3 Dec

Honestly, coming in to this class I took it because it sounded like we would be watching a lot of movies and talking about how different characters were portrayed in a very basic light and exploring how to break those stereotypes. Boy was I wrong, this class turned out a lot more work intensive than I imagined and while it isn’t a bad thing it caught me by surprise. Some of the readings were very interesting while others (mostly the ones with a lot of statistics that I didn’t understand) kind of floundered and were just there. The topics we discussed from race,religion,gender and many more gave a very well rounded view of how these topics were portrayed not only IN media but BY the media. Some of the stuff we talked about like the lack of diversity represented in movies or specific stereotypes being cast for movies is something that I notice more and more as I watch TV and films. The pro-social media project was by far the best part of the class. Getting to work with our classmates to create projects with free-reign surrounding pro-social projects in media was not only fun but what I felt taught me the most about the topics. Actually applying articles and different theories we talked about in class in a creative way was eye opening especially with the groups that really went out and searched for creative and practical ideas that hadn’t been done before. All in all the class taught me a lot and has given me the knowledge to look for specific issues in media.

In terms of the topic of media and identity I wasn’t really sure what to expect coming in to the class. I figured we’d watch movies and shows and look at magazines and newspapers and then periodically look at the characters and figures in the news and talk about how they were portrayed and how different theories applied to that. Clearly my view on the specific topic was very narrow and needed to have something fill the void. I loved learning all the different theories and applying them in the readings. Stereotyping seemed to me the most reoccurring theme in this as all these groups are portrayed in the way that people in power want them to be perceived. I wish we had looked at and compared other media outlets like Bollywood and other places in Europe and see if the stereotypes still existed and then applied theories to that as well.


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