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Pro-Social Media

7 Nov

Summary: An example of Pro-Social media I found through research was the NBA Cares program put on by the National Basketball Association. The NBA cares program is about improving social issues like education, youth and family development, and health and wellness.The goal of NBA cares is to make a positive impact in your community and outreaches globally to countries all around the world.

Analysis: Many negative connotations about the NBA are that it is filled with many talented, undisciplined players who didn’t finish school and can’t make a positive impact on society. The few arrests of those in the league are well documented by the media and is reported negatively on the league even though percentage wise, less percentage of professional athletes are arrested than percentage of non-athletes in the United States. NBA Cares does a great job of getting out in the community and making a positive impact. The great thing about NBA Cares is it’s just not the rich athletes cutting a check, it allows athletes to work closely with kids in their community in the classroom, and out in society. The negative connotations are steep for the National Basketball Association but they do a great job making an impact.

Conclusion: In a league where 83% of the players are non-white, many in the media don’t always report the positive impact these athletes have on the community even though they have made significant contributions to their communities.


Time Wise

23 Oct

A. Three interesting things I found from this Tim Wise presentation was he talked about other topics other than race like sexism and capitalism. Another thing I found interesting from the Tim Wise presentation was that he has received death threats over his opinions and his speaking tour and book. One last interesting thing I took from the Tim Wise presentation on youtube was his comparison of race, gender, sex, sexuality, to those with disabilities. Saying you don’t see race and gender would be like saying you don’t notice somebody in a wheelchair which I found interesting.

B. A question I found interesting to Tim Wise was when the woman asked Tim if there was anything you can say to someone to challenge their beliefs if they are not willing to consider anything Tim talks about over race. I found it interesting that he said there is probably not one thing you can say that will completely change somebody’s beliefs. Over time they may see things little by little but it is unlikely that one thing you say will be seen as changing someones belief on the matter.

C.  My personal response to this video was I was very impressed with the way he presented this information. I was skeptical at first to how good of a source a white guy would be on this subject but he did a fine job in my opinion and really got me thinking about issues of race and how other races are affected daily. A question I would like to ask him would be, what do you think each individuals responsibility is in the role of race?

King of queens

3 Oct

Summary: King of Queens was a sitcom on CBS that aired for 9 seasons and is now available on several cable channels through syndication. In class we watched a video in which it main character Doug is seen as a working class idiot. In my analysis I wanted to see the relationship between Doug and his best friend Deacon who is black. In this episode Doug is upset because Deacon has made a new friend and Doug thinks because the new friend is black Doug can’t compete because Deacon has “black needs”.

Analysis: As someone who watched this show for years for the most part I think the friendship between Doug and Deacon are much like whenever a minority enters the group as we read on friends, nothing is really mentioned of the racial differences whenever minority Deacon enters the picture. One episode I recently watched seems to go against the grain. In this episode much like mentioned in class with the critical race theory Doug pushes the political race vision of a black man who Deacon befriends. Throughout the episode Doug is troubled by the fact that he can’t be “black” enough furthering the belief that being black is not a biological difference but a political and personality difference. Throughout this episode Doug tries to change who he is to become more of what a black person is visioned to be in our society.

Conclusion: The television show King of Queens further displays the political differences of race to their audience, further spreading the belief that different races are supposed to act certain ways.

New York Times Upper Class

23 Sep

Summary: For my blog post #2, I chose to read the New York Times. The New York Times is a daily newspaper that has been published daily since 1851. It is the largest metropolitan newspaper and third overall largest newspaper in the United States. They have a significant following being, the third largest newspaper and having more than 30 million visitors to their website each month.

Analysis: While reading the New York Times, it is evident that the newspaper favors big business and also upper class. Unlike television which in the video we watched in class, states that the portrayal of the working class is one that those in working class positions lack specific tools and skills to become anything more than what is their current position, the New York Times doesn’t seem to make an effort to even include the lower or middle class at all in their business section. The only lower to middle class portrayal I sense while reading this newspaper is when their is a national or worldwide tragedy, such as the tragedy going on in a Kenyan mall this weekend. Even though this event is a major event, The Times insists on having a story about a 4.7 billion dollar buyout over this major worldwide event. Much like the article “Media Images Of The Poor” that we read in class states, the lower class is rarely given any media attention. This also seems true in this edition of The New York Times. Much of the paper consists of high government politics and the big money companies of our country.

After visiting The New York Times website it is evident why the newspaper may portray the upper class in this way. Under their “most popular” section only 1 out of 7 stories include a story of lower class workers. This either proves that the audience of this magazine is that of an upper class or whoever reads this magazine would rather read on other topics.

Conclusion: I think after reading The New York Times it shows that the upper class, business, and national politics are reported more than issues such as poverty, worldwide issues, and health issues.

Blog #1 Big Bang Theory

11 Sep

Group: Masculinity

Summary: I watched The Big Bang Theory which airs on CBS Thursday nights at 8:00 PM. During this episode I watched, main characters Penny and Leonard have just broken up and are moving onto their “rebound relationships”. Leonard is pushed by his friends to move on from Penny and find another girlfriend because it isn’t worth dwelling on his past relationship. Once Leonard begins dating his co-worker and ex from a strictly physical relationship, she tells him to assume the male role in the relationship and plan the details of their future dates.

Analysis/Application: When Leonard’s friends encourage him to move on from his past relationship they reinforce the notion of a masculine man who does not dwell on his past girlfriend or relationship and must seem unscathed from the past. If he were to dwell on his past relationship instead of the “move onto the next one” mentality then he would not come off as masculine as he probably would want to be portrayed. Also masculinity comes into play when Leslie and him are beginning their relationship. She starts by planning out the date but then tells Leonard he should assume the male role and work out the remaining details. After their first date she tells him he expects her call because that is what the man typically does. This reinforces the masculine attitude expected from a man in a relationship.

Conclusion: This episode suggested that Leonard should be a man and move on from his past relationship and to achieve this he must assume a powerful role and reinforce his masculinity.