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Kyle Louder Reflection

2 Dec

When I first scheduled for the class Media and Identity I thought that it would just be any other old communications class. A lot of comm classes seem to run together or be boring because of other reasons, so going into my first week I didn’t think I would really take it seriously or be interested in what was being taught because I thought I would have heard it before. After about the first month though I soon realized that it was more involved and engaging than other classes I have taken. Not in a sense that you had to talk in front of the class or anything like that but it made you think more and express what you thought. Other communication classes have been kind of a death by theory class that had to do with old philosophers. Not saying that this had nothing to do with any theories or anything but you actually used the theories to engage yourself in the class rather than just memorizing them to pass an exam. What I also liked about this class is how it dealt with current issues in our world today. The theories were used in such that you could apply them to everyday life. When others would skype in as well that was a good change of pace to hear from others on subjects that our class was currently discussing. Overall this was an enjoyable class and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an upper level communication credit.


Pro Social Media

25 Nov

An example of an organization that is using their resources or creativity to counter some recent negativity that they have run into would be, the NFL. Many people know that the NFL has had a lot of issues lately with their players getting into trouble with domestic abuse, and it has really impacted their image in a negative light. Recent cases include; Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and Greg Hardy just to name a few. These few players have cast a shadow over the NFL and all its players that they do not want. The NFL has taken up a campaign that urges everyone to stop domestic violence, and have a bunch of former and current NFL players in the commercial saying, “No more” and then some else that eliminates excuses of domestic violence. The NFL obviously knows that it has a problem among its players and is urging everyone to not resort to domestic violence in their lives. A ideology that we talked about that can relate to what the NFL is doing with this campaign would be, Polysemic. People could view this as the NFL just trying to save their ass after they got in trouble with a bunch of players beating their children or significant others. This would make sense especially since the commercial didn’t come out until after all this stuff happened with a bunch of their players. Other people could view this as a great thing that the NFL has done to speak out against domestic abuse without just trying to save their own tail. I feel like this program is effective because it is the NFL addressing something that has obviously impacted them negatively in a huge way. They needed to do something positive to help them recover their image for beating people who beat their wives and kids. That is never an image any organization wants to have.


27 Oct

The show that I decided to go with for this prompt would be the show Law and Order SVU. This show is about the Manhattan Special Victims Unit and how they solve crimes of rape and sexual assault in the city of New York, especially the Manhattan area. It has about 5-10 main characters that are in and out of every episode depending on the season and episode.

The character that I decided to pick when it comes to a religious or spiritual character would be Elliot Stabler. Elliot in the show identifies with the Catholic faith in a lot of situations when it comes to the right time. He has a lot of arguments with others in the squad room about ideals that don’t tie in with the Catholic faith like he identifies with. The only funny thing is that Elliot in the show is a huge hothead a lot of times. The way he handles certain situations and dealing with criminals that he has arrested do not stack up with his faith. He has gotten in a lot of trouble by beating people up, being too violent, and even having some shootings that have come under a lot of scrutiny. What is also hypocritical is that in the last couple of seasons that his character is on the show, he goes through a pretty ugly divorce that leaves his family and personal life in shambles.

Just like in the Rendleman article, he talks about characters reaching out to other characters with their faith. Elliot a lot of times, like explained earlier, will often get into arguments with other characters about differences when it comes to the Catholic faith. He has even in one episode gotten physical with other character that make fun of the faith or poke at it as if it is bad.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

16 Oct

The show that I chose to do for this blog was the show; The Fresh Prince of Bel-air. This show revolves a young African American kid, Will, who grew up in Philadelphia and is forced by his mother to go and live with his aunt and uncle, along with their kids, in Bel-air, California. Unlike his home back in Philadelphia, the Banks family, which his relatives, are a rich family with a butler because of their father, Phil, who is a prominent judge in the area. This goes against a lot of stereotypes in television by not having a black family live in a ghetto area or poor neighborhood like a lot of black families on television are usually portrayed. Will, growing up in the hard neighborhood of Philadelphia, sticks out a lot during the show because of the music that he listens too, the way he dresses, and the his friend Jazz that he hangs out with. The Bank’s family is a very proper family with a nice house, dresses well, and has a butler.

The article by Monk and Turner; Portrayal of Racial Minorities, does a good job explaining and contradicting this show. For one, on the portrayal of Will, it is a good example of how African Americans are shown in television as having a negative connotation as trouble makers and are not exactly something to look up too. On the other hand though, the entire Banks family shows characteristics that clash with Monk and Turner by being; proper, rich, and very well behaved. That’s why I thought that this show was a good example of how African American dominant shows are being portrayed in many different ways. Will shows how people usually think about African Americans in primetime television and the Banks family is the opposite and shows a different view on the situation.

Sophia in Modern Family

7 Oct

The show that I decided to do was the show: Modern Family. In the show Gloria Pritchett (Sofia Vergara) plays the wife to Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neil). Gloria is a Latina female that has divorced her husband from Venezuela and married to a younger white male in Jay. Jay’s family is all white which makes the younger and non-white Gloria, as well as her Latino son Manny, stick out amongst the family. A lot of times during the show when the family or just Jay and Gloria go out, they do get a lot looks from others in the public.

