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Dove Real Beauty Sketches

6 Nov

Summary: I chose the video Dove Real Beauty Sketches.  I had seen it before but found it again on you tube.  I have attached the link below so that anyone can view the video.  At first the women explain to the sketch artist what they looked like.  He could not see them but sketched them on what they gave him.  These women were paired with another person earlier that day.  That person was then called in and asked to describe the person they had met who had described themselves in the original sketch.  When the two sketches are revealed side by side the women are extremely moved.  They had described themselves as much worse looking than they actually were.
Analysis/Application: This is similar to the Dove ad that we watched in class.  The companies are both Dove and they are promoting their “Dove Campaign for Real Beauty”.  They both focus on the fact that women see a false image of beauty from the media.  The women in the sketches video shows how women focus on their flaws and don’t see the beauty in themselves.  Media has made women look up to the image of women who aren’t even perfect to being with.  They go through photo shopping to make them a whole different person.  So these women are basing their beauty on these women and setting themselves up for failure.  The women in the sketches didn’t describe themselves as pretty women at all.  Why do we focus on the negatives of our bodies instead of the positives?  I think it’s because media has taught us to compare ourselves to unrealistic women.

I think we really need prosocial media in our society.  The media is putting out such bad ideologies and the worst part is people are conforming to them.  We need more positive ideologies out there so that, like in this case, women’s self esteem can be higher instead of seeing themselves as ugly and unattractive.

Conclusion: Media and the image of a beautiful woman has made women in our society very critical of themselves and lead to low self esteem.


Tim Wise

24 Oct

I really enjoyed listening to Tim Wise speak.  I had to work so I watched the video of  Tim speaking at Google.  There were so many things that I learned and found interesting while listening to Tim speak.  I think he is such an empowering and intelligent individual and i think if more people heard him speak than society would be a lot better off.  Looking at my notes I have way more than three things that peaked my interest, but I will try and narrow them down.  I myself have heard people say that since we now have a black president that racism is gone and that we don’t need to hear the things that Tim Wise is saying.  This is absolutely absurd because there were a ridiculous amount of people protesting having a black president, so obviously racism is a very real issue in our society.  If I had the chance I would love to ask Tim how long he thinks it will take before racism is a rare thing.  I know that it will not be anytime soon but I think he gave good tips on how to get us there.  Tim says we should be asking the victims about racism.  Focusing on people who have not experienced racism is not going to help us get anywhere.  We need to be asking African Americans who are struggling with racism.  As Tim said, asking men about sexuality issues in the workplace is not going to help, we need to be asking the women who are being targeted.  He also says that we should be  listening to these people instead of asking them what they want.  If we are good listeners we will hear what they want instead of what he calls “shitting on them”.  I agree with this one hundred percent.  When someone is listening to me and talking to me I am more prone to open up to that person rather than if they were asking me a straight question.  Tim says that people are so worried about being called racist, even their blood starts pumping when the term racism comes up.  People need to stop just acknowledging racism and start problematizing it.  First identifying the problem of racism and then figuring out what they can do to put an end to it.  I think that Tim has so many great points its hard to put just a few into this blog post.  If I could ask Tim some questions I’d want to know what I personally could do to help rid this problem from our society. I really wish more people knew about Tim Wise because I think that everyone should hear him speak, it’s really impactful.


2 Oct

Summary: I chose to analyze the primetime show Revenge.  Revenge airs on the ABC network on Sundays at 9pm.  The show is about a white young privileged female who’s dad was framed for a terrorist attack.  Emily is seeking revenge on the people who set him up.  These people would be her neighbors, the Graysons.  She lives in the Hamptons in a very nice house on the beach.  She is wealthy just like almost all of the characters in the show.
Analysis/Application: I never realized how absent race was in Revenge.  There is one black character, and I think she might even be mixed.  Her name is Ashley and she is a PR representative for the Graysons.  Ashley is not wealthy like the Graysons, Nolan, or Emily.  She worked really hard to get where she is while most of the characters in the television show were given what they have.  This reminded me of the explanation of how Friends has no other races in their show.  The only colored character in Revenge gets a supporting role and is seen as an outsider.  I think this is common in several tv shows today.  There are also shows that add a race into their show just so that they are not criticized, but you can tell that is the characters only function.  What does this mean? Why are television producers not including multiple races in their shows?  I don’t know the answers to these questions but it seems that in the 21st century that we would not be having this problem anymore.
Conclusion: In conclusion I think that race is barely shown through out this television show and when it is they are not privileged like the other characters in the show.

Gossip Girl

23 Sep

Summary: The show I chose to analyze is Gossip Girl, it aired on the CW at 9 p.m. and just recently closed its final season,  The show is about wealthy high-schoolers who live on the Upper East Side of New York.  They also have characters that come from a middle class family.  The upper class people are made out to be very glamorous with an awesome lifestyle while the middle class is struggling to live up to that lifestyle.
Analysis/Application: I found it interesting that the upper class were portrayed so glamorously with the fancy clothes, the nice cars, penthouse apartments, but when it came down to it they seemed to be the ones with the most problems.   The audience may see that lifestyle as appealing when looking at it in a preferred way but in reality it only causes problems for the characters.   I think once the audience digs a little deeper and takes oppositional view they will see that money can’t buy you happiness and it surely isn’t everything.  The middle class characters are shown as being looked down upon by the upper class.  This conforms to how some people act in our every day world.  A lot of upper class people tend to think they are better because they have more money.  Upper class can be portrayed as snobby, conceited, and rude.  These are stereotypes that float around in our society.  When we take a deeper look does being upper class really benefit a person? Or does it just buy them temporary happiness?

Conclusion:Gossip girl portrays the working class as lower and not as cool as the upper class who is portrayed as glamorous and perfect.

gossip girl

Sons of Anarchy

11 Sep

Group: Masculinity

Summary: I am currently watching the series Sons of Anarchy on Netflix.  The show airs on FX, Tuesdays at 10 PM.  The show is about a motorcycle club that runs guns in a small town called Charming.  Jax is the main character, he is also the Vice President of the club.  His stepfather, Clay, is the President of Sons of Anarchy.  Jax and his stepfather Clay do not see eye to eye on everything and the show highlights the club members lives and their surrounding family and friends.

Analysis/Application:  Masculinity is a very strong concept in Sons of Anarchy.  The men are portrayed as strong, tough, violent and daredevils.  Jax is the main character, at one point he starts to see a different vision in the club and  his mother says to Clay, make sure he isn’t going soft.  She is stating that men can’t have different views, they must follow the tough strong guy attitude to be masculine.  All the men in the show ride motorcycles, sleep with multiple women, and are constantly committing acts of violence.  These guys are not expressing their feelings or showing affection, that wouldn’t be masculine in the eyes of the club.  You must be rough, tough and violent to fit in with them.  This is not how all men have to be just to be masculine.  I think that most men expect other men to act this way because it is somehow expected of them.  It’s considered wrong in our society to cry as a male or to enjoy shopping.  These are things you would never see the members of Sons of Anarchy doing.

Conclusion: Sons of Anarchy portrays a view of masculinity, in the fact that men are violent, strong, and do what it takes to provide and support their families.