4 Dec

I will first say I was so eager to take the course because I have only previously been enrolled in one Communication course that discussed media and entertainment which was the Pop Culture course, and heard so many great reviews regarding Media and Identity! I knew actually what I was getting myself into with taking this course and have not regretted it since. I feel as the this course and the topics we have discussed have given me further insight and knowledge on issues of race, gender, sexuality, class and religion. I’m considered to be a pretty conscious person because I feel as for a women, who is African American and comes from a low-income family there is no option but to be and the topics we discussed just expanded that realm.

What most interested me would have to be the portrayals of low-income individuals and the intersectionality of the topics, mainly with the Antoine Dodson, “Media Portrayals of the Poor” ,and “Institutions That Fail” readings plus the Class Dismissed video. In the media especially pertaining to class we view the programs and movies but never question or rarely critique how the framing and depiction of stories effect our ideologies. You really are passionate and have so much knowledge on each topic that we discuss I feel that if I or anyone else did not come out with new perspectives or gained more insight it is because they simply did not want to! Overall I loved the course, continue to be you and how you introduce subjects in the course!




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