4 Dec

Before taking this course, I had an interest on the social implications of identity as I was discovering facets of my own and also understanding how identities interact with one another in a social environment. I found this course to be quite an eye opening experience in that it really put the words to the ideas I had been exploring with the past year. I’ve also found that the course really helped me comprehend the interplay between media and psychological influence which is now what I would consider to be one of my top academic interests as I move forward with my education.

I think one of the most integral elements of this course was the pro-social media project. If I’m honest, some of the subject matter can get a bit depressing as the course goes on, but the project helped me recognize the production process of media that can counter what we identify in the course as problematic. I now find myself more empowered as perhaps a future decision maker in the media. 🙂

– Peter Laug


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