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“Defy Self-Doubt.” …………Ready.Set.Go!

6 Nov

Group: Women/Children

Pro-Social Media Example: Girl Scouts of America Ad Campaign.

Summary:  Woman still struggle every day to receive the same amount of respect that males receive on a daily basis. We work twice as hard to receive the bare minimal of recognition compared to males with their work. Media has shaped meanings that to succeed, one must be beautiful on the outside, or become a professional athlete. But, not all the time is that possible. So Girl Scouts of America has understood this, and has spread a message to inspire young girls to work twice as hard and to eventually become inspiring woman. To understand our worth, we must start to learn young. We must train young ladies the importance of empowerment within oneself. All over the television, children are bombarded with ads of people looking perfect. For example, Nike is known for showing people who are in shape, playing sports. Not everyone who plays sports and wears Nike is going to look how they look on the ad, but it should be known that it is OK to still play those games. If some of these children to not recognize their own worth, how can we expect them to grow into the adults we expect them to be? Girl Scouts for America is an organization that strives to allow young girls to strive and excel as they become young ladies, and onward to adulthood. Girl Scouts main goal is to emphasize confidence in young women to influence them to be able to look at themselves and not become disappointed because they may not look like the celebrities, or the women on the cover on Cover girl. These ads give great examples of what little girls should be doing, getting outside, getting involved, and having confidence in themselves and what they want to do!

Application/ Analysis:  With my own experience, I have felt less confident, and not beautiful when I was a child examining all of what I saw on TV. As I grew I realized I was not alone, many other kids had these same feelings. But, with these ads we see one that has a little girl expressing that she is going to be President of the United States. This is such an extraordinary ad. For one, this young one is a biracial child, who is already breaking a couple social norms that people are scared to accept. It is installing confidence, and I am sure that there are many children out there who saw this ad who now have an idea of maybe trying to be President. Although not everyone can be president, shooting for the moon, will still land you among the stars. Of course, Self-perception is one of the major concepts we see in these ads. The way we communicate with the world around us, and how we perform responsibilities in our daily lives form who we are as people, and if we learn how to successfully do these things we can have a brighter future for our young people. We constantly see young women not giving themselves enough credit, because someone could potential do it better, or we are not pleased with our outcomes, but that is no excuse. And, with the help of ads like this one and the Dove campaign I believe that this world is moving on in a positive note with the fight to end these assumptions about women and men in this world. Girl Scouts for America executed their ads by showing children in positions of power and succession. We see children helping out at homeless shelters, picking up trash (community service), and many other activates. They show these children in all different shapes and sizing, and always hypes the fact that they should take pride in all that they do.

The success of this pro-social media ad is that it makes children, preferably young girls realize that criticizing themselves will not solve anything, and that having confidence and knowing that the growth of their success will come with time and hard work. Through these campaigns, Girl Scouts of America decided that need needed to have dedicated and dynamic leaders helping girls develop their full potential, which is why they involved Michelle Obama. Obama has stated the importance of Girl Scouts of America vocally many times. She, as well as many other prominent women figures believe that this organization is for the best of our youth. It is showing how success and confidences comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. This pro-social message that is being sent out to so many young ladies all over the world is a great one that is spread and one that should stay and keep recruiting.

Conclusion: This pre-social ad campaign that we have been seeing over the years with Girl Scouts of America tries to suggest that young girls should always dream big, and defy any self-doubt that they are ever faced with in our sometimes cruel society. How other perceives you is important at times, but that vision will never be a good one if the confidence is not strong in the holder.  These woman, these Girl Scouts are great leaders for young girls to follow. They understand the importance of having confidence in yourself and in your work.

