3 Dec

At the beginning of this semester I was excited to take Media and Identity as a class.  Media has been a concentration of mine, and I have always been interested in the way it shapes our perceptions, and how I can influence media to be better as a part of my future.  A couple weeks into the semester it was clear that I did not previously know to what extent the media was shaping our identities. Sure, I knew that media was constantly selling culture and products to us.  I thought it was something I could ignore and that it would not effect me.

Media penetrates much deeper than I originally thought. It reaches our subconscious and has an effect on our identities.  It truly effects the core of who we are and what we believe to be true. For instance, If someone before this class had asked me if a show such as Friends was racist, I would have thought they were crazy.  Then I learned that there are different ways to classify ideologies of race.  The fact that the show features no racial minorities as a way of symbolic annihilation was something I would not have thought of.  By not featuring other races this medium appeals to a white audience with white only ideologies.  This audience never has to worry about race and it is a comfortable ignorant bliss.  This alters the way the audience views the world and what they believe to be true.  But the world is truly a diverse place and there are people of different races everywhere.  We cannot let heteronormative shows influence us to separate ourselves into groups of “us” and “them.”  As a result, I have started to watch more shows that are diverse in culture, cast, and ideologies.  I am gaining more knowledge about others and growing myself as a person this way.

I have also noticed that in every show, movie, and advertisement I see that I am constantly analyzing and interpreting their different meanings.  What is even better is that I am doing this without realizing it.  This has actually started to get on my family and friend’s nerves, but they are appreciating the different perspectives and learning from it as well.  All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and the impact it has had on my life.  I will continue to extend my knowledge on this subject and be careful of how the media effects me.


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