Kyle Louder Reflection

2 Dec

When I first scheduled for the class Media and Identity I thought that it would just be any other old communications class. A lot of comm classes seem to run together or be boring because of other reasons, so going into my first week I didn’t think I would really take it seriously or be interested in what was being taught because I thought I would have heard it before. After about the first month though I soon realized that it was more involved and engaging than other classes I have taken. Not in a sense that you had to talk in front of the class or anything like that but it made you think more and express what you thought. Other communication classes have been kind of a death by theory class that had to do with old philosophers. Not saying that this had nothing to do with any theories or anything but you actually used the theories to engage yourself in the class rather than just memorizing them to pass an exam. What I also liked about this class is how it dealt with current issues in our world today. The theories were used in such that you could apply them to everyday life. When others would skype in as well that was a good change of pace to hear from others on subjects that our class was currently discussing. Overall this was an enjoyable class and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an upper level communication credit.


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