Wiser After Wise

24 Oct

Last night blew my mind! Not only was this man honest beyond belief, and brutal to the point of a cringe, it was worth the couple hours. I feel that Time Wise let us in like we were almost family. He familiarized us with the negativity of his past, which he later goes on about how most American’s will tend to forget the negativity in their past and only remember the good times. I was astounded last night during the speech that Wise offered to us. When we watched the video about him in class, honestly I was bored and not as interested in what he had to say (sorry). Wise in person is a lot different than via video. The experience I had last night was eye opening, and is what I feel most people should sit on at least once in their lives. I was flabbergasted with some of the stuff that he said to us, in other circumstances a lot of people would be nervous to have that talk with any racial group, but his mouth ran like a spit fire.  An additional thing I found interesting was the conversation about people in the 60′s. He discusses how white people at the time were questioned about fairness in schooling for white’s and any other ethnic group, and from what we learned, it was a large difference. He went on to explain that nearly 90 percent of white people throughout that time alleged that African American’s had equal education opportunity as white people, boy were they wrong! Not only is the education force not far from equal today, Wise went on to explain to us that in today’s world, in the 21st century, white men are still the highest paid individuals. White men between the ages of 25 – 29 have larger salaries than a man of color who has worked in the same field for 15 plus years, woah (astonishing). Wise also addressed the fact that most American’s need to learn about a little honestly. He said that we need to distinguish how we (White- Americans) got to the point we have gotten too? How did we allow this to happen for so long, that it has official become a norm of our life? I especially appreciated and found the most interesting when he begun to talk about the other topics we discussed in class. He spoke upon: education, sexism, disabilities drugs, etc. All of these topics that he discussed were right on, they left me speechless because of how scarcely right he truly was about the world that most of us live in blindly.  I would sit in on more of his speeches in a heart-beat! & sure, it did not help that three of my classes required it for extra credit!


Honestly, I knew that people like Tim Wise existed, but I’ve never had the privilege to sit in on such a heated speech. A lot of myself, and I’m sure some of my other classmates were surprised that some of our society still lives as if it is ok to live unequally just because of color. As may other people, I did not disagree with anything that he said, even though some of his point in fact included me, which made it all the more real. In a society filled with race, I found his whole speech to be insightful and refreshingly honest, and where no orator has gone before. The only time I found anything to be annoying was the occasionally negative comment from the crowd, but Wise handled each question with dignity and I left so much more knowledgeable than before, so thank you from the neo-Nazi who was negative the whole time while asking his question, or more of less arguing with Wise. I am optimistic that more people after listening to his speech influence other people to attend. More people need to take a stand against these footsteps that we keep rewalking, and hopefully in the future our society will become a little more equal than what it is today.

After his speech last night, I could not stop but to think that Wise was directly associated with what we learned about when studying race, specifically the Critical Race Theory. Just like I was not asked to be born white, and my roommate did not ask to be born black it happened. Our race is not just medically what we are. White people, including myself see whiteness as ordinary, invisible, and unquestioned. But people of color are reminded almost every day of their race. For African American’s, Asian Americans, and any other minority, the have to appeal to the White dominance to succeed in this world. I have been blind to this my whole life because it has never directly affected me and as Tim Wise would explain, I was blinded by my own ethnicity. The next time this brilliant man is in town, let me know. I will make sure I am front row that time. 

What’s so UGLY about “Ugly Betty”?

3 Oct


Group: Latin Americans and White-Angelo Americans

Summary: I chose to analyze ABC’s show Ugly Betty. Ugly Betty was cancelled from ABC after four seasons in 2010. The show is about a young Latin female who landed a job at a popular fashion magazine by luck. This magazine is ran by a whole bunch of white people judging her style on a daily basis. Betty is seeking acceptance but her coworkers do not accept her because she is not thin and beautiful like them->Image<-. Throughout the seasons Betty’s character, who grew more stylish and thin by the last episode, was more accepted my some characters, but still lacked full acceptance into that world, just based on who she was.


