4 Dec

This semester I signed up for this course needing the credit.  It sounded somewhat interesting but I didn’t really know what to expect.  After the first day of class I remember telling fellow classmates that I was excited for the course and seemed like I would learn a lot, which I did.  A lot of the classes I took this semester could easily tie in with each other so it definitely made it easier to retain the information.  Already knowing how influential the media can be, this class really brought to my attention the effects media has on just about everybody ranging from children to adults and males to females.  Media is everywhere! IT’s on the television we watch everyday, the magazines we read when waiting at the doctors office, the billboards we pass when driving down the highway you literally cannot escape media.  I also really enjoyed this course because I was able to connect with a lot of the topics we discussed.  I also thought the final project was a good way to finish up the semester.  It was cool to make us think outside of the box and try to come up to solutions to solve some of the social issues going on today rather than us just over viewing what we’ve learned this year.  I can fully say I enjoyed this class and I would definitely recommend it to others.


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