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2 Dec

Now that I look back at the semester I realized I have learned so much in this class.  Before talking this class I knew that the media played a role in how we look at our society but I didn’t realize that the media was that involved.  This class has showed me how media is responsible for giving us these ideologies, or system of beliefs that groups of people share and believe are true and acceptable.  Though all the lessons we’ve learned in class taught me a lot, the two that stood out to me most were our lessons on Gender and Sexuality and Race in the media.  The reason why these stood out to me most was because I didn’t realize how much media has played a part in how we view ones race, gender or sexuality.  When we watched that film in class on gender and sexuality called “Codes of Gender” I was in shock.  I was in shocked because I didn’t realize how the media has used models to do specific poses that they saw fit to match that gender.  After watching this video I realized that the media was responsible for these ideologies that I had towards gender and sexuality, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that has realized that.  The media has connected basic everyday poses with a certain gender.  Now when I hear things like, “why are you standing like a girl” I think of that video.  The Media and Race lectures stood out to me as well.  I thought it was crazy to see how media had such an impact on how we viewed other races.  For example one day we were in class watching a debate on what I believe to be CNN.  A man who I believe to be Arab was arguing with the news anchors.  These news anchors were convinced that everyone in the Middle East was a terrorist and every place in the Middle East was up to no good.  This man explained to them how the media has been stereotyping the Middle East giving it a bad name and these two news anchors just couldn’t get that, it actually amazed me how ignorant they were.  But all in all I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot.



25 Nov

A organization that I would like to talk about that is using their resources and creativity to counter negativity is the NFL.  The NFL for years have been using its resources to raise awareness for cancer and support the US military. Now in light of the many problems that have occurred this year dealing with players and domestic violence, the NFL has now began to start campaigning against domestic violence.  They did this with the use of media. When these incidents started coming to light the NFL took an early stance on it letting people know that domestic violence is not something the NFL wants to be associated with.  They suspended all players that had been charged with charges of domestic violence.  This includes NFL superstars Ray Rice and Adrian Petterson.  Once the NFL let people know that they were taking the situation seriously they came out with a commercial that they said would help put an end to domestic violence. The “No More” commercial was showed all throughout television as well as social media.  In the commercial the NFL gather a dozen well known players to speak out against domestic violence each player saying “no more”, letting people know enough is enough.  This is a good idea for the NFL to use media as a way to speak out against domestic violence because media creates ideologies that can change the perspectives in the lives of many.  According to a survey 99 percent of Americans owning at least one television in their home, and with a commercial speaking out against domestic violence this is a good way to how the problem be brought to light.

The Fresh Prince

17 Oct

The show I will be discussing in this weeks blog is “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. This show is about a young man named “Will” from the ghetto of West Philadelphia. The troubles he was facing back home led him and his mother to make the decision to move him in with his wealthy aunt and uncle in Bel-Air, California. Bel-Air is a very wealthy neighborhood and his aunt and uncle live in a mansion with their 3 kids and their butler.

The Character that stands out to me the most is Will. The reason he stands out is because his lifestyle always clashes with the people in Bel-Air, wether it is his family or random people in the neighborhood. Will is from a different type of culture than the people of Bel-Air because he is from the ghetto of West Philadelphia and because of this there are many cultural conflict in the show. The way Will handles many of the situations on the show is different and unexpected compared to the way everyone else in Bel-Air would handle those situations. Will finds it hard to fit in in Bel-Air in the episode I watched called “Bang the Drum, Ashley” his cousin Carlton begins to tell jokes that everyone else found to be funny, Will did not get the jokes at all and found himself to be the only one not laughing. When his other cousin Ashley was talking about how she has a weekly schedule of after school activities which include ballet, tennis and violin lessons Will was in shock. He said the only schedule he had growing up for school was the “TV Guide”. You can see many other examples of Will struggling to fit in throughout the show. I feel like I have a connection with Will because I too find myself not fitting in with others due to where I came from, and I’m sure a lot of people have had similar situations like Will’s as well. It’s hard to adjust to new surroundings with new customs and expectations when you are so use to the customs you have grew up around all your life. This reason alone makes Will a very relatable character which I believe is why the show was so successful for so many years.

The Office

8 Oct

The primetime show I chose to write about is The Office. The office airs on NBC and in my opinion is one of the funniest shows ever made. The Office is a show that depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. One of the main characters and head chief Michael Scott, is a harmless and ignorantly insensitive boss who cares about the welfare of his employees. He try’s to put his own spin on the company policy, with an office including various peers with many different backgrounds and with many different personalities. What makes this show different from many other shows is the diversity of the characters. The show The Office has many characters that represent many different minorities. For example the show depicts the life of the working class citizens both men and women with different backgrounds, race and personalities .

The character that stands out to me the most is Michael Scott. In the episode I watched called “Basketball” Michael Scott stereotypes many of his employees. In this episode he challenges the warehouse crew to a pick up game of basketball. When he goes to pick his team of 4 he refused to let one of his employees Phillus play because she’s a women, he assumed she wasn’t good because she was a women. He picked the only Black guy in the office, even though he didn’t want to play, because he was black and he assumes all black people are good at basketball. He also told one of his employees to not play “gay” on the court. He said “he didn’t mean gay in the homosexual way, he meant gay as in sucking at sports”. Just from watching the first 10 minutes of the show you can see that Michael Scott isn’t a good manager and has a lot of problems when it comes to dealing with the different minorities in the workplace. After watching the show I can honestly say I do not have any connections with the main character Michael Scott. I always have respect for others regardless if their views are different from mine or if their traditions are different from mine. Michael only sees one way to view the world and how people should be, and he believes that his views are society’s norms.

Blog 1

4 Sep

Tyreek Burwell

I believe mass media has a huge effect on what we perceive to be reality. As our society begins to look more towards media as a means of communications, media has become more and more of as our main source of communication. With the use of media at its all time high we rely on the media for the news, information and entertainment. Giving them the power to influence us letting us know what’s important, what’s not important. For example because of media more people know what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby looks like, but if you asked them about the Ferguson shooting they wouldn’t know what you’re talking about. It is easy to tell that media is a purveyor of ideology. The media sets the system of beliefs that they believe are true, acceptable and natural. I can see this just by talking to my parents and listening to how they grew up and how I grew up. When my parents were growing up if you turned your TV on you would never hear people cursing and never see two people in bed together. At that time that was not socially acceptable. But today you can’t turn on the tv without marketing it through so much as the commercials without hearing a curse word or seeing a half naked women. So you have to ask yourself what happened? Well it’s not like back in the day people were boycotting the television companies saying we want more cursing and half naked women. The media decided for us that this was ok. The media decided that it’s ok to turn on the TV and see a music video of Nikki Minaj twerking to one of her new songs. They said it’s ok for their to be cursing in commercials. The media told us what was acceptable and natural and we accepted it.