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Blog Post 1: Gender

10 Sep

Group: Sexuality

Summary: I watched the show Castle which airs on ABC on Mondays at 10pm (however I watched my episode online). The episode I watched is titled “The Mistress Always Spanks Twice” and is about a woman who is involved with S&M and is found murdered, hanging in the park in her underwear covered in caramel. Beckett, the female detective, and Castle, her male helper, go through the clues and eventually discover the killer to be the woman’s roommate.  

Analysis/Application: In this episode, sexuality plays a large role because of the nature of the woman’s interests. S&M is not a very mainstream ideal; many people do not openly discuss it. There have been books popularized about this topic, such as 50 Shades of Gray, but it still is not a very commonly talked about topic. This representation benefits those who are against these practices because it sheds a more negative light on the S&M industry. Everyone in the episode is wary of what is going on at her place of work. It does not do well for the actual practices that go on within everyday society. Audiences will interpret this episode as shocking and unusual due to the sexual content involved. Even though in today’s society we are accustomed to talk of sexuality, seeing such topics as S&M is still slightly uncomfortable and creates tension. These representations do conform to dominate/popular/socially accepted ideologies. The episode portrays the underground S&M practices accurately to how society predicts they would occur.  

Conclusion: This episode portrays sexuality in a negative connotation while still conforming to societies ideologies of S&M.