Analysis/Application: I never realized how race in the show jumped into a lot of negative stereotypes associated with ethnicity in America. Betty’s Hispanic family shows every negative stereotype about Latino’s during the seasons. Threats of being deported, low income, low jobs such as contractor and a hair stylist, the whole family lives in one house(Image), and overly religious. Betty is the only one who became professional in her house. A young Latino male in the show is constantly seen being arrested and hurting his girlfriend, as well as not being there for his child. (Image)Why is that? Did they add that race to the show just to get White-Angelo Americans to laugh at hard working Latino immigrants, or offend any immigrants here who are trying to live a fair and just life? Why did TV allow that stereotype to be portrayed like that? An a  even worse case that I saw was that the only African- American woman on the show was Wilhelmina”Image“, a vain, self-absorbed diva and prior supermodel who exists for two things: the magazine and receiving Botox.”Image” She is seen as an evil woman, but holds power at the magazine, which makes me scared of her.  My question is, why is it that the only representation of a power black woman on a popular show for teens and young adults had to be betrayed as an evil person. She even won an award for being a villain, the Best TV Villain award at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards. Are these teens supposed to think that all powerful black woman are going to be villains? That is not fair to teach a young growing society.  Although this show was cancelled, I am sure Hollywood, even in the 21st century will still run into situations such as this again.

Conclusion: In conclusion I think that it is completely prejudicial and unwarranted how television takes stereotypes of different ethnicity and turn them into mockeries for the nation to see, and what is even worse is that we allow it. Audience members, even the ethnicity being mocked will probably turn on that hit show everyone is talking about and laugh at what everyone else is laughing about. This is an “ugly” cycle that I believe needs to change. 

Image….. a poncho, really?

Heisenberg is finally BREAKING!

24 Sep

Group: Lower class/ Middle class.

Summary: Walter White was once an innocent Chemistry high school teacher who had lung cancer. During his time battling cancer he becomes one of the MOST WANTED men for selling and creating methamphetamine. His partner in crime was a former student of his, Jesse. The primary detective on his case with the DEA was no other, than his brother-in-law, Hank. The last episode that aired was the set up for the next episode, which is going to be the last episode of the series.  In this episode Jesse is currently kidnapped by a group called the Aryans. Meanwhile, Walter is on the run in a bar when he decides to call his son to inform him that we was sending money to a family friend to get Skyler, his wife a better lawyer. Flynn, Walters son decides to reject any and everything from his father, and wishes death upon him because he was so angry. The episode concluded with Jesse being forced to watch his long term on and off again girl friend Andrea be murdered by the Aryans. Walter, desperately alone attempts to turn himself in after the conversation him and his son just had, but then see’s a interview with his old business partners with Grey Matter. During this interview, they completely tore the name ” Walter White” apart. The final minutes conclude with many cops swarming this old and small bar to find the glass of Dimple Pinch and money Walter White left.


Analysis: Walter White’s family and friends both represent the lower and middle classes. Whites family: Skyler, Flynn, Hank, and Marie are all part of the middle class. They all work admirable and respectable jobs for middle class citizens (except for Heisenberg). Skyler and Walter own a small car wash. It pays the bills, yet allows for extra income ( for an couple who actually owned a car wash, and not one just using it to launder drug money). Flynn is still in school, his school is not projected as a “bad” school, it is mostly white students, and not much trouble occurs there. Marie , wife of DEA agent Hank is a nurse. They apply to a higher middle class, but still are not considered upper class, in my opinion. I believe the Walter White likes to keep a middle class view to not draw attention to themselves. Jesse would apply to the lower class. His girlfriend, Andrea is a  past drug addict single mom who struggles to get by. Jesse does not spend his money wisely when he does in fact recieves it. During this episode I feel that it does not favor business in the best way. It is mostly filmed in a small cottage, court room, judge chambers, and a lower class bar ( not an every day place of being for most people). The businesses that they show are not the nicest establishments. I feel that it does favor the labor market in that it does show working men and women It shows that Skyler is working a couple jobs to get by. But, it also shows the Aryans. They are horrible men, who are killing single mom’s. I do mot know how that sits so well with people trying to compare to real world labor people. I most see dominant ideology when i watched this episode. The good guys are coming after the bad guys. As much as Walter White used to be a good man, he has dabbled to much in evil things and the time is coming to pay the price. It also shows a continued relationship between Walter and Jesse that shows an upper middle class man helping a poor underprivileged Jesse. The framing used was pretty amazing. When we should hate Walter White after the conversation with his son, they somehow frame the next scene to make Walter White look like and appeal to us, we want to like and help, and see him come out on top.

