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Group: smokers

7 Nov

The idea I have is not around as much anymore but there used to be a thing called “Joe Chemo.”  It was a camel that smoked cigarettes and eventually got cancer. It’s against the grain in the sense that smoking companies didn’t try and make their customers aware of the effects that smoking could have on the human body.  So people decided to put out an ad and things all over about Joe Chemo to show you, “look even the camel how endorses smoking can get cancer.”  This also was a way to hit young kids because the camel is an animal and was animated which can get the attention of young kids.  

The usefulness of pro social media can be very important in our society today.  I think the biggest things is for us to hit the youth of the nation just for that fact that when we get older we want to know our country and our world is moving in the right in direction.  We saw that the kids who watched the Cheerios commercial were torn at the idea of people being outraged that Cheerios would put a couple of different races on television.  I think the video was very strong in the sense that it just shows some people how stupid we are as a society sometimes.  The children understand something way better than the adults because they aren’t hindered by other things they see.  So it is important to continue to have pro=social media in my eyes and continue to do things against the grain and challenge ideas that we may see as wrong.  


Tim Wise

23 Oct

1.  Since we watched one of his videos in class nothing really jumped out at me that I hadn’t already heard.  One thing that did surprise me was as I walked into the lecture hall i noticed that cops were at the doors and people were talking about the protesters down the road.  The thing that hit me right away was I know that he will say something about racial profiling and how cops tend to automatically think that black people have the drugs on them when white people actually do.  So I was just a little shocked that he was able to go one with his speech because most likely on of those cops has racial profiled before.

2.  It’s hard to disagree with him when he is stating facts and statistics that prove the things that he is saying.  I don’t think there is much to disagree with anyway because a lot of times he speaks about how all we really need to do is make ourselves aware that these things actually do happen.  What has happened in the past has already happened so we can’t just dwell on that we need to move on and to act accordingly.  We need to find out ways in which to make this country better as a whole and for the future of us but more importantly the generation after us, because they are the generation that will be taking care of our processes our government and things of that nature.

3. In class we speak a lot about how people of color are under represented in media, especially TV and film.  Personally i think that some people will never get over the idea that people are created equal and just cause you are a different color does not mean you are different.  Until we can make that aware to some people in this nation not much will change.  One way we can do that is if we are able to get in a good position in our workforce we can help people or even just hire people who we know are qualified.  Also just with places such as the account on wordpress we can use things like this to let people know of some of the things that go on in our society today.  No matter where it is I believe that when you talk someone will listen so it’s important to just talk about it.   

Blog 3: Sons of Anarchy

2 Oct

In the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy a new villain came into the show and that was a group of Neo-nazis. The show goes from villain to villain all the time sometimes they introduce and off a character in the same episode. In this episode the Club is still trying to gain power back and tie up loose ends. The brotherhood now poses a new problem for the gang after attacking the club headquarters. Once the club finds out who did the attack they know they can’t let this new brotherhood get away with it without penalty.

The Neo-Nazi group isn’t depicted a lot throughout the episode but they are depicted enough to get an understanding of them. When you first see them they have ski masks on and are wearing flannel shirts with jeans and tattoos all over. This is when they attack the clubhouse and leave a Nazi sign carved in the chest of an older man. Also the whole attack on the club was very uneducated by the looks of things and for some reason white racial groups like this in films and TV are always depicted as being loose about the things they do. They seem to just “do” and then “think” which is exactly;y how this went down. They also talked about privilege and the privilege they should have for being white, which is how Tim Weise described things like this in the video. Some whites including a group like this think things should be easier on them because they are simply white. In another part of the episode they showed their hangout. When first introduced it’s in the country and they all drive trucks of course. They have manikins in their front yards to look like African Americans and Latinos, and then use them as target practice. There are multiple “rebel” flags flying in windows. These are some of things film will do to let us know as an audience how ‘hardcore” these men are. It is easy for the club to sort of sneak attack them because to infiltrate their social group you just have to downgrade minorities and then they think you see the light. This is a great example of a social construction. The media is telling us how we should view all white racial groups once again by showing us how “Nazi-like” they can be. The things we see in this episode are things we expect from a group like this because media has shown us these things in the past.

