christianity in our world. As a result of this we see other religions being made fun of like Judaism in this case. So our discussions would confirm some of what we have talked about.

Blog 5 (French Prince)

16 Oct


In the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the issue of race is a major factor in terms of interactions between those of different races. The Smith family, an upper class black family living in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, comprises the main characters of the show. The shows primary main character is Will Smith, who hails from Philadelphia and does not generally fit with the high class, rich lifestyle of his relatives. The issue of race becomes apparent because Will’s relatives, who took him in from an unsafe living situation in Philadelphia, tend to portray themselves as stereotypically white Americans, while suppressing their underlying black culture. However, Will Smith does not abide by the same principles as his relatives. Will makes it a point to express his black culture and his own individuality as much as possible. This is in great contrast to his extremely wealthy relatives who hold a very respectable standing in the eyes of the community, for example Will’s uncle is an elected judge. The white characters in the show mostly appear at Will and his cousin Carlton’s extremely preppy and rich private school. Will and Carlton are two of the only black students who attend this prestige academy and their classmates tend to interact with them differently from the white student norm population. The white students often have trouble understanding a lot of Will’s black, and unfamiliar, dialect which leads his more sophisticated cousin Carlton to be the middle man when conflict arises. This conflict generally is no more than simple misunderstanding but if a few cases it has led to Will being made to be an outcast and feel as though he does not belong and may not be worthy to attend this rich private school. However, with Carlton by his side to keep him in check and to help him acclimate to his new environment, Will ultimately has great success at this private school and although he never fully loses his sense of black individuality, he is able to better acclimate and avoid conflict.

American Accent

7 Oct

One of the episodes in the Big Bang Theory Sheldon, Raj, and Howard are sitting in the living room of Sheldon’s and Leonard’s apartment. Raj sits down on the couch and says “the next time I have to speak to a call center in India I’m going to try using an American accent”, Howard asks why and Raj says, “because when I use my regular voice I feel like I’m making fun of them”. In this episode Raj’s character stands out to me because he is making fun of his own race.  He is showing how his people mostly only work in call centers which are located in India. Howard tells Raj that his American accent is terrible. Raj defends himself and says, “My accent is brilliant”. Raj then goes about his American accent, he says “Hey there my snow white American friends let’s put some cow meat on the barbeque and eat it until we are all obese”. Here Raj is making fun of white Americans by saying that all Americans do is eat cow meat (beef) and that we eat too much of it and we are overweight. Howard then responds to Raj by basically saying his American accent sounds like he is “wearing a set of giant dentures”. I connect to Raj in the way of that I do make jokes about Jews and being Jewish. I joke around about how Jews have “money” and how there are a lot of them in the entertainment business. I think that everyone talks or makes fun of their own races. I agree and disagree with the readings when it comes to this episode. I agree that there are stereotypes and our economy is not going to do anything to get rid of them. I do not agree because in this episode and series it is very had to distinguish who are the main characters. I also see what they are saying how there are more whites in TV shows. If you look at the cast of this show there is only one foreigner. Race and stereotypes is a big debate in our world, but I do not see things changing in the near future.

The Big Bang Theory

24 Sep

The Big Bang Theory is about four nerds who all work at the same university and a girl who moved to California to pursue acting. The Nerds are Sheldon, Lenard, Raj and Howard. Raj, Sheldon and Lenard are all scientists and Howard is an engineer. Penny is the girl who moved to California. Penny works at the Cheesecake Factory and on her spare time trying to get acting gigs. Sheldon and Lenard live together across the hall from Penny and that’s how she became a part of the group of friends.  Sheldon is genius and he does not understand how normal society works, for example he says things that should not be said out loud. Lenard and Penny date, Howard gets a girlfriend who eventually becomes his wife and Raj cannot talk to girls unless he has some alcoholic drink. This show is different because you do not expect these types of people to become such close friends.

The character that stands out to me is Penny. She is a strong girl from Nebraska who is very pretty and a good/funny personality. She comes into play in this show my getting the boys to come out of their comfort zones and put themselves out there. She also is the “street smart” one of the group. Because she works at the cheesecake factory she does not have the steady income as the men do. She is late sometimes on her rent and other bills. In one episode she did not have enough money to pay for her rent and she was close to being kicked out. Sheldon gave her money so she could pay for her rent. Sheldon gesture shows he is a high class than Penny because he was able to help her out. Yes I do believe there are different social classes and people do make assumptions about the different levels of these classes.  We look at the super rich we think of them being rude, snobby and they only think about themselves. The people in the poverty class we think of them as stupid and screw ups. This might be true to a point but life can be hard when you do not have the same resource as other classes. I would not consider the reading to confirm the different levels of social class by the character that I chose. She might have a hard time to pay for something, but so most other people. If you are not a part of the top 1 percent then we all have our own struggles.

Gender in Music Videos

15 Sep

I watched “Cruise” and “Get your shine on” by Florida Georgia Line. In the music video “Cruise” the video starts off with two guys driving around in their lifted truck. As they are driving they stop roll down their windows and see an attractive girl standing in a bikini. They are just going around their country town with these girls and playing strip poker and meeting at a farm to have a concert. “Get your shine on” music video is about the two guys seeing two attractive girls while on vacation. They talk to the girls and hang out with them. They are just having fun with each other. In these two music videos they talk about how the girls look and what they think of them. People might say that the girls in bikinis are there way of using sexual appeal, but I do not agree with that or with some of what the movie we watched in class talked about how the girls pose and what is meant by those specific poses.

These two songs are just like every other male country singers song. They talk about getting or about their country girl, trucks and drinking. The men are more have masculine because they are initiating talking to a girl. The men in the videos are taking charge. You only see the men driving the cars, they are deciding where to go, and they initiate the kiss. The readings both confirm and disconfirm about gender roles. It can be confirmed by how when they are playing strip poker the girls are taking off more revealing clothing and then men are just taking off their shoes. Besides that rest of the video disconfirms the readings. When you watch country songs you will notice they all are really about partying. When you have parties you have girls their and other men.

Blog 1 Scott Cole

3 Sep

Just recently and still going on today is the conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. When I was listening to the mass media from the US they were saying how Israel was just killing innocent Palestinian people. The media did not have the right information as of what was going on. They never talked about how Hamas was using innocent Palestinian people as human shields. The media made Israel out to be the “bad guys”. I feel like the media never gives the right information to the people. They only take the smallest amount of what they need in order to make a story. Because of that not all of the information is being told to the public. It’s hard for me to really believe what is being said by the media, especially after how the portrayed Israel in the war in Gaza.

The news is a purveyor of ideologies because Americans are not really watching the news to be informed. Now-a-days we are using the media as a tool of entertainment. In the article Messages between the Lions explains more about this. A good example of this is a couple of years ago the news interviewed a black male who was explaining how a “bed intruder” the public saw this interview and made it into a song. This video was not the only one that was made. Another one was made when a black women was interviewed about a strong hail storm.  We are taking these news casts and turning them into our own entertainment. No wonder why we cannot tell what the facts are and what the lies are. Not only is the news on TV not reliable, but even on the internet. We have are time trying to distinguish if a source is even creditable for academics and the same goes for our daily news.