Meredith Molony Blog #8: Media and Identity Reflection

2 Dec


Looking back on the syllabus and reflecting on what I have learned in this class, the sections that stand out to me the most are Gender and Sexuality in the Media, Class in the Media, and Race in the Media.  The section of Gender and Sexuality stands out to me because as a female I had some prior knowledge about how the media depicts women, but this class taught me even more ways of how women are objectified.  I also learned that the term gender display is how we show our gender to other people and that it doesn’t depend on sex.  So for example, males can act feminine or females can act masculine.  My favorite theory from this section is the Intersectionality Theory which explains multiple layers of our identities and the different oppression we experience depending on our layers.  From the section of Class in the Media I learned that there are three different class ideologies and three different types of capital.  The class ideologies are the American dream, rugged individualism, and protestant work ethic.  The three types of capital are economic, cultural, and social.  Before learning this section I didn’t know that class played a role in media.  What I found most interesting in this section was that Hollywood uses sitcoms and humor to mask the bigger problem.  In the section of Race in the Media I learned that framing is how topics are treated by the media and how that leads us to think about them, I also learned that the media tells us what race is and tells us what is expected of a given racial group.  My favorite and most insightful thing that I learned in this section was from when we watched the video Reel Bad Arabs, before watching this I never realized how Hollywood portrays Arabs in such a degrading way.  Overall, this was a very informative class with information that was fun and interesting to learn.  It taught me important information about the media and gave me further knowledge of my identity.


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