4 Dec

When I first signed up for this course and it had no book I had no clue what to expect. Normally I look through the books of my classes to get a good feel on the material that we will be talking about. After being in this course it taught me a lot about society and how and media kind of brain washes people into thinking a certain way. Our world is slowly getting taken over by digital media which includes Facebook, Tv, Instagram, Twitter, movies, etc. While being exposed to all this media you get used to seeing certain stereotypes and turn them into Social Norms. Before taking this class I didn’t recognize that what I was seeing was a problem and that is was wrong. I was used to seeing that token black person because since my volleyball team has been predominately white for most of my life I am normally that token black person on the team or at a party. It was something that I was accustomed to. One thing that I really liked about this class is the fact that you should both perspectives and left it up to us to choose to learn something. For example we talked about what true beauty was and men and women are portrayed in the public. We had an article that we read in class that show us then men a portrayed in control or always dominating the woman. Women are seen as helpless and powerless, they need the men to come say them or tell them what to do. The most important thing I learned in this class to recognize what is wrong and become more aware about what is going on. For so many years I’ve never really analyzed and paid attention to shows that are throwing the stereotypes in my face because couldn’t recognize it. Now I try to watch shows that aren’t so stereotypical to change up the way I think as far as movies that tend to favor towards.

Me’Ashah Nicholson


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