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6 Nov


The website that I did my last blog on was This website is a website that counters the pro anorexia websites. It tells you that binging and purging and starving yourself is not a good thing to do. On this website it teaches women and men how to eat healthy and to take care of their body. Another good thing they do is tell you what things the FDA approves and what they don’t approve. It is all about nutrition and how to have a healthy body image through healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. This looks like a very empowering page for women and men also.

Analysis and Application

They are showing that both men and women can be powerful if they do not have an eating disorder. They don’t want you to succumb to things like “Anna”. That is a made up character or idol that people with eating disorders look up to. They pretend that it is a real person. She has websites and fan pages.

This benefits the people who have anorexia or are thinking about experimenting with it. It will be able to help girls and boys seek help for their disorder. Even if people do not have an eating disorder they can go to this website to get healthy eating tips. This site could also benefit parents of young children or educators. They can go to this website to get tips about their children who are not eating or have an unhealthy body image.

I guess you could kind of say that people with eating disorders are conforming to our ideologies by wanting to be thin. In this country thin is beautiful. If you are not thin, you are not an attractive person. It is sad that this is the ideology of this country, but it is true.

I believe that pro social media is a very important thing. There are enough negative messages bombarding not just youth, but adults as well. We need pro social media to remind people that just because the media says you should be on way, it may not be the right way. It is sort of like a reality check. It is also good because sometime pro social media touches on topics that are almost invisible to most people. An example is anorexia or young black men not knowing how to go to an interview. We need to reach out to people in this way because it could change lives. If everyone did this for a cause they think is important things would be much better in this country. The guest speaker we had is changing lives as we speak. We could all be doing the same thing.  


Tim Wise

23 Oct

A. I guess I could say that it all kind of surprised me in a way. Maybe surprise is not the best word to use. I would say it made me confront something that we often sweep under the rug. I always knew that I was in the majority, but never realized how much centered around the majority. It makes total sense though. The point he brought up that I thought was very interesting was when he said this even happened within the black community. The lighter your skin the better you are. It also caught my off guard that he was white himself. Usually you hear white people denying whiteness or ignoring that it is there. It was kind of refreshing to hear him talk about it. It was a time for all of us, as uncomfortable as it may be, to face what is happening in this country all the time. The numbers he said about how black people are twice as likely to be out of work as a white person surprised me a little bit also. That is a huge number. I would think in this day in age we could look past someone’s skin color and hire them because they are the one who is best for the job.</p><p>B. I did not really disagree with anything that he had to say. It all made sense and he had evidence to back it up. If he just stood up there and said his opinion I would have been a little bit more skeptical, but he had proof. I just think he should emphasize that whiteness is different from white people a little bit more. I could see how it could offend some people. This was a very good speaker to see because what he was talking about affects every single one of us. I cannot believe all the people that were so against him. That man at the end who argued with him about Shindler’s List was crazy. It made me angry because people like him are what give white people a bad name sometimes. Those protesters are the same thing. They need to worry about something else instead of a guy giving a speech at a college.</p><p>C. I think this applies directly to the Critical Race Theory. Racism is institutional in this country. One example he gave was the stop and frisk in NYC. They had been targeting minorities when doing this. They are part of the government and are supposed to be protecting the people, but are instead racial profiling. Even though white people are a lot more likely to have drugs on them when they are stopped. Another example he gave was about the health care system. People think minorities are going to take advantage of the system so they make people pay for their own healthcare. I agree with the idea that health care should be an inalienable right and you should not have to worry about doctors bills or visits. Racism is so ingrained in our society people just think it is normal and don’t do anything to change it.

The Blind Side

3 Oct



I did my blog entry on The Blind Side. In this movie a white family takes in a black teen from their neighborhood. He is found with only one pair of clothes and is sleeping in the schools basketball gym at night. Eventually the white mother forces him to stay at their house on their couch. She does this because she feels sorry for him because he has no place to go. Eventually he is given a tutor to get his horrible gpa up so he can play football. He gets it to where it needs to be and becomes an awesome football player that gets recruited by lots of top football schools. He finally settles on Ole Miss. This is a problem because the NCAA thinks he was recruited illegally because the Touey’s went to Ole Miss. At the end of the movie they show it all resolved and he is taken to college.


This whole movie is about the privileged white man and family verses the black stereotype that black people live in ghettos and are violent criminals. One scene shows this very well. Leann goes to get Michael’s clothes at his mothers house and feels very uncomfortable. He lives in the projects and is surrounded by gang bangers who want to talk to Mrs. Touey. Michael shuts her door as she is trying to get out of the car and tells her to stay in the car. As he is walking away she is shown locking the door with a scared look on her face.

I think they are trying to show that both of these realities are real. They are doing a poor job of it. During an interview I saw with he actor who played Michael he said they portrayed him as really stupid. They did do that. He could not even take a test at the beginning of the movie. But in reality he was actually smart and did not struggle with grades. On the other side they showed the Toueys as very rich. They had a million dollar house and the nice cars and could even afford to send their kids to private school. That is not the reality for most white Americans either.

I think this served the benefit of the white person. It made them look tough and strong. Leann would not cry in front of anyone when she finally did break down. It also showed that white people are rich. White people were also shown as the protector and that they had to help out the poor black kid in the neighborhood. It did not really show white people in a negative light. The only time they showed that was when some of the teacher’s refused to help him get good grades.

