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Tim Wise

25 Oct

Tim Wise was an extremely humbling experience for in so many ways. I thought a lot about what I might say in relation to the Tim Wise Speech was I going to be surprised,  amazed, newly informed, well to be honest did not experience any of those things. But one major thing I did experience was the breath of knowledge that Time Wise had and how he was able to these analytic connection with our current generation compared with the previous generation.

There were three major points that stood out to me during this speech, Change, involvement, and acknowledgement.

When Tim Wise stressed that by 2042 black and brown people would then be half of the country but still twice as likely to be unemployed it resonated with me. The fact that as a society we have made so much progress white  privilege still exists and a host of others -isms, what I took from Tim Wise is that there is still change to be made and if we think everything is fine because our own lives don’t perpetuate institutional and systematic racism then there will be a huge problem come 2042.

I do not have much to say because I am not surprised or amazed, I am an African American, women, and homosexual I experience -isms  constantly, But I was inspired and humbled by the Tim Wise speech because Change is key, involvement is key, we have to begin to  have these conversations outside of an institutionalized setting, and acknowledgement, acknowledging that everyone has a privilege and that we all have a chance to change internally, and influence the change of people externally.


Orange is the new Black….White is the new minority…..

2 Oct

Group: African Americans/ White-Anglo Americans

Summary: This Netflix Original Series captures the life of a White woman named Piper. In this series you see the journey of a college educated White woman being sentenced to 15 months in prison for a drug-related crime. With a confession from her Lesbian lover Alex, Piper finds herself force to navigate and adjust to life in prison while unexpectedly being placed in the same prison Facility as Alex. Her fiance deals with the reality of having a girlfriend as a criminal and the hardships of trusting Piper to complete her sentence without her past interfering with their future plans for marriage. This series also dives into the stories of other prisoners that also face hard time in prison.

Analysis: There are many aspects of race that you could analyze in this particular series Orange is the New Black,, but when watching this series I noticed some very interesting aspects of race and its depiction. One thing that really peeked my interest was this idea of this “whiteness” or “invisible white privilege”. in class we talked about how in dominant culture “whiteness” is invisible to the eye, in this series we see the metaphoric unveiling of this invisible whiteness, because the main character Piper who is educated and white is thrown in to a lifestyle where she is now the minority and blacks and Hispanics are the majority.  A great example of this is that piper portrays this very innocent and naive attitude about solving conflicts and tends to think that many issues of the penal system can be solved by simply voicing her opinion. This  is an example of how her race or this white privilege that she has been unknowingly awarded to her in this ideology dominant culture, gives her the notion that your voice matters now has no validity. throughout the series piper is forced to acknowledge this white privilege or whiteness that wouldn’t have been acknowledged if it weren’t for her prison experience.

Another apart of my analysis is the portrayal of African Americans in this series. in the video that we watched with Tim Wise he talked about the disparities of African Americans in the penal system. In this series you see this depiction of African American being repeat offenders vs. one time offenders.  Also you seen the disparities in the  particular crimes committed by each racial groups of women. You saw the white women being convicted of more white Collar collar crimes, and African Americans in particular being depicted  as repeated petty criminals. This examples shows the disparities.  Audiences could definitely take away the reinforcement of these social constructs or sympathize with the fact that the Main character no longer posses this privilege of whiteness..

Conclusion: White privilege is invisible to the dominant society unless put under a microscope to be examined. The disparities between African Americans and Whites is still prevalent today and is depicted through various media outlets whether we are aware of it or not.

The anatomy of upper class…..

24 Sep

Category: Upper Class

Summary: I decided to do my analysis on the show Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC at 9:00pm prime time.  In this episode of Grey’s Anatomy Jackson Avery a fellow at the Seattle Grace Hospital and also the heir of one of the greatest surgeons is able to receive help from his mother Catherine Avery to  help save the hospital from closing by buying the hospital out.  Now that Jackson Avery’s mother owns the hospital, his mother appoints him head of the hospital board making him the most powerful man of Seattle Grace hospital. 5 other doctors tried to buy out the hospital but were unsuccessful even with a settlement of 15 million dollars per person. Also at Seattle grace patients without insurance are forced to deal with the struggles of receiving medical treatment.

Analysis/Application: one thing that really stood out to me was that Shonda Rhimes did a great job at distinguishing between the middle class and upper class. the doctors that inherited 15 million because of the plane crash were catapulted into upper class unexpectedly. the doctors who initially tried to buy out the hospital were all from middle class backgrounds.   the problem with these doctors being from middle class is that they did not have the social capitalism to navigate through upper class. this was a perfect example of how we talked about in class the way that in upper class there is really this ideological view about who you know.  what this episode really conceptualized for me was the idea that social + economic capital = power. in the episode you see how Jackson’s social and economic capital gave him the ability to obtain a position that he was not qualified but because of this dominant ideology allowed him to move up.  in class we talked about hegemony and how upper class systems control the power and wealth which is depicted with Jackson Avery, it also shows how hard is is to be apart of that hegemony as you see when other doctors have trouble navigating through upper class.  this portrayal of upper class gives us a look into how power is a component of various things that such as capitalism and class. Also in the episode you see how in order to be a doctor or a patient you have to have some type of stability or class. though we didn’t look at the health system in relation to class I was still able to apply it. In class we discussed how the idea that neo-liberal capitalism where the government in this case is in support of the big corporation  rather the working or lower class who are unable to pay for surgical expenses.

Conclusion:  Grey’s Anatomy shows that upper class coincides with this ideal of wealth and power and that it is hard to seperate the two in reality based off our perceptual ideology of social hierarchy .


Grey’s Anatomy

12 Sep

grey's anatomy

Topic: Femininity

Summary: I have watched all 9 seasons of the prime time show Grey’s anatomy. This show explores the life of a young woman named Meredith Grey who with a host of others begin a journey of life through their medical residency all the way through their medical fellowship as doctors.  Though the focus is on Meredith Grey as watching the beginning season opener I focused in on one particular character named Christina Yang. Christina Yang is a student right out of medical school who graduated top in her class, fights and works hard to maintain the title of being the best among the “elite” in her field of work.  Coined, the first day as the intern with possibly the most potential, she is also dealing with the fact that her determination, passion, and admiration about learning is intimidating and not easily welcomed.

Analysis: Although Christina Yang is given this dominant role you begin to see the internal struggles within this character who navigates in a dominant ideological society (white, dominant, capitalism) (Banjo Notes) especially in relations to the medical field and overcomes adversity. Where i begin to analyze this character and episode from an oppositional perspective is the fact that Christina Yang is a female that displays what may be  considered in society as very dominant or “masculine” characteristics such as emotionless, assertiveness,and  competitiveness. Where as her other female colleagues display characteristics such as affection, sensitivity, perkiness and which may be associated with “female” characteristics. Christina Yang only operates effectively in her role because she, unlike her colleague izzie does not display more feminine characteristics that made be perceived as weak or oppositional to the dominant ideology.

Conclusion: This episode suggests that femininity does not fit into the dominant ideology and to do so would fail to fit the criteria of a dominant perspective.