The Last Blog

2 Dec

Now that I look back at the semester I realized I have learned so much in this class.  Before talking this class I knew that the media played a role in how we look at our society but I didn’t realize that the media was that involved.  This class has showed me how media is responsible for giving us these ideologies, or system of beliefs that groups of people share and believe are true and acceptable.  Though all the lessons we’ve learned in class taught me a lot, the two that stood out to me most were our lessons on Gender and Sexuality and Race in the media.  The reason why these stood out to me most was because I didn’t realize how much media has played a part in how we view ones race, gender or sexuality.  When we watched that film in class on gender and sexuality called “Codes of Gender” I was in shock.  I was in shocked because I didn’t realize how the media has used models to do specific poses that they saw fit to match that gender.  After watching this video I realized that the media was responsible for these ideologies that I had towards gender and sexuality, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that has realized that.  The media has connected basic everyday poses with a certain gender.  Now when I hear things like, “why are you standing like a girl” I think of that video.  The Media and Race lectures stood out to me as well.  I thought it was crazy to see how media had such an impact on how we viewed other races.  For example one day we were in class watching a debate on what I believe to be CNN.  A man who I believe to be Arab was arguing with the news anchors.  These news anchors were convinced that everyone in the Middle East was a terrorist and every place in the Middle East was up to no good.  This man explained to them how the media has been stereotyping the Middle East giving it a bad name and these two news anchors just couldn’t get that, it actually amazed me how ignorant they were.  But all in all I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot.


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