3 Dec

I have a split decision about if I learned a new perspective or not. There were definitely some things I did learn and others I already knew. I gained more knowledge about the way races are portrayed in films and television shows. I thought that was interesting. I was just disappointed by how we really only looked at two cultures. When I signed up for this course I was expecting to learn about a variety of different cultures. We spent too much time talking about racism between white and black people. I have nothing against either of these I really just wished we learned about some more cultures. I also was disappointed by not really going more in depth about religion. I really wanted to learn more about different religions other than just Christianity. Again I have nothing against Christianity I just really wanted to see a broader spectrum of religions. That aside this class gave me a better view of how people still view our society. By that I mean how racism is a big topic in our society. Thank you and I hope you have good rest of your year!


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