What this has to deal with in race is that Gloria plays your stereotypical Latina female actor. She is always dressed to impress and looks stunning all the time in the show. She is shown as a sassy character with a heavy accent. When she gets mad she screams a lot and yells in Spanish to really bring out that she is Latina.

A lot of times Gloria and Jay will get into it about the different views that they have when it comes to cultural things with their races and backgrounds.  Jay has trouble accepting and understanding Gloria’s culture as well as what is acceptable and not acceptable in her culture. When Gloria wants to do something that is representative to her race and culture, Jay a lot of times does not because he finds it to be strange.

In the end you can really see how much Gloria sticks out in the show just because her race is different and how the producers portray her race. Instead of just dressing in a sweatshirt, jeans and gym shoes how a lot of the white actresses do in the show, she is always wearing tight fitting clothes, heels, and anything else to make her appear sexy like a stereotypical Latina women should. I find this to be a great example on how whiteness in portrayed in the media and how minorities are meant to stick out from the rest in various different ways.

King of Queens

25 Sep

The show that I decided to talk about class with is the show; The King of Queens. Granted that it isn’t really in prime time anymore and shows just a lot of re-runs, I thought that it was a good example for this assignment. What the show is all about is the main character who is Doug and his wife Carey live in a small suburban home in Queens, New York. Doug works as a truck driver for the local shipping department and Cary is a receptionist for a law firm. They also have Cary’s father living in their basement that Doug seems to knock heads with quite a bit. All their friends all live around the same neighborhood as them and even a lot of them work the same places. It’s a very working class kind of TV show.

The character that really stands out to me would be Doug. Doug is a very simple guy who enjoys; his sports teams, a cold miller high life, and a good meal. He’s not the smartest guy but what gets him through in most situations is his wit and sense of humor. He didn’t finish junior college and seems content with the situation that he is in. There is even an episode when he has an opportunity to take a test to gain advancement at his work and he doesn’t take it because he doesn’t feel as if he is smart or good enough.

The Rosalee A. Clawson and Rakuya Trice article really explained a good number of meanings. I thought the most significant one would be that most poverty occurs in urban environments. Granted that they aren’t exactly in poverty when it comes to this show, they are in Queens which is an outskirt of New York which is an urban environment. In the show it also shows a lot of them struggling to make ends meet when it comes to purchases which is a good example. With Doug’s lack of education and both of them having working class style jobs, it makes sense as to why they could struggle.

Blog 2- Sports Illustrated Covers

14 Sep

As you can see from my examples I chose to analyze the magazine Sports Illustrated. I thought that it gave a great example as to how men and women are portrayed in advertisements along with other media outlets in society today. Every year Sports Illustrated comes out with the swimsuit issue that is always highly anticipated. As shown in the first example of Kate Upton on the front cover of the magazine, and she is shown in skimpy clothes, with her chest exposed, along with the “female touch” aspect with her hands. The picture of her comes off as weak, helpless, and not assertive just like the video that we watched in class explained about females in advertisements. On the other hand the other example is of MLB pitcher Johnathen Papelbon on the mound during the game. He is shown with a very assertive face in the picture and looks like he is in control. The video from class also explained to us that men in ad’s look assertive and strong, which is exactly how Papelbon looks in this picture.

“In addition, this study also reported that sexual scenes were substantially more likely to focus on female rather than male sexuality, with 48.8% of the female characters appearing in at least one sexual scene compared to 29.9% of the male characters (Oliver and Kalyanaraman, 2002).” This is a quote from the article; Judging a Movie by Its Cover: A Content Analysis of Sexual Portrayals on Video Rental Jackets. This is a great way to show just how much more sexualized females are in our society than males. Sports Illustrated doesn’t do a male swimsuit edition just female swimsuit edition. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is the most anticipated edition that they release every year. This just shows how much more sexualized women are in society.

Blog #1 by Kyle Louder

3 Sep

The common relationship that exists between mass media and our everyday perceived reality is something that even only a few short days of being in the class has been brought to my attention like never before. In our reading, “The Message Between the Lions”  Rockler states that, “The most common transmission paradigm assumption that students articulated was the assumption that messages are concrete things that are either inside the film or not inside the film.” Pg 13. That would have been the same reaction that I would have had before learning what I have about how the media can transmit things to us and change our perceived reality. I think a lot of this is still up for discussion on just how much the media tries to influence us during our day to day lives, but after this article it’s pretty easy to see stuff that you might not otherwise pay attention too.

“Several students took issue with Newberger’s assertion that the hyenas represent urban Blacks. Perhaps surprisingly, much of this criticism came from the two groups of women of color. These students demonstrated a lack of understanding of constructionist representation and misunderstood Newberger’s argument.” “The Message Between the Lions”. A lot of people that might be in denial about this assumption might have the same reaction, but the way that I look at it is that it does make sense. The hyenas live in the slums of the world in the movie and are trying to challenge the lions for their territory, or pride rock, which is represented by the favorable lions or whites. Pride rock where the lions live is nice looking at the people that live there have the power. This shows us the power struggle there is in life between the people who live in poverty and the more fortunate and powerful.