Natalie’s Reflection

2 Dec

I have like this class a lot, mostly just because it made me think about certain situations in different ways. A lot of the facts that we learned in class I would have never thought to look up on my own or ever talk about with anyone before. So by taking this class it allowed me to talk about issues or things that take place in society that I would never address outside of your classroom. The readings were good also just because it gave you examples where things might take place in the world where these issues are happening. So instead of just learning about it in class we would read a reading and it would explain further how certain theories or other things play out in the world today. Like I said before it just gave me a different view point. I also like whenever we could skype in with people around the US that gave us a different view point also. They are people that are dealing with these issues every day and are trying to get other people to cognize there causes. It was cool to see that there are people out there in the world that care about those kinds of issues. For the prosocial media project for some reason I just thought I understood some parts better than others but I really did not understand what we were trying to create as a whole. So I think because of that my project lack creativity because I just took it as, well put theories up there and explain it how you would to a company not so much pitch an idea. That could be also though I traveled a lot for my sport and missed the lecture of when you talked about the project but I did not really get those ideas from just reading about the project. The lectures were good, I started to like them more towards the end because I knew how to take notes in your class. Maybe for the next class let them know they have to write done things you say not just plain notes, would be really helpful for them. Overall, I am glad that I took your class and got to see your passion for this subject. Hope that your clothing line works out well. Thank you!


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