Conclusion: The lower class are all drug dealers, drug addicts, drop outs, and single mores. From our discussions and reading in class from last week by Laura Portwood-Stacer, author of Consuming Trash, I would believe that this show is framing the lower class to be white trash because according to Portwood-Sacer, “people stereo-typically classified as white trash include trailer park residents, transients, welfare mothers, neglected children, sex workers, alcoholics, drug users, perpetrators and victims of domestic violence…,” and well, all of the near poverty people in this show could potentially fill that description. The middle class plays a big cops and robbers game. The cops and always after the drug dealing chemistry teachers, while the wife keeps all the families secrets. This show may, just may represent 1 percent of the whole population. Breaking Bad can not compare on every level of social hierarchy .


Scandal or Scandalous

10 Sep

By now, mostly everybody knows the steamy show that has just ended its second successful season, Scandal. Besides for the fact that Olivia Pope is a crisis manager who is sleeping with the President of the United States, this show has managed to stay top rated among people who watch prime time TV, seeing that they just signed on to air season three on Oct. 3. ( so excited)

Let’s get down to the basic’s. How is femininity displayed through out the episodes of Scandal?  Does Olivia Pope display an average woman in DC? Some may say no, she doesn’t. But others, like myself who have seen the hustle and bustle of DC would probably agree with how she acts. She acts almost like a man. What do I mean by this your’e asking? I mean that she is sexy, desirable, elegant, and almost everything that an average woman may idealize to be. But on top of all of this she has masculine qualities such as domination, being strong willed, and standing up for herself in tough situations.

Pope has a team of men and women who idealize her. The men in her show, ask no questions, they are indebted to her, for reasons later described throughout the show. her team  has very different personalities. You have  Abby, the once beaten wife of a politician who has succeeded after wards, due to the help of Olivia. She adds a feminist view to the show. The you have Harrison. He is very close to all of the characters, especially Abby. But it is not in a romantic way, but in a sibling way. This was a great move for director, Shonda Rhimes, she could have took it romantic, but then it may as well be compared to every other show on TV.  


You also have Quinn, the woman who had it all until being tried with murder. She has a very rough story but Shonda showed femininity in her when she fell in love with a character who was later killed off, but inside the relationship she never looses her powerful instinct to help Olivia Pope in any aspect. She is on a mission to make her life better than before. She is an average working woman that you would find in DC.

I know many people have criticized Shonda for her directorial skills when it comes to portraying woman in this show, but I think those women are the same women who stay at home all day cooking for their husbands. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but that is not the only role women play anymore these days. We have working women now, and we finally have a show that show’s a STRONG female, who on the other side lets her emotions in, dates, and show’s how being successful and beautiful is hard, cruel world we live in. We see her crying alone, holding herself alone, and dealing with certain issues. This show the rudeness behind the strong powerful female. 

The First Lady in the beginning season shows her masculinity when she knows what she has to do to stand by the President, not her husband. She puts her emotions on the back burner while she just does her job. But, by season two we see her becoming a woman scorned, we see a woman that many woman can relate to who have been cheated on and hurt.


Sex is portrayed in this show rarely when it involves clients or other characters, but then when we begin to study the sexual orientation of the President and Popes affair, we see sex every episode with them. It makes me wonder if this show would be as popular if the sex was lessened but then again, would I still even watch? I think that Shonda did a great job in sticking to a story line that showed a powerful woman in a powerful world, but kept the emotions that a woman according to the media is suppose to show. 


This show is the only show I know that can honestly tie every man and women’s aspect of femininity and masculinity in to make sense, can’t wait for season 3!