Reflection: Jake Smierciak

2 Dec

Media and Identity, another class which has caused me to enjoy waking up and going to class at 9:30 this past semester. After last semester being in Gender Communication another class which allows students to challenge their current ways of thinking and thinking more critically of everything we intake. Media and Identity followed the same past and even more so in some cases. Some of my favorite aspects of the course came in the first couple of weeks in discussing the Standpoint theory. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing the Standpoint theory because once I graduate I plan on joining staff with Cru the campus ministry I am a part of here.   Part of this job is talking with students on campus about their beliefs about spiritual things, and the standpoint theory is pretty much my job in a nutshell. Because everyone has a different standpoint on spiritual things therefore not everything I say will they agree with, but understanding people are coming with different thoughts on topics it allows conversation to be more open. I think one of the most interesting things we were taught this semester was the idea “class is the real issue, race is just a social construct.” This was one of the most exciting things to study especially because a few weeks later we were discussing it in my Capstone and had an hour-long conversation about this idea. So learning this has allowed many other conversations about the necessity of dealing with class issues because they are the roots of the race issue. Over all this class was a great insight into the way media constructs our ideas of what the world is and what is should be.


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