Reflection Blog- Crista Brown

3 Dec

Before taking this course I had no idea what I was getting myself into, not in a negative way. I knew we would discuss how media portrays racism but I wasn’t sure about the other social issues (religion, sex, class, etc). I had never watched a movie or television show and dissected it into social problems that we discussed in class. I always just watched it for entertainment and left it at that. But now when I watch television there is a part of me who watches for the portrayal of race, class, class, sex, etc) as well as entertainment. After the first day of class which was also the first day of lecture, I thought that I would find myself becoming offended by the comments other students made. This was true for a few topics. Hearing students of a different race comment on how they see African Americans (almost always in a negative light) would bother me but that is just because I was not prepared for it. For example, when we discussed race in The Lion King and someone mentioned how the hyenas were supposed to be African Americans, I was offended. By the end of the course I have learned to not become offended because everyone has their own opinion and I represent myself and who I am as a person, not how people see me. I must say I have gained a new perspective on the way I look at the media. Before entering the class, I already had the idea in my head that the media only put out there what they think is going to sale. However, I don’t think they intentionally make these stereotypes to hurt people, but to sale, and make money. It is what the people want. This course has definitely confirmed that thought. I really enjoyed the Prosocial Media Project because it was interesting to see the different ideas groups came up with to address a social problem, it gave me a chance to see how everyone else felt about the problems and what they personally would do ti address it. Overall, I am really happy I took this course because I now have a new perspective on the way the media portrays us. I have a stronger view on this which was once just for entertainment.


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