3 Dec

I learned a lot about the impact media can have on us throughout the semester. I definitely have gained new perspectives by learning about the various ways media can influence us. I have been exposed to media my entire life, but have never really analyzed it before in such depth. For example, when we discussed race in the media, the article “May the Circle Stay Unbroken: Friends,” caught my attention. Friends is one of my favorite television shows and for that show to be critiqued in a way that was negative, it challenged my views of the show. I would have never looked at that show in that way because I’m white, and my best friends happen to be white. I never saw anything out of ordinary with the show. I definitely can see what the author is arguing, but I felt this critique was a little too much for an entertainment show. However, this did open my eyes to the variation of characters in shows that I watch. I do think there should be more racial variation with characters; it would add more depth and interest to shows.

My favorite part of the class was the blog posts.  I think it was a good way to apply the concepts we learned to the outside world.  Application is the key to every class we take here at college.  We want to know how we can apply the knowledge we have to our everyday lives.  We were able to also bring in our own interests by choosing shows and articles that we found interesting to us.

By learning about the impact of media on others, and myself, I have come to the understanding that media has a larger impact that I ever imagined. I realized this as we read about various articles and discussed these ideas in class. For example, we discussed thin ideals for women, which has a proven effect on the way women view themselves and others. Because of what is displayed to us over and over again in the media, we recognize only one standard of beauty. The media has a great influence on us all and this means we need to be aware of critiquing all of it. We need to educate people to be aware of the presence media plays and how we can evaluate it so that it doesn’t have a negative affect on our lives.


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