4 Dec

Prior to taking this course I had a more narrow understanding of the ways in which media actually portrayed and shaped individuals identity. Through out this semester my eyes have been opened to how complex this subject is. I have gained new perspectives on different dimensions of media that I never even knew existed. We read a wide variety of articles and research papers, which really helped me to see things from different views.

In this course we learned that news and media tell us what to think about, not necessarily what opinion to hold. However, I personally believe the news and media needs to take more responsibility for what the public ends up believing. When people are only exposed to one side of the story or issue, they are quick to accept it without doing the research themselves.

Throughout the semester we covered the negative and the positive aspects of media. I really enjoyed working on the pro-social project. The project engaged my creative side and allowed me to incorporate what we learning. I had a great time getting to know my classmates and listening to the different ideas people came up with. This course was overall very informational and rewarding.


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