3 Dec

Before taking this course, I have no idea about identity. I haven’t think about some issues such as religion and class before when I watch TV. I even have problem with writing a blog talking about religion because I cannot think about any TV programs show this issue. The issue of religion is always there, until I recognized it. I am really surprised after that day, I notice religion is not a myth topic for me. Every topic we have discussed in class is related to our normal life. I admit this course open my mind and lead me a new way to see things.

Another thing I learned from this course is face to myself. After I heard my classmate’s presentation, I understand different people have different ways to see this world. Everyone is different because of gender, class, race, and religion. We have different experience and hold different point of view. Actually, there is no up or low division. People should be treated equally. As a girl, I am always heard from my parents or grandparents “why am I not a boy.” Because in China, having a boy means the family having offspring, and having a girl is for other family. I really hate this thought and I feel shamed about it. After taking this course, I feel comfortable. Even though in today’s society, women still get unequal treat compare to men. I believe someday, everyone would be treated equal, no matter gender, class, race or religion. Since a lot of people have realized these problems, we could try to change it.

All in all, I truly learn a lot and I enjoy being in this course. I hope in the future, China could talk about these issues openly in class, or in public.

Yiyang Xu.

Really thank you for giving us so great course!


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