3 Dec

I don’t really know why I decided to take Media and Identity this semester, but I’m glad I did. I found that I was able to connect with a lot of the material on some sort of level. I also found myself sharing the content and readings with my brother. My brother is gay and he really seemed to be interested in the information that we looked over in the Gender and Sexuality in the Media section. Seeing his reaction really opened my eyes. In all honesty, all the content that we learned about in the course opened my eyes. It really shows how the media affects us on a daily basis and how we perceive identity. I enjoyed the lectures because I felt that I was able to learn more about the topics that way. When we would have class discussions, I was really interested in my classmate’s thoughts because everyone has a different opinion. You were able to see where they were coming from and hear about the experiences that shape their opinion. I wish we were able to have more time dedicated to each topic and really dig a little bit deeper. Overall I really enjoyed this class and I would honestly say that I have learned a lot about how we view our identities and how we view and process others identities, especially in the media. It’s always nice to come across a class that really makes you think about things that you deal with on a daily basis and how information can change the way you look at different situations and content.


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