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7 Nov


GROUP: Children

SUMMARY: NFL Evolution is an organization that teaches kids the safety needed to play football. Football can be a dangerous sport if not correctly played, the player can get hurt. We see this often in NFL and NCAA games, where players will not tackle or move correctly and get severely hurt. Evolution does many things to promote safety, but proper practice is most key. They have coaches come in to different cities and teach coaching clinics to teams on proper tackling and execution of plays.They are also helping raise awareness on medical conditions related to football.

ANALYSIS: This organization is a key definition of Pro Social Media. Football can have an ugly side and nobody wants injuries to occur so by teaching our future players and youths to play safely, then they can avoid serious injury. The NFL is getting a lot of negative attention these days due to concussions and poor medical knowledge of players. Many players come back stating they were not taught proper safety and are now suffering medically because of it. These lawsuits are every day and with proper help and planning, players wont get hurt and sue.

CONCLUSION: The NFL is essentially is protecting their interests as well as providing children with a positive safety outlook. The safety of children is a very hard position to argue against, so with that being said, NFL Evolution has a very pro social media persona.


Tim Wise Video

24 Oct

Tim Wise’s Video was extremely interesting. His deep thought out speech showed us his insight and intelligence on the way the world operates today. He goes in depth on many things, but the few I found the most interesting are dominant racism, cognitive traps, and the joke that is credentials in todays society.

Dominant racism is the biggest point I saw in this video. He starts the speech with this and he really seems to put more emotion behind it. When Tim Wise says dominant racism, he means that you wouldnt ask the dominant race or sex if they are being racist. You dont ask a white person about racism and you wouldnt ask a man about sexism. It is almost funny, because today its so common to see white people strive to be the least racist and they are quick to tell you. We live in a world today where being politically correct is a huge goal. Its the 21st century and being racist or sexist is extremely uncalled for, but we are whether we acknowledge it. We still lock our doors in rough neighborhoods. We still assume men are a stronger workforce. We work so hard to think one way when the bias is still in the back of our head.

The next thing I heard that was really interesting were the cognitive traps. These are the traps that we fall into on a daily basis. We have a mindset to buy or do certain things that are marketed to us. We see or here promotions and we buy them, without thinking twice. Our brain sees the ad, shows interest and we buy in. These are the traps that companies spend a huge amount of money with their marketing and advertising.

The final point he made that I enjoyed was the use of credentials and how we as a society can be short sided. Tim Wise notes that in the hiring industry we make up claims that you were the best person for the job or you are better than this person. How do you know? Do you know because the paper says one thing better over the other? I found this to be huge, especially as I graduate soon. Is this degree Ive worked 5 years for going to be just a line on the resume that tells someone I am better or worse for that matter over somebody else. These credentials are small and in the end, the bias  of the hiring person take over.

How I Met Your Mother

24 Sep

Summary: I chose to watch the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother. For those of that are unfamiliar with this show the premise is pretty simple. The show follows five friends and their love lives as they age in the city of New York. The show deals with love, relationships, marriage, loneliness, and break ups. The main characters are Ted who is always in and out of relationship. He is narrating the show, because he is telling how he eventually meets his wife. The other characters are Marshall, Lillie, Barney, and Robin. Marshall and Lillie are husband and wife and are Teds oldest friends. Barney is sex crazed friend who finally meets his match in Robin, who Ted is and always has been in love with. The episode I watched was the final seasons premiere. The setting is that, Barney and Robin are preparing for their wedding and Ted is conflicted between confessing his love to Robin or supporting his friends and let them get married.

Analysis: I found a few things interesting about this episode. I am a huge follower of this show and a few things never really popped into my head until I examined further. This episode showcases the Holly Wood sense of urgency to be in a relationship. They put so much emphasis on not being single that it is almost frowned upon. In this episode, Ted checks into his room and the guy manning the hotel makes many jokes about Ted being single at a wedding, as if it was this huge mistake. Why does Hollywood push this sense of urgency to make relationships? Is happiness something we make ourselves or something modeled off of TV. Does Hollywood destroy our sense of what is a happy relationship. I think How I Met Your Mother has set the standard too high. We all want this magical relationship to appear and because it happens in our shows it seems more realistic. Can we have a relationship with someone because we didnt fall head over heels for someone in a romantic setting?

Conclusion: We as a society use shows and movies as an escape from our lives and whether we like it or not we model the way we live after it. Love is not something that should be modeled. It should grow on its own with the other person and not in an unrealistic setting. I am not saying that love cant be romantic and spontaneous, but not every relationship grows out of a fairy tale.


Masculinity in Revolution

12 Sep


Topic: Masculinity

Summary: I have been recently watching a show on Netflix called Revolution. This show is based on the world being dependent on electricity and then one day it all goes away. There are a few leading roles in this show, but two I find myself being drawn to are Myles and Norma. Myles is a handsome rebellious man who is pegged as a traitor and  savior. He has both titles on balance. Norma is his old flame who he runs into again. She helps save his life multiple times in the show and take him back to her rebel groups hide out.  As soon as they get to safety, he sees this big group and essentially asks who she is sleeping with. He assumes she must be sleeping with someone to have gotten this far for herself, despite the fact she saves his ass multiple times.

Analysis: Despite Norma being given such a strong role as a badass she is still a sexual object. Multiple people get hurt in this show, but when she is fixing her wounds, she does so in a bra. The show is highly sexualized and she is the main figure. Myles assumes she needed a man to have gotten this far. They used to be together and due to his ego, he assumes shes with a guy in the group. Norma is a hardcore woman in this show who shoots people, blows up bridges, and carries a sword. She is a dominant person until a more dominant man comes around and knocks her down.

Conclusion: Despite women being given strong leading roles, in the end they will always be sexual figures.