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4 Dec

I’ve always been aware that media has had an effect on everyday society, cultures and individuals identity. Although prior to taking this media and identity course I was unaware of how many ways the media effects everyday life. It is scary in a way that a few corporations around the world are able to produce and air or publish what they want people to see or hear. From seeing all of the Pro-Social media projects it shows that there are so many ways in which individuals can start a movement for positive change within modern day society. Overall from this course I have become more knowledgable on the issue of how much media really does play within mine and everyones life and I have come to the conclusion to beware of what I see or read and that I need to be able to make my own decisions when viewing media products. I would recommend this course to anyone because it teaches real life valuable knowledge about how media plays and effect our lives everyday.


Breaking Down Barriers

16 Oct

The new ABC tv series Black-ish features a modern day African-American family living in Los Angeles. This family is well off; with the father “Andre” being a senior vice president at a company and his wife “Rainbow” as an anesthesiologist. Together they have four children ranging from ages 15-6. This shows looks through the eyes of mainly Andre and how he sees that culture today perceives him, his family and their social economic status. Throughout this series many white individuals are present in interactions with Andre and his family. In many of these interactions the white individuals stereotype and try to be what they believe to be black representations or actions when interacting with Andre or his family.


Andre wants the best for his family no matter what so he is always working to keep their image up but he is finding issues with his family relating to their identity. He believes that because they are a black family that they should fill certain norms or stereotypes related to black individuals. His children have white friends and are for the most part “colorblind” as in they do not make it known that because people are of different race that they are different. With modern day society being or creating the effect of “colorblindness” will lead to what Andre even states as breaking down barriers in society that people associate with being different from one another due to race.

I think that ABC with this new tv series Black-ish is taking a bold step in moving society forward towards a more true representation of individuals today and how to break down barriers associated with race and stereotypes. In Andre’s case I can relate to how he sees that individuals, race aside should be given the chance to create their own reality and work hard for what they want in life. Andre grew up in a less fortunate family in the “hood” as he puts it but has worked hard and made a name for himself. This is a prime example of the Protestant Work Ethic. Even Bill O’Reilly agrees that know matter what your race or background today that if you work hard for what you want you can and will achieve it.

Well Played Brooklyn Nine-Nine

7 Oct

Brooklyn Nine-Nine which airs on FOX is entering its second season after its very successful first season on air. This sitcom is set as a fictional 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn, New York. Throughout this show the viewer follows the lives of a team of detectives and their duties. After viewing the episode “Undercover” season 2 episode 1, one of the main detectives, Jake, returns to the 99th precinct. So throughout this episode the characters catch up on what they missed and Jake readjusts to being back at that precinct.


Throughout this sitcom you see many racial groups…however racial stereotypes are rare. This raises an interesting stance to how many view stereotypes in TV shows. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine instead of sticking with status quo and creating stereotypes related to race in this production, it is the exact opposite. The producers are going against the norm and creating a different view. Now this could be because of the comedy factor they are trying to portray but it is interesting to watch because racial issues are not made aware of.

For the analysis of a character we will look at Captain Ray Holt who is a gay African-American male. Capt. Holt is a strict emotionless but supportive leader in the view of the detectives. Being such a diverse character you would expect there to be many stereotypes filled by being African-American and gay but in this series, he is portrayed as a straight-forward and strong leader. If a person did not know this character and were to close their eyes and just listen to how Capt. Holt commands and speaks with his detectives, I believe that many would be surprised when they find out about his race and sexual preferences. It is unfortunate but true in today’s society because media places so many stereotypes with many different people that it is against the norm to deviate from what people portray to how things should be truly seen as.

Is this the true Modern Family today?

24 Sep

The television show Modern Family which premieres on ABC and is entering its 6th season on the network goes through the lives of the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker families who are all interconnected and related in one big family. At the top of the hierarchy in this family is Jay Pritchett who has had a success career and owns his own company. Jay is the father of Claire Dunphy and Mitchell Pritchett to his first wife. Jays second wife Gloria who is from Colombia is much younger than him and has a son; Manny Delgado. Claire is married to Phil Dunphy and together they have three children; Haley, Alex and Luke. As for Claire’s brother Mitchell, he has a partner Cameron Tucker and together they adopted Lily. All together you can see how the family dynamic is already so interesting, which makes for a good show.