The job that media does is easy they depict what they want and we believe it because it’s media. We need to realize sometimes that certain groups, even if the same type, aren’t like others and don’t act like others. But media in general has their mind made up about how we should view a certain group so that’s what they feed us.      

Blog 2: Sons of Anarchy

23 Sep

I chose to watch Sons of Anarchy which is defiantly a more “rough around the edges” show than a lot of other shows. The motorcycle gang runs guns and drugs to many places in California and gets away with a lot of edgy things. In this episode the main characters wife gets out of prison and returns home to her husband and two sons. His dad on the other hand is still in prison for something he did not do and the feds are trying to get him to turn on the club in which he used to be the president of. Also a kid shot up a school and used a type of gun that is associated with the club so sooner or later the cops will be all over the club for that as well.

The gang is the guys only occupation but at the clubhouse is a garage where they work on cars and bikes. They are defiantly depicted as working class men in every way.  They never have on nice classy clothes, instead are wearing jeans and their vest with the clubs emblem on the back. Most have tattoos all over their arms and one even on his head. Their hands are always dirty and usually their haircuts as well, suggesting that they work all day long with their hands. Another business the club has is an escort business. They share this with another gang so as much as they make they still split down the middle. Sometimes in the show though you see the gang making business plans or having a conversation about business with upper class people. They are like any other american as they are trying to make as much profit possible. Even after they make money they still give to each member of the club in cash which can be seen in a few episodes. But the upper class is also represented and done so by Tara who is the main character’s (Jax) wife is a doctor and works at the hospital in Charming. She like I said earlier though is in jail which is surprising because she is a doctor and should be smarter than the club members. But by her being around the club at all times now she stoops down to their level and tries to help the club succeed. This shows how one class member can turn into another just from marrying one from the other. You can also see that some of Tara’s coworkers judge her for affiliating herself with the club. 

The TV series is in a way showing us how a working class group coups with lives adventures and challenges in a different way than others, by doing things illegal to help their cause.

Blog 1

11 Sep

Summary: I chose the show The Big Bang Theory. In this episode titled “The Date Night Variable” Howard has married Bernadette and is now up in space. He constantly communicates with her via computer and with his mom via telephone. Leonard wants to have a good night with Penny and talk about their relationship and where it’s going. Sheldon and Amy also have a date as it is their 2 year anniversary Sheldon must take Amy someplace romantic and actually have a conversation with her. Little does she know Sheldon has invited Raj to do the talking because we all know Sheldon is not a people person. After a while Amy is tired of Raj and asks him to leave. Raj is drunk and does not want to but understands that it’s a special night for them and heads to Leonard’s to hang with him and Penny. Penny does not mind as she doesn’t want to talk about relationship stuff with Leonard that night but Leonard does. During this Howard has lied to both his wife and mother about where him and Bernadette are going to live once again. Being the mamma’s boy he is he has trouble letting his mom go and moving on.

Analysis: So I looked at the masculinity of the show and found that in this episode two of the women are portrayed to be more masculine then the men. Penny does not want to share her feelings with Leonard because Leonard can be emotional at times. She just came home from work and stated she had a hard day and just wants to relax, which is typical from a man. Leonard serves her food gets her beer and wants to talk. She just wants to watch the football game. For Howard and Bernadette she tells him its time to be a man and tell your mother. When he doesn’t she tells his mom. In their relationship in every show they break the norm by her wearing the pants in the relationship. Howard was raised like that though by his mother and he has always depended on a women to raise him since his father wasn’t there. But in Amy’s case she wants to be a women but she isn’t a drop dead gorgeous girl like Penny so she has trouble being a “typical feminine” girl. She doesn’t dress sexy and has masculine traits. In this episode it shows her waxing her mustache before her date with Sheldon. Throughout every episode they break the norm by not having big handsome buff men as the main characters. Most shows now have that man where he seems to be a piece of meat. They all are smart so that in its own way is masculine but they all have their own feminine side as well. The audience can also relate better to these men cause not all of us are man candy for women so it’s nice to see there are ways of being successful without being the most built or most handsome guy in the room.

I think that this episode is showing us how Western Society is trying to change a little and not have everyone envying the characters of every show by having the main characters break the normal view of actors and actresses.