This assignment is designed to facilitate your critical thinking skills as well as give you an opportunity to conduct your own research. Create an account through www.wordpress.com using your real name and email address (preferably your UC email). After creating your account accept the invitation to be an author on the course blog: https://mediandidentity.wordpress.com.  You must  create your account no later than Monday, September 26. If you do not create your account by then, you will receive a 0 for this assignment.

For this assignment, you will choose one identity of interest to you. Throughout the quarter, you will analyze the representation of your selected social identity by examining various media (i.e. advertising, film, news etc.) and blog about your observations and thoughts. At the end of each week, you will blog about your observations of the television shows, films or magazines you are analyzing. In addition, you will be challenged to apply the course concepts and discussions to your entry.  See the rubric for this assignment on Blackboard to learn how to complete the assignment with excellence.

Your blog assignment will begin the week of Oct. 4 . The last blog is due Weds Nov. 30, yielding a total of 8 blog entries. Each blog is worth 25 points. You are encouraged to integrate web links or videos in your entries. Submissions that do not meet the criteria and are not proofread will receive 0 points. Blog posts are due each Wednesday or Friday  at midnight unless otherwise instructed. (See course schedule for due dates). Dates and time is not negotiable.


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