Audiences might interpret this text  by thinking the white family or strong woman needs to help the poor black man out. It shows that black people can not take care of them selves with out the help of white people. It also plays into the stereotype that black people are good athletes. That is the whole point of the movie. He is trying to play college football.

I see this movie conforming to popular ideologies. I think there is a stereotype that black people are living in the ghetto and are surrounded by guns and violence. That is true for some and for some white people. They did not show a single black person in a positive light except for Michael.


This text is saying that white people need to help black people get to where they need to be.

Tim Wise:

I was just thrown off by the fact that he was a white man. He was everything that he was describing in a white person during his lecture. He was the poster child for the white male dominated culture just because he was a male and was white.

I disagree with the fact that he was talking all white people as a whole. I was a little offended because he does not know me so he can not lump me into that category just because of the color of my skin. Isn’t that what he was preaching against? I also didn’t like when he was talking about September 11th. He was saying that white people were saying “why would they do this to America!?” I do not remember it that way at all. I remember all different people coming together and mourning the lives lost on that day. Other than this I think he was dead on in the rest of what we saw.

This lecture shows perfectly the Race Theory. The fact that racism is political and not biological is exactly what he talks about in the video. A perfect example of this is when he was talking about Hurricane Katrina. He was talking about how the town was trying to force black people out of the white areas with laws they tried to get passed.

Blog 2: Teen Mom

23 Sep


The tv show that I watched was a rerun of Teen Mom from last week. It airs Mondays at 10. This series follow four teens who have had to deal with teen pregnancy. This series has had three different parts with multiple episodes that have shown the struggles teens have with money while being a teen mom.  The last episode that was on actually had to do with money and actually showed the struggles that the teens have to go through while being a teen parent as well.


They are showing that the aspect of poverty in teen moms is most real. This shows these teens and their financial struggles to enlighten teens to how hard it is to raise a baby before you are ready. The whole show is about money and showing how these teens are part of a lower class. I can only remember one teen mom on the show that had a nice house and parents that could take care of her and the baby financially. People have always had a negative opinion of the show because they say it is unhealthy.  I believe that in no way are the producers and the teens trying to glamorize this lifestyle. If they wanted to glamorize it they would have had teens on the show all the time that have a lot of money and are well taken care of. That would defeat the purpose of the whole show. An example of them trying to show them as poor is when Mackenzie goes to the prom store to find a prom dress with her friend. Her friend is trying on all of these dresses and is picking one out for prom. Mackenzie does the same thing, but at the end she decides to not buy a dress and borrow one. She also says that she only spent twenty six dollars on the whole night. the twenty six she spent was for the price of the ticket. She does this because she said the dress she liked could fund diapers for a whole month.

An example of cultural capitalism is when they show one of the girls in a fight with her boyfriend over drugs. This shows that they are poor just because they are using dirty language and yelling at each other in front of their child. The rest of her part of the episode shows her regretting her decision to yell in front of her child and use cuss words. They show her as lower class because she does this. The cussing to me shows that she is not an educated person and that in itself shows that she won’t make a lot of money and will be lower class.

This show benefits the teens who are watching it. It is doing so by warning and teaching teens about what happens when you have unprotected sex and raising a child. It also shows the different options teens have after they get pregnant. It shows abortion, adoption and raising the child. It also benefits the teens on the show eventually. It does so by giving them a paycheck. I have heard that to make the show more real they do not get their paychecks until the series is over for good. They want to show the real side of teen pregnancy, not one where the girls are being paid to be on television.

Audiences might interpret this text in the way I said above. That teen mom’s do not have a glamorous life and they struggle every day to support their families and to make ends meet.

I feel that this show and what it is about does conform to our dominant ideologies. I feel that most people look down upon teen pregnancy. I also feel that teen pregnancy for the most part does result in poverty in real life and not just in the show. The show does a good job in representing what we as an American culture believe.


Teen Mom shows poverty as something you do not want to be a part of and avoid having a child before you are financially stable.

Blog Post 1: Seinfeld

11 Sep

Summary: I watched  an episode of Seinfeld for this assignment. I never really looked for these things until we were given this assignment. I found all the categories in this assignment, but the one I want to focus on is sexuality. In this episode there was a scene where Jerry and Elaine are sitting in the coffee shop and they are looking around and realize that all of the waitresses that have been just hired have the same body build. They were all tall, had big boobs, big butts and curly long brown hair. Elaine is very offended about this and even goes as far to say that it is sexist. At the end of the show she goes in and applies for a job and tells the owner that she has been waiting tables for ten years. The owner rejects her after looking her up and down. She eventually takes it to a lawyer to get the man in trouble, but the lawyers are only interested in the “big breasted waitresses”.

Analysis: This episode shows that women are looked at as objects by men. I don’t think they did a bad job at portraying this. There are many restaurants or stores etc.. that just hire someone because of their looks. An example is Hooters who only hire pretty girls with big boobs. Another example of this is Abercrombie and Fitch. They only hire attractive people to work in their stores. I like that this portrayal was out in the open and part of the plot line. It is not usually visible, but more subtle in other shows. The writers of Seinfeld could have even been making fun of the way women are portrayed in this country. I like that Elaine’s character is does not conform to this idea and tries to change it by going and talking to someone about it.

Conclusion: The western culture portrays women in a sexual way. You could even say the media is sexist.