3 Dec

As I began this class, I believe that I was naive to think that media had little impact on my own thoughts and beliefs. I am constantly connected to media and the skewed reality it depicts. And after this class is finished, I can now say that I am educated enough to know that not everything I see in media is as real as it may seem- a big example of this being body image. I used to look at magazine articles and wonder how these women were so perfect, and this class helped me realize that no women is. I have gained a new perspective because of this class in the sense that I feel I have the power to allow what can and cannot impact me when I encounter any type of media. I also have a new perspective in that everyone truly is unique and Americans aren’t as cookie cutter as the tv and internet portray them to be.

This class has also taught me that it is important to step back and realize that everyone’s beliefs and upbringings may not be the same as mine, and although they may be different, they have the ability to bring something new to the table and can teach me something I never would have thought of otherwise. I think my favorite section of the class to learn about was how different men and women were depicted in advertisements. I did not realize the stereotypes these ads create in the young minds that view them and the negative impact they instill in their viewers. I think pro social media is vital in media to destroy these stereotypes and break down the standard image the world has ignorantly accepted.


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