3 Dec

Before taking Media and Identity, I had taken classes previously that dealt with pop culture and the media as well as gender and the media. Because of these classes, I had a pretty good knowledge about the media’s impact on society. However, I was not aware of the way race and religion is shown through TV, movies, and music. That’s why I took this class, because I wanted to learn more about the media’s effects on our identities.

I definitely believe I have seen a new perspective in the way I look at things now since taking this class. There were theories and ideas that I never even thought about that affected me because of the way media portray them. I now look critically at television shows and movies to see how race, gender, religion, etc…are shown. Even in music I can identify elements of race or class or gender through the lyrics and music videos that I would have never considered before.

Since I am more aware of these issues now, I know how they can have an impact on people. I believe I am more well-equipped when talking about sensitive issues and seeing how the media affects each and every one of us. Now that I understand these issues, I need to do my part to help make sure that I treat everyone equally, and that the media does not tell me how I can and cannot act.


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