4 Dec

When deciding to take this class I choose it based on the credit hours I needed. I don’t really know why I decided to take so many classes that involved media but Im glad I did because most of them interconnected. This class really forced me to think out side the box a little and think about others perspectives rather than just my own. This class was conducted in a way that made it a little easier to do so that usual. I was aware of a few things already mentioned in class like the ad of women and how women are portrayed in the media. I found the articles long but insightful. I enjoyed when we would Skype in class. Because this class made me think outside the box I found my self discussing some of the class material to my friends and sometimes co workers to get their opinions as well on what they thought. I hardly ever discuss what I did in class outside of class that when I was doing this I was realizing I was really thinking deeply about these issues and new concepts. Everyone has a different perspective because we all have different identities but once you try to understand that persons background you understand why they think the way they think and it’s a lot easier to see there perspective which then in return brings more understanding as a whole.


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