Jasmin Chapman – Reflection

2 Dec

I had no clue what i was getting myself into with this class even after reading they course description, I was still clueless. But its been a long 15 weeks and all in all, I’m actually pretty glad I took the course. We touched topics across the board and some of the discussions gave me insight to things I didn’t feel like looking up and also gave me a different perspective as well. Some of the stuff we discussed in class had me like honestly, just chill but then there were some things that needed to be taken seriously. Like, i feel some thing aren’t worth talking about or need to be given attention too, because in my opinion those things won’t change on account of people’s ignorance and their opinions and because of greed and money. For instance white privilege, some refuse to admit it exist when it really does. Me, personally I’ll argue until the cows come home with someone, but stuff like that, I see no point because it’s already a “thing” it can’t be changed nor can it be undone. And they people who feel it doesn’t exist have thick skulls so debating with them is pointless. Another instance, that Honey Boo Boo show, like honestly. . .for real. . are we really going to sit here and talk about this mess. I can’t. It’s a show for entertainment about people who really do exist and will continue to exist, so hell! Why shouldn’t they make money off it.  Yes, it maybe the most ignorant thing you’ve ever seen, but it won’t change, so make that money. Yes, it can be blown out of proportions as far exploiting the poor and agreeing with their behaviors but I honestly, I just don’t care nor do I think it’s a big deal. These people are going to do what they want and live how they want regardless of the cameras. Now, as far as stereotypes. I’ve had an opinion about this for the longest and I’m finally getting it off my chest. If we were to rid all movies of stereotypes how are we suppose to know the characters, because personally I don’t want to watch a movie with a bunch of different ethnicity in suits with their own law firms or hospitals living the good life. NO! Yes, you’re right, every once in a while I want to see somebody get robbed and then get their revenge down the line. Yes there it is I said it!! And ifs its a brutha then so be it. It’s just entertainment. It sells. Now don’t get me wrong, its plenty of powerful movies where black women and men play deeper roles, and yes that is needed movies because true, we are all not hoodlums. But people have to calm down. It’s just a movie, stop making things bigger then they are. Pretty soon no one will be able to enjoy anything because everybody has to criticize and find something racial about it. But i digress. All in all this class has given me further insight into controversial topics and i know that further down the line these discussions will come back up and I’ll think of this class.


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