Final Reflection

3 Dec

Before I took Media & Identity I had taken a view other identity classes in college about pop culture and media effects on our society – one course that I took at Miami University was very similar to this one. Classes before this one had challenged my perspective but I think this course was still different with showing more real examples of how media shapes our society.

I think this course made me think differently about some new perspectives, and other topics we discussed I would sort of disagree with. When discussing the ratio of races in America compared to the ratio of races on TV made it very clear to me that media can shape society into thinking certain ways. I also really noticed that the media really plays up to certain stereotypes, like the smart Asian friend, the hotheaded Latino (Glee is the perfect example of stereotypes by the way). But at the same time I feel like even though I noticed that media was portraying society this way, I didn’t think that way. I knew that not all Asians were ‘stereotypically smart’ and that not all Latinos want to start a fight. I realized that TV was TV, movies were movies and I wasn’t going to judge society based off what I had watched.

I think that from a young age that I always knew that movies and TV were here for entertainment value. In my past media/society classes we often discussed Disney and how Disney has had a negative effect on people to which I have always disagreed. These are movies, I feel like I was just a super child or something for knowing that these were movies and that my life was not like a princess. I feel like I had the same view in this class, that yes I can identify the problems with our media in society but I also understood that it was just a show or a film and to not let it give me false assumptions about life.

Overall I did enjoy this class – it made me think outside of my normal box and did challenge my views.


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