3 Dec

This semester I took this class because I needed another elective and by reading the description of the class, it seemed interesting. I never expected for my viewpoints and thoughts to change so drastically. This class opened my thinking and I am now able to think about different situations in a way that I never had or I thought that I would.

I was aware that the media could make you act, think, and feel a certain way. Movies and television shows can change how you would act in a situation after seeing that same situation. Music can change your mood and your feelings depending on what is going on in your life. People turn to these media forms to make them feel better and so that they know they are not alone.

In this class, I learned about the different theories that are behind changing our feelings and our attitudes. It is incredible to me how a 15-week class can change your viewpoints so much. The race and cultures discussions of the class changed my thinking the most. I never paid attention to how underrepresented different races and cultures were in the media. After this class, I am much more aware and pay much more attention to different races and stereotypes in todays movies and television shows.

Although group projects are always tough with everyone having different schedules and we didn’t have much time to complete the project, I really enjoyed coming up with an idea to bring people together. It allowed us to think in a different way and to come up with our own idea about how we would solve the problem of the separation of today’s society. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s ideas and how they viewed different problems and what they would do to fix it.

Overall, I thought this class was tough, but in a good way. It opened my mind and allowed me to think in a way I never had about topics that I was unaware of. There are many problems we face today as a community and it only takes one person to want to start a change to fix one of the many problems.


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