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9 Mar

Throughout this quarter I have analyzed and written blogs about gender and class identities. It was very interesting to really analyze and observe how these identities are stereotypically portrayed and carried out in our media. While I’ve never been oblivious to what the media does I never really dug deeper and analyzed what was going on but now that I have over the course of time it’s so clear to see how these identities being carried out the way that they are in our current media is really altering ours societies opinins of these different identities. As a woman I never really took offense to the way we are portrayed in the media but after paying closer attention and learning all the theories about what is going on I have realized how much these portrayals of women in the media effect me personally and women as a whole. I also especially learned how much lower social classes and minorities are effected. These stereotypes of these identities being carried out in our media are only hurting the lower social classes and minorities as well as women; they most typically don’t portray them in a positive light which doesn’t help them advance in our society for an equal chance like everyone else. 

Doing ideological analysis throughout these blogs has further help educate me and open my eyes to the world that we live in. While at times I found our blogs to be repetitive I understood the benefits. each week was yet another eye opener to show what is going on and helps us understand how these theories have came about. I have never been blinded to what goes on in our society or our media but I have definitely been able to sit back and look at what I am watching, listening to, and supporting and evaluate what is really happening and being portrayed. I notice that I am more aware and educated than my friends and family because I have asked them after we get done watching certain things and when I make a point or apply a theory they said they never really saw it that way but saw my points as valid. While I don’t think I will stop watching or listening to what I already do I think I’ll be able to be smarter and aware. i also think this class over all has taught me what I can do and how to help this issues, especially after doing our group projects and pitching our shows idea I see that there can be another form of good entertainment that breaks our social norms and stereotypes. It will be interesting to see if this change ever comes about and if so how forceful and obvious will it be and how successful. Things that I never gave much thought to in the past is no longer the case for me and if more people like us who have taken the class can be exposed to such a thing I think we can expect to see a successful change and sooner than we think but it will take a group effort, open minds, and lack of ignorance. 


In Time

2 Mar


For this weeks blog on a a recent fictional film I chose to do In Time. I saw it when it came out in movie theaters and absolutely loved it so I watched it again this week. This movies takes place in the future. The movie is about a guy (Justin Timberlake) who lives in the ghetto and the world is set up with time rather than money and if you have a high clock you live for a long time whereas other live day by day trying to earn more time. He finds out how the world is set up and that the ones in the ghettos without a lot of time are set up to die off. He fight the system with a girl (Amanda Seyfried) who is the daughter of the rich guy who is in charge of the time and creating order amongst the communites. In the end he causes the system to crash and gives the poor free time and that time was a lot of time. 



This movie is all about society being divided into classes. I feel that the underlying message between the movie was to show how distraught and segregated our society already is. even though it may have been an a bit exaggerated but really it wasn’t if you think about it. This movie very distinctively divided the social classes. you could see that with each crossing to different districts as well as the difference the way each social class lived. The living conditions in the ghettos were rough. They saw people “clock out” (die) on a regular basis. A lot of times they wouldn’t even have enough time to get back home and that would be the end for them. Where as the rich were living lavishly and never had to worry about their time. The poor constantly looked at their watches where as the rich never had to look or worry. It was also sad to see how well off the rich were living and how few of them their were compared to all the poor people. This is a good depiction of our society because its very true that the very well off rich people out way the poor. I also felt this movie was in relation to our society because the rich stay making more money and are always protected where as the the poor are left for dry which is true in the movie as well as our society.

I think that the underlying message in this movie is to fight more so for equality. I believe the poor benefit from the representation in this movie because they aren’t showed in a negative way or as bad people but as just normal people trying to make it in the world. Whereas the rich people who are supposed to be “better” and or more prestiges are seen as mean and selfish as well as materialistic and vain. Which close to how the majority of the upper “rich” class are considered in our society. This depiction may very well have been more bias towards the poor and not the rich. This movie viewed the rich negatively which is unlike the normal stereotypes we have. 

I think that the audience identifies mostly with the designers of the film because it is relatable and is easy to see how our society is similar to the one depicted in this film. I think most people can agree they would like equality which is what this film represents and stand for. they audience interpreted the way the film was designed in a positive way because of the fight for equality by Justin Timberlake and then Amanda Seyfried. Although the lower class wasn’t always seen to be good because of their crimes and alcohol/drug problems I think we as viewers were able to understand why they were that way and it still didn’t make us think less of the lower “poor” class. The movie had a happy ending which showed equality for all. 


Overall I really liked the movie and I found it interesting and heartfelt. By the end it made me think twice of the society we live in. I saw the movie to be heart felt because of the beginning scene where his mother dies as she is running to him because she ran out of time. This was a good opening scene because it really grabbed your attention and is what really made me identify and see how our society is. We all want to be somebody or of some stature or successful but not all of us are given equal opportunity to live that. I really liked the movie and I think it’s a good one for all to watch because of its message as well as its overall quality. 


16 Feb


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