As for class status it is easy to see that these families are all well off. The one doing best for themselves though is Jay Pritchett himself. Now it may seem like an easy conclusion to come to because he is the oldest in the family and he owns his own business but when you see everyday Jay you wouldn’t expect him to be doing as well as he is. On many occasions in different episodes you see Jay in everyday relaxed clothing, nothing special and he pretty much does whatever he wants. Being he is the oldest he was raised with a different generations values and views on how things should be. This sometimes restrains him from new experiences or new ways of thinking. In some very basic ways you can see how Jay could relate the the paper: Consuming “Trash”: Representations of Poor Whites in U.S. Popular Culture. Jay lives in a lavish modern home with his beautiful younger wife Gloria, a successful business and enough wealth that he doesn’t need to ever worry about money. The case is just that how he presents himself and the way he thinks sometimes can make him seem ignorant or lazy, which are some characteristics that fall under the “white trash” stereotype. Although the way he acts may actually only reflect his age and the generation that he grew up in. At the end of the day though Jay and his “Modern Family” get along just fine.

Men’s Health: To inspire and enable people to improve their lives

15 Sep

Men’s Health is one of the most popular magazines for men in the world. Its purpose is to “inspire and enable people to improve their lives and the world around them.” They do this by providing insight and advice in sections of: fitness, sex, nutrition, guy wisdom and health; to help create more well rounded and successful men.

Being a magazine for men and the majority of articles and advertisements are centered around men, it only makes sense to analyze how Men’s Health is trying to portray men to male readers. When you open to the first page of the magazine you are presented with this advertisement:


This opening advertisement is for Paul Mitchell hair care products with the Co-founder John Paul DeJoria himself in the ad. In this ad you can see how Mr. DeJoria is sitting in a relaxed confident position on one side of the scene; on the other side you can see a “mother” figure with children on and around her. It can be seen that in this ad the male figure is on his own and provides so he can just relax and let the female figure take care of the children. Although this ad is to help promote and benefit growing appalachia’s community gardens, from a male perspective it is seen in this ad that the male figure may have more power over what is going on.

Throughout the magazine many of the ads show men in power stances with straight forward looking eyes and a strong posture. Not only are the picture ads so compelling to men but also the article headings and font. They also demand a strong and bold feeling that appeals to men. Titles are phrased in simple declarative ways to grab attention and hold it.

Men’s Health truly is a beneficial magazine to help guide and advise men on many different topics but at the core of the purpose of the magazine it is there to provide honest information to help men lead a better life to improve themselves and the world around them.

Blog #1

2 Sep

Mass media is around us all the time and it has an affect on how people act and react to everyday problems and opportunities. So what. What is wrong with this? Media is here and will always be here playing into our lives. We as individuals have just come to accept this but do we really know where these messages are coming from or who creates it. This is where media gets interesting. Right now you are reading this blog and I am the creator of this post or the orchestrator of the message that I want the reader to perceive. With all media from news, books, movies, articles, tv shows, blogs, etc. there will always be a person or individuals with their own beliefs and values that will create it.  

With all the media that is available today it is very easy for an individual to pick and choose what they want to expose themselves to. This is great because it allows a person to create their own identity in society. Even though a few minds may be the base source of creating the message in the set media channel, the individuals who entrench themselves in the media are still able to take from it and expand on it with their own beliefs or ideas. For example: I am invested in the Starbucks Company (SBUX) and say one day I am watching CNBC (a financial tv news station) and they say that SBUX has had a weaker quarter and believe that they will show lower earnings per share. It is left up to me to decide if I want to take what that media source is telling me and sell before the earnings release or hold based on what I believe. There have been times when I was right with decisions and times when the media source has been correct but it is left up to the individual to make that call on whether to take what you see by the media to be true or not.

There is a creator to every piece of media that ever was, is and will be. Those creators are able to sway the message anyway they please. It is left up to individuals to take these media messages and interpret them in their own way and then expand upon that or counteract it.