2 Dec

I remember the first day of class when we went over the syllabus and talked about what was to come throughout the semester. After this day I questioned whether or not I would be able to make it through the course. I am glad I stuck it out because this was my favorite course this semester. Most of the material made me think in a new and critical way, which is very important, especially as a last year college student. As we talked about different aspects of the media such as race and gender and class, I realized how blind I was to all of this and it made me wonder why I never realized any of it. I am now glad that I have some knowledge of how the media portrays certain groups because I am aware of it as I watch television shows and the news, but also because I hope to pass this knowledge on to family and peers. The blog posts were also a good way to get me thinking critically and I like that you allowed us to watch current television shows because it made the activities more fun, even though we were doing an analysis. The readings were probably the toughest thing for me this semester. The page lengths were somewhat overwhelming, but the text itself was the most challenging. Sometimes I would read a few paragraphs of an article and realize I had no idea what I read. I think a lot of this had to do with the fact that I was unfamiliar with the language used in the articles. However, the articles did provide a lot of insightful information and they aided us in the course. I like that you would talk about the articles with us so that we were all on the same page. My favorite part of the course was the globalization portion because I love learning about how media affects different countries and cultures. I wish we had more time to spend on that but the semester isn’t long enough. I also really liked the pro-social media projects because it was fun coming up with an idea and it was interesting hearing other ideas from my peers. It also has gotten me thinking about how I could create a pro-social media project outside of the class. Overall I am very glad I took this course because it challenged me and has transformed the way I think about media and about the world we live in.


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